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July 2, 2006

Jesse Spano Caffeine Pill Freak Out

July 4, 2006


Mario Papercraft Madness!

July 5, 2006

Super Princess Peach Pink DSLite Case!

Block On "Violent Video Games" Law Stands

Wii Exploding Everywhere in October?!

R.I.P. Website

Japanese Loco Roco Commerical

"We're Goin' In!" CAPTAIN EO LIVES!!

Jon Stewart Talks Congress Talking Video Games

July 6, 2006

Pink DSLite Named Official Handheld Of The Year

Top 20 Gayest Video Game Characters

Top 20 Gayest Video Game Characters - #20

Pet Shop Boys, Closet Gamers?

Venture Brothers Season 1 on DVD!

In the World of Video Games - Anything Can Happen.

Bite Into my Burger Baby!

Devil May Cry Incestuous Homo Fan Art

July 7, 2006

Top 20 Gayest Video Game Characters - #19

Tingle RPG Website Finally Arrives!

ARRRR, I'm After Your Booty!!

t00ts Revealed!!

Mario Incestuous Homo Fan Art

Steven Colbert Talks D&D

D&D T-shirt w/Matching Fuzzy 20 Sided Die

Summoner D&D Geeks

July 8, 2006

FBI Plans To Tap The Internet

Top 20 Gayest Video Game Characters - #18

Voice Changer For Girl Gamers? Hey, Where's Ours?

Ms. Pac-Mondrian Tranny Cosplay Performance Art

July 9, 2006

Battlestar Galactica Season 2.5 Out 9.19.06 ^_^

Tranny Sailor Scouts: Enter...THE STARLIGHTS!

Hard Gay to the Rescue, FOOOO!!!

UPDATE: Gregorio Wilhelm III Is A Pain In The Arse.

Tranvestite Shoplifters Terrorize New Orleans.

Super Sweet Crotch Kicking, A** Spanking, B*tch Slapping Fighting Game

8-bit Boxing Man Sex

Top 20 Gayest Video Game Characters - #17

Falkor is a Child Molester Extraordinaire

Press Your V@gina on Face

Wacky Races Cars Papercraft

July 10, 2006

Go, Go, Gadget Girl

Top 20 Gayest Video Game Characters - #16

New Games For The Week Of 7.10.06

Louisiana "Game Law" Jackassery is Dumb

Mario + The Simpsons = Cute Donkey Kong Reference

A New Defense for Drag Queens...

Silent Hill 2 In A Nutshell

Mario On Ice Musical feat. Mr. Belvedere! Can It Get Any Gayer?

The Walk Of Shame...Zelda Style!

July 11, 2006

DSLite kicks PSP's A**....AGAIN!

Firefox 2.0 Beta Released Today

More Silent Hill 2 Stuff

Classic Arcade Machines Papercraft

He-Man: Gay, Gay, Gay

New Red Steel Screens

Eternal Darkness Sequels Coming...

Resident Evil Infects The Wii

Top 20 Gayest Video Game Characters - #15

July 12, 2006

Pretty Up Your Desktop...Olde School Style

Wii Pre-Order Blues

Uber-Gay Voldo Dance Video...With Brittany?!?

Oblivion Vampire Expansion to Arrive On July 13th

Germans Love Katamari!

Princess Peach And Toad Cookie Jars!

He-Man: Gay, Gay, Gay Pt.2

Top 20 Gayest Video Game Characters - #14

Konami Plans A Guitar Revolution

Limited Edition Final Fantasy III DS Lite

Target Axes UMD Titles

Forgive The Congressmen For They Know Not What They Do

July 13, 2006

Zelda: Twilight Princess Concept Art

The Gay Games VII Kicks Off This Saturday

Final Fantasy III DS Gameplay Video

Rumor: "Grim Fandango" Film To Be Helmed By Burton?

Street Fighter II Coming to Xbox Live for $10 Aug. 2nd :-)

Revenge Is A Dish Best Served...With Mushrooms!

World Of Warcraft Gay Bar

Raise Your Controller High. VOTE!

The Gayest Game To Date...And Yes, It's Pink!

Fantastic French PSA by Wilfred Brimo

July 14, 2006

Top 20 Gayest Video Game Characters - #13

Missing Cultures In Video Games

Hermeto Pascoal - Great Music

Gamer's Closet #1 - Strawberry Shortcake's Musical Match-Ups

July 15, 2006

Nintendo DS Top Game System

Peter Molyneux, Flush With Cash, Can NOW Make Quality Games...

Daily Show Clip - There Goes the Gayborhood

Top 20 Gayest Video Game Characters - #12

Yggdrasil Labyrinth Teaser

Mother Trilogy Coming To The DS...Just A Rumor For Now...

Hard Gay Saturday!

July 16, 2006

World Firefox Day - Be Immortalized In Code!

Top 20 Gayest Video Game Characters - #11

Resident Evil 4: Nasty Merchant

Travel Into Chopin's Dream

July 17, 2006

Top 20 Gayest Video Game Characters - #10

Hey Dude, Are You Single?

Mario Hoops: 3 On 3 Japanese Commercial

Japanese Zelda Commercial

Mario & Zelda Big Band Concert LIVE

YTMND: Because It's Monday

The Devil Wears Prada: Fantastic!

Neat Lil' Bowser Vid

Sesame Street Pinball Number Count

Time Out Tunnel & Papercraft Arcade Pictures

YouTube Pushes 100 Million Videos a Day

Space Invaders: The Rug!

City Of Heroes/Villains Double XP Weekend!

Microsoft vs. iPod

Crapload of Final Fantasy III DS Screenies

Gamers With Jobs Fundraising for Reader's Family

July 18, 2006

Top 20 Gayest Video Game Characters - #9

White Hot Developer : Jenova Chen

Old School Console Wars

Germans Nix Dead Rising

The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins

Mass Effect Demo Trailer Now Available

Transformers Trailer: More Than Meets the Eye

Animal Cross Movie Trailer

Nintendo's First Commerical

2 Girly Games You May Have Missed

July 19, 2006

More Girly Games From Aeropause

Dance Dance Revolution Gets Strawberry Shortcake... And A New TV Show!

New Clive Barker Game For 2007

Top 20 Gayest Video Game Characters - #8

Nintendo DS w/Opera Demo Video

OMGWTFBBQ!! Wii Website Launched!

Space Invaders 25th Anniversary Bonanza

More Screenies for Tingle's Sexy RPG

Raiders of the Lost Arcade

Cutest Animal Crossing "Man-Purse" Ever

Big Fat Awesome House Party

Portal, I'll Take Two Please

July 20, 2006

Noble Pink DS Lite Hits Japan

Phoneix Wright: Ace Attorney Justice for All!

Alien Hominid Coming to Xbox Live

Dead Rising Webisode 1

Plan On Getting A Pink DS Lite?

T3h Internets Is 4 Pr0n!

Top 20 Gayest Video Game Characters - #7

Uber-Gay Voldo Dance Video #2...With The Black-Eyed Peas!

Check Out Ashcrafts' Goods!

Pee Wee (Not Wii) Gives A PSA and His PlayHouse Is On Adult Swim

Princess Peach Is A Hooker!

July 21, 2006

Animal Crossing WW Free Downloadable Content At Toys-R-US

Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin Gameplay Video

Darwinians Invaded My Computer

Wireless Flying-V Guitar Hero Controllers!

Top 20 Gayest Video Game Characters - #6

Blow Me! It's Not An Offer, It's A T-Shirt...

Even More FF III Screenies!

Pirates Rock The Carribbean Once Again

July 22, 2006

Weekend Update And Thank Yous.

Mario in MySpace!

Great Gay Game Characters Article On Armchair Arcade

Cooking Mama Box Art

NES Tetris Commericial Circa 1989

Top 20 Gayest Video Game Characters - #5

Trannies Selling Nintendo 64 Games

Wii Need A Hero(es)

You Can't Kancho the Willing

HARD GAY Saturday - Part 3!

July 23, 2006

Star Wars Next-Gen Sneak Peek

Top 20 Gayest Video Game Characters - #4

Lego Star Wars II Trailer

Gay Batman Returns

New Games for the Week of 7.24.06

Castle Crashers Busts Into XBox Live Arcade

July 24, 2006

You Can Now Find Us On

A Visit to Sanrio Puroland

Top 20 Gayest Video Game Characters - #3

The Ten Hottest Guys In The Video Game Industry. According to The Girl Gamer....

Desktop Graphics Card Comparison Chart

Iron Chef! Cooking Mama Vs. Shaberu! DS Oryouri Navi

OMG Monday! Time for YTMND!

Windows Vs. Mac Vs. Linux

Raving Homer!

Coming Soon: Konductra

From The Better Late Than Never...I Guess Department


Toshio Iwai Develops an Instrument For the New Age

July 25, 2006

Beating Up Children Has Never Been This Much Fun

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Game Featurette

Notable New Release DVD's for 7.25.06

Marvel Ultimate Alliance Screens and Comic Con Trailer

Top 20 Gayest Video Game Characters - #2

Ai Cho Aniki!! Now With Intro!

Heroes Trailer

Random Family Guy Video

New Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Gameplay Footage

Mario & Luigi: Oh So Burly

Nintendo Ain't Nothing But A Wii Tease

Full Summary of the Sony E3 Conference

Nintendo Zapper Gun T-Shirt

WOW!! Introductory Pricing For The PS3 Just $499...For The One That Doesn't Suck! GAY GAMER EXCLUSIVE!

Naughty Naked Raiden Screens

Breakdancing Transformers and Transformers: The Movie 20th Anniversary Special Edition DVD

July 26, 2006

Joystick Envy

Top 20 Gayest Video Game Characters - #1

New PS2's Greatest Hits List Includes Shadow Of The Colossus

Big Pimpin' Mario...Cosplay Style

High School Embraces Gaming

Lance Bass Comes Out

Beautiful Okami Videos

Shadow Hearts: Covenant Stud Card Collection #1

Dig Dug is in Stitches

Awesome Raiden/Vamp Fan Art

Thunder, Thunder, Thundercats !!!

July 27, 2006

Top 20 Gayest Video Game Characters - Honorable Mentions And Ones We Missed

The Animal Crossing Anime Is Coming

Super Paper Mario Screens

Galaga Now On XBLA

Nintendo's Handheld Lineup - Sans Phantom Hourglass :-(

"Silent Hill: Origins" To Be A Prequel

Hidden Beta Levels In Wind Waker Found!

PSP Posts Downloadable Content...Finally

July 28, 2006

Elebits For The Wii! Mauled By Two Ton Gorilla

T-Shirts Rock

Robbie The Rabbit

Japanese Animal Crossing Commercial ;-p

July 29, 2006

X- Men 3 Update

Top 20 Gayest Video Game Characters - Honorable Mentions And Ones We Missed #2

Gorgeous FF III Trailer

Hard Gay Saturday! Part 4

Falling In Love Again With We Love Katamari

Turtle Attack!

Shadow Hearts: Covenant Stud Card Collection #2

Paper Dolls On The Lam In Drawn To Be Alive

How Big Is Your Piece Of The MMOG Pie?

Mega Todd McFarlane Site Opening Soon

Joachim Valentines' Big Gay Dance

July 30, 2006

Top 20 Gayest Video Game Characters - Honorable Mentions And Ones We Missed #3

Murder, Madness, and Mayhem On The Ship's Top 20 Gayest Character List Logs 50,000 Hits in 36 Hours

Dead Rising Webisode 2

E3 No Longer?

20 Years Of Castlevania

Mario: Mustache or No?

Zelda Papercraft: Link

A Week With Q Entertainment

New Games for the Week of 7.31.06

Oops, I Had a Syneasthesia... In My Pants!

Some Gamers Are Secret Online Trannys!

July 31, 2006

Get Your Hot Wii Specs Here!

Shadow Hearts: Covenant Stud Card Collection #3


Top 5 Strangest PSP/DS Mods

Top 20 Gayest Video Game Characters - Honorable Mentions And Ones We Missed #4

Space Channel 5 Maxi-Pad Madness

PS3 Gets Their Entitlements

Killer 7: Amazing

Ass n' Tetris!


VIDEO PROOF: The Man Festival Exists!

E3 To Be Greatly Scaled Down

Amazing Wii Promo Pic..Also Makes Great Wallpaper!

Dead Rising Game Play Trailer: Bloody Awful Goodness

C64 Beaded Beauties

Loco Roco A Failure!?!?! NO!!!

Sam and Max and Telltale Studios

YTMND Monday!

August 1, 2006

Cheryl Austins' Beefcake Gallery - Alucard - Castlevania

Destructoid Giving Away A DS Lite...Tonight!

Mortal Kombat Character Selection Screen

Best Video Clips You Might Have Missed


Top 20 Gayest Video Game Characters - Honorable Mentions And Ones We Missed #5

New Rayman Screenshots

Awesome Nintendo Art

Rise of the Mushroom Kingdom

Nintendo Controller Man-Purse and Pouch!

Don't Copy That Floppy! ...But You Can Still Touch It...

So Much To Do At You Can't Get In!

Victor/Victoria Bridget Chicks

August 2, 2006

Hello Darth Kitty Vader

Cheryl Austins' Beefcake Gallery - Leon Kennedy - RE4

Cheryl Austins' Beefcake Gallery - Sigfried - Soul Calibur

Cheryl Austins' Beefcake Gallery - Kilik - Soul Calibur

Cheryl Austins' Beefcake Gallery - Brandon Heat - Gungrave

Cheryl Austins' Beefcake Gallery - Mitsurugi - Soul Calibur

Cheryl Austins' Beefcake Central - Hwang - Soul Calibur

Ling Tong - Dynasty Warriors

Jeff Han's Multi-Touch Interface

Left Behind...My Ass: Daily Show

Dead Rising Webisode 3

Cheryl Austin's Beefcake Central


The Tingle Factor

Stright Fighter II: Hyper Fighting On XBLA Today

PAX Poised to Explode After E3?

Illegal Danish - Super Snacks!

Batman Sequel Announced

The Next Big Video Game Hunk: Dead Risings' Frank West

Lucy Lawless On Lesbians, Lord of the Rings and Being a Dominatrix

Golden Joystick Nominees Announced

Shadow Hearts: Covenant Stud Card Collection #4

DVD Miss Piggy Contest

More Candy Please

The Simpsons Movie

Rule Of Rose Renders

August 3, 2006

Top 20 Gayest Video Game Characters - Honorable Mentions And Ones We Missed #6

Nancy Drew Inadvertantly Dragged Into Violent Video Game Debate

The Science of Sleep

More Rule Of Rose Media Madness

Interview With Foxy CliffyB Over at Joystiq

Gamer Terms Include Gaymer

Tingle RPG Cover Art

Harry Potter Update

Project Runway Contest

Banjo Tooies' Hidden Agenda

Ubisoft PR Explains Why Beyond Good And Evil Floundered

Superheroes and Supervillains are Inherently Gay or Deviant

August 4, 2006

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Coming to XBLA! :-)

Welcome, tiny dancer...

Scads Of Dead Rising News And Media

Cloud Must Be Emo

Gamer's Closet #2: Rugrats' Scavenger Hunt

Official Tingle Site Now Open For Business

Dance Dance Evolution

Lip Gloss, Breath Mints, Condoms...PSP?

More Maxi-Pad Madness...

Link Is Fierce!

PS4 To Not Use Discs At All...Blu-ray Truly Useless?

Will Wright Looking At All Platforms for Spore

Do Console Cinderellas Need A Fairy Godmother?

Legend of Zelda: Relationships

You Better Check Yourself

Naughty Reservoir Dogs Commercials

Princess Peach Essay Contest - Win A Super Princess Peach DS Case!

August 5, 2006

T-Shirt For Gay Gamers!

Is Sony Out Of The Game Yet?

DOA: Yet Another Crappy Game Movie

Top 20 Gayest Video Game Characters - Honorable Mentions And Ones We Missed #7

Two Smokin Adventure Games

Grab Destructoid's Wii!

The Pinball Hall Of Fame

Bill Gates Creating Shifty Queens

It's Like Oprah Up In Here!

Anything's Better Than Tom

Bloodspell: The Machinima You Wish You Could Make

15 Years of the SNES

Shhh.... My Watch Is Thinking

Let's Get Gay With George

Little Wii Rumors

NES Cake

Hard Gay Saturday! Part 5

August 6, 2006

iPod Vibrator

AOL: "I Charge Dead People"

What Does the Inside of a PS2 Addicts Head Look Like?

Kissing Queens

Gamer's Closet #3: Spice World

Faith Naked Interviewed At Destructoid

Nekkid Night Elves at the YMCA /flex

Castlevania Animation In The Works

Neverwinter News

Brilliant U.K. Playstation 1 Ad: Double Life

Neverwinter Nights 2 Boss Fight

Oblivion And Soule Nominated For VMA

Crystal Castles Inspired Concert Poster

Translated Memories: Silent Hill Exposed

Preview: Dead Rising

Top 20 Gayest Video Game Characters - Honorable Mentions And Ones We Missed #8

G-Man Having a Wonderful Time!

August 7, 2006

New Game Releases For The Week Of 8.07.06

Sony PS3: Backwards-Compata-What?

Amazing Fan Film Trailer: Koopa Force

Silly Walk is to the U.K. as Algorithm March is to Japan

Upcoming XBLA Titles

Hot New Releases 08-08-06

Duran Duran Gets Second Life In Second Life

Laguna Beach Gets Even Worse

Mr. Destructoid This Weeks Sexiest Guy in the Video Game Industry

Video Game Inspired Music Video

Penny Arcade Hits The Mark

Absent Father, Domineering Mother...Geeky Gaming Accessory?

Dead Rising Webisode 5

Pirate Baby's Cabana Battle!

Weird Mario & Luigi Incestuous Fan Art

Prince of Persia Confirmed My Wii

Chocobo and the Magic Picture Book

August 8, 2006

Square Enix Console On The Horizon?

Welcome, Alexander!

Lego Star Wars II Demo Download For PC

Namco Announces Remaining 2006 Lineup

20 Years of Samus

Xbox 360 HD-DVD Drive To Be Cheap And Easy...And Awkward

New Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising Screens

More Lego Final Fantasy Characters

Singstar: Queer Edition

Agent 47 <3 Captain Skip Muldoon

The New E3: Sooooo Awesome?

The Delightfully Demented World of Edmund McMillen

Oh, Florian Eckhardt...

The Proud, The Geeky, The Tattooed

August 9, 2006

AMD + ATI...Will They? Won't They?

Don't Touch The Sides...Butterfingers! Trauma Center: Second Opinion To Launch With Wii

Zelda Fever Is Spreading! Oh, The Humanity...

Dead Rising Weapons Guide Video

Pink Xbox - Barbie Style

Holding Out For A Hero

Dead Rising Webisode 6

American McGee Back For More

Halo Helmer Happily...Hannounced

VG Cats Webcomic #204: Muppet Babies

Comics Again: Warcraft Comics Contest Contenders

Don't Go Breaking My (Daedric) Heart

Votes Have Been Cast And The Winners Are In

Prism Comics Seeks Editor And Designer For 2007 Issue

Final Fantasy III Commercial

Xbox Live 12 Month Gold Card For $35 On Amazon

Pac-Man Now Available on XBLA

Everybody Weighs In On Addiction

New Bonk Game Coming to the Wii?

NES Had Only One Weakness...

Mac Gaming Broadens With Cider

August 10, 2006

Go To Camp Hyrule, Get Some Wii!

Halo-ish Short Film by Halo Director, Neill Blomkamp

Japanese Mario Brothers Comedy Sketch

WoW - The Benzie Rover

Dead Rising's Frank West: Fashion Victim

Zelda Fever Madness!

Gay Video Game Media Marriage Of In Newsweekly &

PSP Finally Comes In Handy...Sort Of

We Are SO Not In Kansas Anymore

The Game Poets Society

Blazin' Desktops

Dead Rising's Super Dooper Ultra Small Text

New M-Rated Arcade Fighting Style MMO

August 11, 2006

Videogame Violence Debate On G4's Attack Of The Show

Wii on Playstation3

Hard Gay Gets Married...To A Woman!

Ninja Loves Pirate

Neverwiner Nights 2 GenCon Preview

BSG Coming to XBL

Bully For Bully

Final Fantasy XII Puts Out More Fey Goodness

Final Fantasy XIII Trailer

The Fey Final Fantasy Game

Payne the dykon - Second Glance: Part III

I See London, I See France

Further Final Fantasy Feyness

Zelda Theme a la Ukulele

Pirates vs. Ninjas: The Timeless Debate

Dead Rising's Super Dooper Ultra Small Text - Capcom Response

August 12, 2006

State Of Illinois To Pay ESA And Others A Cool Half Million

Okami Boss Battle Videos

Awesome Donkey Kong T-Shirt Design At Threadless

PSM Editor Disses The PS3

Gamers' Strokes To Move The World

Don't Touch The Freedom...Liberalfingers!

Welcome To Wisteria Lame

Totally Rawking Pole Position Commercial, JERK!!

Print Your Own Avatars

Yoshi's Island 2: Now Wi-Fi With Wario

August 13, 2006

Own Your Own Arcade Machine!

Happy Birthday, Alfred Hitchcock!

Hard Gay Saturday...errr Sunday! Part 6

Zelda Medley For String Quartet

Double Your Freshness, Double Your Fun - DS Homebrew Style

Tingle In Pixelblocks

Review: Dead Rising

Robert Summa for Faith Naked's "HVGIGW"

Sony's First-Rate DVD Cozy

Super Mario Galaxy

Kissin' Arse & Takin' Names: The Square Enix Philosophy

Silly "Fraggots"...

Konductra Drops On Tuesday

New Game Releases For The Week Of 8.14.06

August 14, 2006 Now With Forums!

Guy Interviews Cosplay People: Gets Disturbed

New Neverwinter Nights 2 Screens and Trailer

Second Life To Get Cyber Hotel

Torque Game Builder 1.1.1 Released

HUGE DC Comic Book Archive Site

Han Knows the Code

Confirmed Wii Launch Titles List Boasts 27 Games

"Screech" Mugged For PSP Games

XNA Game Studio Express Brings User-Created Games to the Xbox 360

World Of Warcraft: Raid Against The Machine

Dead Crashing: Frank W-W-W-W-W-West?

Nintendo Monopoly In Stores

Star Trek: Legacy - Romulan Ale For Five

Just Cause and adult viewing

Viva Piñata Invades The Small Screen

Top 20 Gayest Video Game Characters - Honorable Mentions And Ones We Missed #9

August 15, 2006

Reggie Weighs In On The Console Wars

World Of Warcraft Gets Flying Mounts

Mobile Desperation And Lost Fun

American McGee Agrees With Reggie Fils-Aime

Okami: Before and After

My Paladin Fell Off The Back Of A Truck

U.S. Superhero Stamps

Final Fantasy 7: Dirge of Cerberus Released Today

Touch! Bomberman Land Screenies

William Oertel Discusses Silent Hill Experience And Silent Hill Origins

Jack Thompson's Suing Frenzy

GayGamer Goes To Dragon Con!

Martegod Gay Gamer Art

Reader Makes Yummy Food With Shaberu! DS Oryouri Navi

August 16, 2006

Bad Day L.A. Demo Available For Download

Mario P-Switch in Pixelblocks!

Bizzare Cracks Down On Geometry Wars Clone

Magnetica Giveaway: Final Call For Entries!

New Bully Trailer

Guild Wars: Nightfall Trailer

Zelda: The Bluejeans!

Xbox 360 HD Drive Price Details...Maybe

Horrible, Nasty, No-Good Rumor About Another PS3 Delay

Gabriel Knight Creator to Announce New Game at Leipzig

Lego Star Wars II: Xbox 360 Footage

Time Magazine 50 Coolest Sites

Monkey Island 3 Intro...ON MANDOLIN!

August 17, 2006

See Ash Run. Run, Ash, Run!

Wiii!!! Parody, LOL!!

Peppy Makes a Prank Call

Wii Hear You

Texas Hold 'em Poker Freebie, Quickie

Gaming On A Mac: Joke-Worthy

Dead Rising 101: Back To Ghoul

Tingle TV Time!

Frets On Fire

Megaman In Pixelblocks!

Voice Actor Tony Jay Dies During Surgery Recovery

360 HD DVD Drive Only For Movies

August 18, 2006

Game Rankings' Top Ten Rated Games List

FEAR Screens For PS3

Saucy Half-Naked Sephiroth Figure!

Pride High

Manly Yaoi Games

Magnetica Contest Winners Revealed!

Loco Roco Soundtrack at Play-Asia

Blu-Ray Tell-All, Fanboy Furor?

Wal-Mart Values: Family, Censorship?

Jesus, lol: The RPG

MTV2 Gets Godly

Fatal1ty: Hot or Not?

Zelda Theme On The Accordian!

Fruit Brute's B-Day Bash

August 19, 2006

Ellen: Everyone's Favorite Lesbian Master Chief

Sony Scrambling For Motion Control?

Booties For Your Baby

New Darkness Screens

Duck Hunt Lego-Style

PS3's Online Network Running Internally

Hard Gay Saturday: Part 7

PS3 STILL Not in Production

Red Steel Interview With Artistic Director

Goomba Doormat

August 20, 2006

Mario Power-Up Mushroom In Pixelblocks!

Fruit Brute Birthday Aftermath...

Clue #2 In The Big Destructoid Wii Giveaway

New Releases For The Week Of 8.21.06

Enchanted Arms or Bleeding Eyes

Final PS3 UI Peek

Gamepro's Ambiguously Gay List

Kingdom Hearts Goes to Avenue Q

Ultimate Ghosts'n'Goblins Commercial

Children of Mana Videos

Naughty America

August 21, 2006

PS2 And PSP In The Pink!

Another Gaming Man-Purse, Girl!

Swing Your Master Sword In Twilight Princess

Sweet Nintendo Wallpapers

Lego Stormtrooper Hot Tub Action

The MMO Agenda: Total World Hegemony

Final Fantasy Fever In November

EA Thinks the Wii May Cost $170

And Now a Reading From The Book of Duh!

All CEOs Should look Like This...

Wii to have Wiimakes, Too?

Facade Now For Mac And PC

August 22, 2006

Silent Hill Movie Out On DVD Today

Fantastic Video Game Related Art!

Roddick vs. Pong Commercial

Impressive Raid Over The River Trailer

Rayman Raving Rabbids... A Party Game?!?!?

Viewtiful Joe: Suitable For A Desktop!

George Takei Rips Shatner A New One: And Everyone Else

Worf to Boo: "I Ain't Scared Of No Ghost!"

Final Fantasy III DS To Hit Stores In November

PSP Vespa...It's Intervention Time

The Sam Hulick Effect

World Of Warcraft Patch 1.12 Goes Live

Philips' amBX Technology Lets Games Reach Out and Touch Us

I've Got Happy Feet, Talking About Happy Feet

Game Industry Fails Women

Monkey Island Theme By A Full Band

August 23, 2006

Texas Hold 'Em Free For 48 Hours

Amazing Stop-Action Arcade Game Animation

The Elebits Official Website Is Up

Sonic Wii Trailer Premiers At Leipzig

Mario Strikers And Battalion Wars Sequels Are Coming

Nintendo And Sony Wage The War Of The Pink

2 New Songs For Guitar Hero II

New Metal Gear Solid 4 Trailer from Leipzig

Katamari Damacy Track to be in Pac-Man World Rally

Robert Summa Gives Jason Hall A Run For His Money!

27 Playable PS3 Games At Tokyo Game Show

Confessions On A +1 Dance Floor

Feel My Godhand!

Mario Strikers Charged: Gameplay Footage

Xbox 360 Joins HD DVD Tour

Vintage Game Ads

Pikmin 2 Commercial

Sony's List of Playable PS3 Games for TGS06

Top 5 Songs to Kill Zombies By

Kirby Canvas Curse Commercial

Konami's Questionable Press Release

Madden '07... '06?... '07? eh, it's in stores

Phantom Buttons Appear On The Wiimote

Restraint - Great Restraint

LucasArts and Free Radical: Together At Last

August 24, 2006

New Bully Trailer #2

New Portal Gameplay Video

Splinter Cell: Double Agent Gameplay Video

Half Life 2 Gameplay Video

Mr. Destructoid Throws Down

Young Hedgehogs In Love


Team Fortress 2 Trailer, Straight From Leipzig

Silent Hill: Origins Gameplay Video and Trailer

Rejoice: Pink DS Lite Coming To U.S.!

PS3 Shipping At Half-Mast?

The Passion Of Luke Skywalker

Stewart Gilligan Griffin Runs From Nothing!

Final Fantasy III Sells Out

New Elveon Screens: Butch It Up With An Elf

Guild Wars: Nightfall Press Release

R.I.P. Pluto

Stained Glass Zelda Tattoo

NFL Street 3's Manic Monday

Be a Big Gay American Idol Star!

Super Mario Bros. Super Show! Season 2 On DVD

"Wii" Forgive?

August 25, 2006

Two New Phantom Hourglass Gameplay Videos

WoW To Get A New Expansion Every Year

Sexy Asuma Wallpaper

Spore Live Game Demo From Leipzig

Lego Star Wars II Website

New Bio-Shock Screens

Top 10 Zombie Games

Judge Blocks Louisiana Game Law Written by Jack Thompson

Blizzard To Announce StarCraft 2 In 2007?

PS3: Fair Or Foul?

Nintendo Apron

Inside The MMO Trading Machine

Takei Psych's Out

shut up, Shut Up, SHUT UP!

New Twilight Princess Screens!

The Seoul of Drama

Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin Gameplay Video

August 26, 2006

The Penny Arcade Game

Hard Gay Saturday: Part 8 - Social Improvement

Contact's English Site Is Up

Gaymer's Cider

Wikipedia "Gaymer"

Cute Boo T-Shirt

XBLA Unplugged Announced

Bully Protest Footage

Can-Do GPS For PSP

Ricky Gervais Stuck In Microsoft's Craw

This a Song For The Sony

August 27, 2006

Infamous Moments in Gay-Gaming History: Johnny Turbo

Smokin' Kingdom Hearts Yaoi!

Gamer's Closet #4: Final Fantasy X2

GayGamer Weight Watch

Final Fantasy III Figurines

Legend of the Mystical Ninja: The Series

Sunday Wordplay For The Lonely

PS3 To Save World, Minus Critics

Daddy Wants A BFG

VGCats Takes On Dead Rising

Bloggers Talk Blogging

Half-Life 2 Ep. 2, Portal, Team Fortress 2 Delayed

McDonald's Mario Toys

New Game Releases For The Week Of 8.28.06

The Hardware Store of WoW

August 28, 2006

Free Gaming Icons!

Classics: A Rant...

Nearly Naked Cowgirl Slices Her Way To The 360

Halo Meets Monty Python

Go, GameJew, Go!

New Prince Of Persia DS

The Adventures Of Florian Eckhardt In Leipzigland

Lumines Live: The Better You Play, The More You Pay?

Top 10 Whorehouses In Second Life

360 Back Compat Titles Added/Updated:

The Advocate

Cute Nintendo Robots

Battlestar Galactica: The Story So Far - On Live. Now.

Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Clocks 2 Million Unique Users

Where Have All The Good Journalists Gone?

Welcome, Faith Naked!

Burning Crusade Talent Trees

Vote For Frank West

August 29, 2006

Vote For The Top 10 Hottest Video Game Guys!

Eurogamer's Love Letter To The DS

Red Steel Redesigned Sword Combat

Echanted Arms Released: First Japanese RPG For The 360

Silent Thrill-er!

Video Game Guys Get A Sex Change

New Japanese Tingle RPG Commercial

PS3, PS4: Don't Count Yer Chickens

Bling On Your Ding

Vote For Dante!

Become an Army of One and Kick Some Rebel Butt!

Final Fantasy V V-V-Video

Dead Rising Faceplate

Simon in Smithsonian

‘Xbox Killer’ Gets Life

Psychonauts To Be Backwards Compatible

Xbox Live Strip Poker

Mario Hat DS Case

Fresh Bioshock Screens

August 30, 2006

I'm So Excited T-shirt

Rule Of Rose U.S. Website Open!

Sony Launches Japanese PS3 Website

Screens For Lego Star Wars II DS

Legend Of The River King DS Japanese Site

Vote For Kratos!

Dead Rising Tops 500,000

Happy Birthday Adam Sessler

PS4 A Long Ways Off...AND PS3 Still Not in Production

Spankin' New PSP In 2007?

Dead Rising: Starring Mega-Man

10 Gaming Myths Pwned

PS3 Slogan: This Is Sucking?

Vote For Leon Kennedy!

Space Giraffe...WTF?

Categorizing Gamers

On a Very Special Drawn Together...

The Man Behind Frank West

Laura Croft's Blinged-Out Box

August 31, 2006

Employees Flee 3D Realms

Vote For Wakka!

XNA Beta Is Released

Mario Inspired Japanese Soda Commercial

Battle Of The Good Samaritan Consoles

Faith Heads to Fan Expo 2006

No Xbox 360 Shortages This Year! No, Ma'am!

Super Timsy Goes to Atlanta!

GayGamer T-Shirts On The Way!

New Enchanted Arms Trailer!

Pink Pride: Handheld Prejudice

Dead Rising Fast

Final Fantasy Movie Does Thriller

Vote For Sam Fisher!

A Query Not To Be 'Left Behind'

Ne-Yo He-No Ho-Mo!

Queer Press Grant For Comics

'Cause It's a Long Weekend

September 1, 2006

Help Bring Disgaea To The U.S. PSP

Dragon Con Is Upon Us!

Bully Gets Bullied Into No Longer Being Bully

Vote For Solid Snake!

No Richard Gere, Bad Richard Gere - Sit!

Circuit City Scruples

Tiny Dancer Goes To Eastern Europe!

Wait, Didn’t We Know This About Assassin’s Creed?

Prism Comics Guide Cover Artist

Which Games Are Hi-Def?

Why I Love Dragon Con...

GayGamer At Dragon Con: Day 1, Pt.1

Dragon Con Costume Gallery: Day 1

Hands On Tingle!

Pyramid Head Can Dance

Free Retro Remakes

September 2, 2006

Frank Lloyd Wright House in Half Life 2

Hard Gay Saturday: Part 9 - MORE Social Improvement

Off To Dragon Con Day 2!

Get Some Pubes!

Tokyo Game Show 2006

Dragon Con Update!

DS Sweeps Up the Top Ten List!

Game Developers Backhand MC Ellen and Jack Carver

Updated Guitar Hero Song List

IGN Takes Left Behind Money

Why I Love Dragon Con Pt. 2

Dragon Con Costume Gallery: Day 2

September 3, 2006

New Stranglehold Trailer!

Dragon Con Day 3!

Captain Lou Albano Signs My Copy Of The Super Mario Brothers Super Show DVD

New Releases For The Week Of 09.04.06

Slim Sunday

September 4, 2006

WTF!! PS3 To Ship Without HDMI Cable

Tingle Sighting In Japan

Dead Rising Secrets Video

Dragon Con Costume Gallery: Day 3

GayGamer's Gayest Character List To Appear In EGM!

Black DS Has Completely Sold Out

Overheard At Dragon Con

Vote For Tidus!

Dragon Con Celebrity Cavalcade or Fruit Brute Falls Into A Pop Culture K-Hole

142% Possibility Of Booty


*sigh, I Don’t Hate G4

What Does Sailor Pluto Do Now?

A Guide To Good Shopping In Dead Rising

September 5, 2006

Chrome Pro Stylus For DS Lite

MMO Character Naming Conventions

Viva Pinata Webisode 1

Red vs. Blue Loves Gay Robots

Vote For Jann Lee!

Sony Launches European PS3 Promotional Site

McDonald's Mario Commercial - Now With More Ninja Action

Ring King Love Letter

Vote For Henry Townshend!

Saints Row Tops The Charts In UK

Fabulous DS Games Deal At Best Buy!

UMDs At Low Low Prices, In Japan.

Mmmm Autographs

Transformers Are Horny Robots!

GameStop Puts Wii Accessories On Website

September 6, 2006

Sony Announces European PS3 Delay

GuitarAtomik Pwns Teh Internets!

Star Wars 3.5 Game Announced

Vice City Stories Website and Trailer Launch

Zombie Genocide Achievment Video

Faith Is Back!

Nintendo DS Is Officially Jammin'!

German Honda Commercial, Tetris Style!


The Mudge Boy(2003)

The Killing (1956)

Oh, Makoto

Dead Or Alive Trailer Gives New Meaning To "Craptacular"

Keep it up with The Advocate

New Dead Rising Outfit Available Now

3D Realm's CEO Responds To Employee Departure

Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends on GBA

Uwe Boll Dominates First Critic

September 7, 2006

R2D2 Demoted To Trashcan

Chibi Cloud Cartoon

Vote For The Prince Of Persia!

PS3: This Is Waiting...

Panic At The PS3 Euro Disco

Straight Gamers Facinated By All Things Gay?

Welcome, josh...

Castlevania FTWii?

Saucy Frank West Fan Art!

Raving Rabbids Coming to the Wii, 360 and DS

Bioware and 2K Bring Jade Empire To The PC

Marching To Their Own 8-Bit Tune

Mario Says "Eat-a Me!"

Holy Frakin' Frak

Bette Midler Does Battlestar Galactica

Sam & Max Return

WoW: The Burning Crusade - Draenei and Blood Elf Character Screens

T-Shirt For The Gay Cthulu Fan

Blood Elf and Draenei Voices for Burning Crusade

Robert "The Tease" Summa

Dabu Dabu! WoW Coke Commercial - Another One

Jules Verne's XBox 360

Tons of New Rule Of Rose Media

The UI Designer For The 360 Is Taking Suggestions

Eliza Gauger Asks For Optimism

Wii to DS Connectivity Info

This Isn't News

September 8, 2006

Capcom Launches Devil May Cry 4 Website

Touch My DS: The Stylus Challenge

New Tingle Gameplay Video: Now With Hip Thrusting Action

Portable Relics Of Gaming Yesteryear

GayGamer Calls Shenanigans On Joystiq!

Vote For Ryu!

XPlay's Final Fantasy XII Preview

PS2's Killer Line-up

"Hard Gay" Immortalized as Plastic Toy

WoW: Sneak Peek of the Areas of Outland - Burning Crusade

GayGamer EGM Article On Shelves Now!

Nanostray 2!

Age of Conan Trailer

DS Could Outship PSP By 30% This Year

One of Gabe's WoW Trading Cards

Final Fantasy VI Advance Has a Japanese Release

September 9, 2006

Vote For Capt. Albert Wesker

Portal Inspired Mod For Half Life 2

Splinter Cell To Be Wii Launch Title

The Lawyers Come A'knockin'

Ubisoft Steering Wheel For The Wii

Don't You Wish Your Girlfriend...

J!NX - Knock On My WoW Wood

Godhand Gameplay Video

Update: Interactive Map For Dead Rising Has New Home


Half Life Movie Trailer!

LEGO Star Wars, Meet LEGO Batman

Zelda CD-i Audio Frappé

Rule Of Rose Preview Footage

Nintendudes! Twink Edition

September 10, 2006

Video Game Grotesquerie

Coldhearted Snake

Mario Mouse!

The Magazine Round-Up

GamePro TV Circa 1990

Nintendudes! Drunk Straight Guy Edition

Hard Gay Saturday: Part 10 - Cooking, Late Edition

Gaming Tournaments Coming Stateside

More Devil May Cry 4 Coverage

Second Life Hacked

New Games For The Week Of 09.11.06

First Impressions of Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories

Game Reviews That Get Straight To The Point

Presenting the Ultimate in Technology: The Ultra 64

September 11, 2006

Enchanted Arms Coming To The PS3

$50 Rebate Off Xbox 360

The Beatles Love The Wii: Hate PS3

Long Hot List Of Online Games

New Metal Gear Solid 4 Trailer

Space Invaders Wrapping Paper

Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures Preview and Panel

Nintendo Characters in Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go!

SHOCK!-ing: Nekkid DS Lite Case Mod!

New Family Guy Screens

Dead Rising Text Patch: No Dice

Foldable Pocket USB GamePad

Multiverse Will Open MMOG Development To The Indie Scene

September 12, 2006

Pokemon Diamonds and Pearls

Japanese Mario Advance 3 Commercial

Playstation 3 Commercial From Europe

Cute Crocheted Katamari Prince!

The Making Of Nintendo's "Schools Out" Commercial

The Power of the PS2 in Your Palm - No, Not the PSP

Sony Announces PSP Bundle; Talks Crazy Talk

Retro Nintendo Alarm Clock

Simpsons "BoneStorm" Commercial

I Survived the Barrens...Chat!

Guild Wars: Nightfall Preview Event

100 Most Influential Women In The Gaming Industry

Seaman 2 News Coming On Friday

Games Are Available For iPod

Nintendudes! Tattoo Edition

Fabrissou's Fabulous Fan-Art

September 13, 2006

Prince of Persia 3 Climbs Aboard The PSP

Soup Up Your Mario Kart With Custom Icons!

New Bioshock Screens!

Lego Star Wars Character Pack For The 360

Rule Of Rose In Stores Now...If You're Fast Enough

Nintendo Press Conference Tomorrow Morning!


Brenda Brathwaite's Book Sex in Video Games

We Are Not Amused

Would Wii Make You Sell Your Xbox 360?

Gaymers, Geeks, Nerds And Other Names

Decorating A Gay Guild House

Common Sense DS Adult Training

September 14, 2006

Wii Launch Info Leaked Early!

Wii Website Opens For Business

Wii: What's In The Box?

Nintendo 64 turns 10

Internal HD-DVD Drive Coming to 360?

Live Blogging Everyone Else's Live Blogging (update #3)

Everybody Wants A Wii...Even Shakira!!!

Final Fantasy XII Title Coming to DS

U.S. Side of Wii Website Now Open Wii Launch Graphic Open Call

LonelyGirl15 A Fake

Rule Of Rose: First Impressions

Wii Games Trailer Video!

Wii Rayman Raving Rabbidds Gameplay Trailer PLAYSTATION 3 Launch Graphic Open Call

Rockstar's Bully To Get A Teen Rating

Peter Jackson Talks Halo

September 15, 2006

Seaman 2 Update

News From GayGamer Castle!

Game Characters in the Faux News

GayGamer To Get Webcomic!

EB Games Wii Site

A Trio Of God Of War 2 Gameplay Videos

Ellen Gives Away Her Wii

Forum Chat

New Twilight Princess Gameplay Video

September 16, 2006

Two New Bully Trailers

Prey For Free Stuff

Tiny Dancer: Big Ole Pageant Queen

Matsuno From Square Enix Developing For Wii

A Brief History Of Gay Robots

Ooh La La, it's Ulala!

Samus Collectible Figurines

Pope Papercraft!

September 17, 2006

Resident Evil Title For The Wii Confirmed

Wii System In-Store Pre-Orders...In NYC

New Site - Resistance: Fall Of Man

My Other Car Is A Warthog

Wii Sells Out of Pre-Orders on Amazon

September 18, 2006

Loco-Roco Theme Song Karaoke

Monday Morning Eye Candy

Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles Teaser Trailer

Super Mario Wedding Cake

Lego My Mario!

Public Men's Room Etiquette, Armageddon

DIY PR For Sony

Bridget Gets His Groove On

GayGamer To Get TGS Coverage!

Naughty Prison Sex On Defunct Handheld

New Releases For The Week Of 09.18.06

All Your Terrorist Are Belong To Us?

What The Space Giraffe?!?

Elite Beat Agents Release Date Announced

Punching Politician

September 19, 2006

Remember These: Super Power Club Cards

Countdown to Obsession: Wii Widget

Smash'em Up Brawler On Xbox Live Arcade.

Tuesday Morning Eye Candy

Vote For Cloud Strife!

Battlestar Galactica Season 2.5 Hits the Streets

Iwata's "Selling Cosmetics To Men" Quote Threatens Gamers' Sexuality

Power Stone Collection for the PSP

Nevercoming Nights 2 Delay

More Bioshock...More!

It's All About Mii, Honey

PS3 Online Still Unfinished...Oy!

Halo 3 Gets Revised Control Scheme

Blue Dragon Scans From Shonen Jump

Vote For Kilik!

Welcome To Bullworth Academy

September 20, 2006

Disgaea: Hour Of Darkness Is Back!

GameTrailers Offers Up Hi-Def Super Mario Galaxy Footage

Bioware Developing For Handhelds?

VGCats Takes On Sora's Lifestyle

Wii Name = Gay? I Think Not

Gay Musician Wins Canada's Polaris Music Prize

Wii Confirmed as 'Not' Region Free

Vote for Chris Redfield!

The Cutest iPod/MacBook Covers On Earth!

In English: Microsoft Doesn't Care About You

Microsoft Totally Cares About You

Guild Wars: Nightfall Preview Weekend

8-bit: New Game Documentary

Blue Dragon Gameplay Footage

New Lost Planet: Extreme Condition Trailer

Guitar Hero 2 Invades All Major Consoles

Trailer For Trusty Bell: Chopin's Dream

September 21, 2006

NYC Come Out And Play Festival

Ken Levine Explains Bioshock

White N' Nerdy! FTW!!

Happy Birthday, Super Timsy

Loco Roco Developers Wanted DS Version

Grant Gould Fan Artwork

USB Batteries For Xbox 360

Nintendo Grows A Pair

Welcome, Crazy Legs!

Ubisoft Oops Outs Unannounced Titles

D3 Publishing Goes On A Friendship Adventure

The Spaceballs Are Coming...In Cartoon Form

Shots of Loco Roco Guide Book

Import Report: Chaos Wars

Pyramid Head In Legos!

Microsoft Will Fix Your 360, For Free

September 22, 2006

Tokyo Game Show 2006

Devil May Cry 4 Gameplay Video

Christina Aguilera Can Kick Your Butt At Video Games

Colossal Glitches

No Price Drop For US PS3

Lost Planet Trailer: Part 2

Devil May Cry 4 TGS Trailer

PS3 Gets Some flOw

London's Science Museum to Host Video Game Exhibit

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings Video

Metal Slug Coming To XBLA

Far Cry: Vengeance On The Wii

Ninja Gaiden Sigma PS3 Screenshots

Tell Me Your Dirty Fantasies

Fresh Final Fantasy XIII Screens

Where Art Thou, Alexander?

MTV Purchases Harmonix

Hey Mon, It's Bob Marley's "Burnin'"

Hard Gay Saturday: Part 11 - Even More Social Improvement

September 23, 2006

Blue Dragon Trailer

Sony's In The Pink!

Black 360 On the Way?

Free DDO: Stormreach Under Siege

National Security Lampoon

Anime Weekend Atlanta 12 Extravaganza!

Scapegoats Speak Out

Free Weekend Games

Elrond and Legolas Affair Exposed!

Blizzard Considering Digital Distribution of Burning Crusade

Tokyo: PlayStation Pink

September 24, 2006

Tokyo: SEGA Booth

Tokyo: Microsoft

Anime Weekend Atlanta 12 Slideshow

Anime Weekend Atlanta 12 Day 2

Sneek Peek At PS3 Dashboard

TsuShiMaMiRe and Peelander-Z At AWA

TsuShiMaMiRe and Peelander-Z Concert

Gamer's Closet #5: Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Grand Theft Auto, Actually

Tingle Is Tom Cruise

Virtual Wardrobe For The Nintendo DS

September 25, 2006

Online Petition To Bring The Tingle RPG To America! UPDATE!

New Tingle RPG Screens!

New Games For The Week Of 09.25.06

Space Invaders Invade Your Space

RUMOR: Wal-Mart Won't Take In the Wii...Demo Units?

World of Warcraft Now $19.99

Buttons For Boners

Night Of A Million Wii's

New Mortal Kombat Trailer

Play With Your Snake

PSX-P Hacks Old And New Schools

F.E.A.R. Demo Now On Marketplace

Gorgeous Okami Wallpapers

Rockstar Announces L.A. Noire

New Site For the PS3's White Knight

September 26, 2006

God Of War II Trailer

Super Sweet Devil May Cry Fan Art

Igarashi Brings Back 2D Castlevania To Next-Gen Consoles

Hyperbol Goes Into Public Beta

Thompson Files Lawsuit Against Sony and Take 2... Again

Welcome, Boy of Tomorrow!

Square Enix Plots Console Dominion

Kiss Kiss

Atari Jumps The Couch For NextFest 2006

PS3 Game Prices: Sane

Welcome, Lectric Lich!

8-bit Knit Winter Collection

Hi-Def RPG Trailers For Xbox Marketplace

Summoning All Monsters: New Final Fantasy Figures

UK Wii Preorders Are Open!

Vintage Batman and Superman Homoerotic Comic

Microsoft X06 Rumors, Tapas

Heaven Help Us! It's Max!!!

World of Warcraft Exposed!

Castlevania Tatts!

Human Katamari Double Feature!

A Little Wii Love From Capcom

September 27, 2006

Opera Browser To Be Free On Wii For A Limited Time

Alan Wake On A Quad Core Processor

Pump It Up! Super Star

Let Tekken Decide!

Project Sylpheed Trailer Goodness

I Love The Smell Of Propaganda In The Morning

Sonic Boom!

GTA: Vice City Stories, Trailer Numero Dos!

TGS Report Of A Different Kind

Sony Preps PS3 Kiosk Invasion

Kameo Skin Winners Announced

D&D Ads: Basement Elves and Closet Dwarves

X06 Barcelona Report

New Splinter Cell: Double Agent Trailer!

Doom Comes To The Marketplace

New Stranglehold Trailer And Screenshots Unveiled

Welcome To Warp Zone!

September 28, 2006

Marvel and Cryptic: Together Again For The First Time

Oblivion Coming To The PS3/PSP

Happy Endings

Boy Explains Donkey Kong To Mr. Rogers

Sony Announces Playstation 4

Sega Direct Freebies For Sonic & SGC

X06 Trailers Aplenty

Reggie Gives Your Wii A Hand

New X06 Bioshock Trailer!

Microsoft Cuts The Wires To Your Headset

X06 Assassin's Creed Demo...For Everyone

Peter Jackson To Direct Next Halo Game

Peter Moore's Wii60 Movement

Digi Charat Fantasy Opening

September 29, 2006

WoW Does Drag

Shin Chan Japanese Wii Site

Gay Player Forced To Change Character's Name On City Of Heroes

Gunpey DS Gameplay Video

Super Timsy To Have Super Nerdy Weekend

White Knight Character Designs

Dead Rises in Japan

Zune To Use XBLA Currency

World of Warcraft and Half-Life 2 on Linux

PSP Memory Doubler Only A Mother Can Love

New York - Tokyo Music Festival 2006

Happy Berfday Nintendo 64!

September 30, 2006

Marvel Universe Online Teaser Trailer


C64 On The Wii

Captain N To The Rescue

Canadian Wii Launch Details

Gears Of War Chainsaw Massacre

New York - Tokyo Music Festival 2006: Update

LocoRoco Design For Threadless

October 1, 2006

South Park: Make Love, Not Warcraft

Custom Made Pyramid Head Figure

Necro-Nesia: Silent Hill, But With Massive Insects!

Constant Friend Code On The Wii

Lumines II: Heavenly Star music video

Halo Wars Debut Trailer

Gigantic Fantasy

X06 Montage

Wii Compatible with WaveBirds? FTW!

New Game Releases For The Week Of 10.01.06

October 2, 2006

Super Mario Brothers Super Strip Show!

Puyo Pop Turns 15! Party On The DS.

GayGamer Launches Table Gaming Section Top Reader Nominations for Most Influential Women In The Game Industry

Let SmackTalk Taunt For You On The 360!

Touch-a Touch-a Touch Me, PSP

Who Doesn't Want A Master Sword?

Buy A Pink DS Lite And Save Lives!

Mario Touches Slime

New Batman Begins Sequel Info Unveiled

Have It Your Way: The Game

Bethesda To Stores: "Make It Sell, Number One."

New Banjo-Kazooie Game For The 360

Katamari-Like AIDS Ad

Sexy Fisherman Fashions from Okami

October 3, 2006

Kingdom Hearts Formation Arts Series 2

Street Fighter: The Later Years

Make Your Own Mii!

Top 10 Hottest Video Game Guys: Last Call For Nominations

1up Looks At Video Game Box Art


Inspector Gadget Art

Violent Games Change Your Mind?

PS3 Remote To Include Rumble Feature

Yaoi-Con 2006: Hot & Creepy In San Francisco

Ubisoft Loves The Xbox 360. Sony Doesn't Care.

Xbox Equals Sexy Love...R & B Style


UPDATE: GayGamer Video Now Available On!

Evolution T-Shirt Rules!

Xbox 360 Pushes HDMI Support

Final Fantasy Swords, Materia, and More

Totem Ball Comes To The Marketplace

October 4, 2006

Family Guy Game Video

Wii Pre-Launch Demo Kiosks: Only At Gamestop

SIXAXIS Is Rumble Free: A Tactical Move

Pac-Man Sign In Tokyo

Pizzaz! It's Gonna Get Ya!

GoldenEye 007 Source Remake!

PS3 So Hot Sony Stock Drops 2.75%

Hot Guy Check Training Simulator for the DS

Miyamoto: Wii Essentially A Gamecube

Chili Con Coincidence

A Trio Of Game Themes On Accordion!

More Troubling News About PS3 Launch

Sam & Max Final Prices Announced

October 5, 2006

Livin' La Vida Loco

GameJew Episode 7

Crazy Katamari Cake For Everybody!

The Bloodhound Gang Meets Pac-Man On Crack

Transcendental Mode: Games That Make Us Happy

ChillStream Controller Keeps It Cool On The PS3

GayGamer Dead Rising Video: Now Region Free!

Over 100 SuperGroups and VillainGroups Left Homeless!

The Girl Gamer Cites The Top Ten Best Sidekicks

Shawn "64" Noel: His Legacy

2007 Slamdance Guerilla Gamemaker Competition Call For Entries

Justice League Heroes Trailer

Awesome Alice In Marioland T-shirt

EB/Gamestop Wii Page Changes!

South Park: Make Love, Not Warcraft

October 6, 2006

The Family Guy Game Developer's Blog Launches

Interview With Children Of Mana Developer

Capcom Secret File #26: Strider In Block Blocks!

Delicious Mario Inspired Threadless Design

Reed Richards' special day

Japanese Katamari Damacy Commercial

Bubble Man II (???) Commercial

Nintendo Panties

BAFTA Award Winners Announced

Gears Of War Is Buggy? And It Cost *HOW* Much?

What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Dear Sony: Please. Stop. Talking.

Brand-Spankin' New L.A. Noir Trailer...Now With More Noir!

Sony Sues Modders, Feels Better

PS3 Party Premiere Contest Tattoo

No PSP Price Cut In 2006

Donkey Kong, LEGO Style

October 7, 2006

Saturday Morning Cartoons: Dungeons & Dragons

G4 DDR Commercial

Mario Opera Video

Fling Bling On Your 360

Most Important RPGs Of All Time

Limbo Teaser Site

Go On, Touch It!

October 8, 2006

Mario and Luigi Exposed On Inside Edition

Space Invader Crop Circle

The March Of Wii's: Endcaps And Dogtags

Oblivion PSP Screens

More Space Invaders - Now With More Video!

Pokemon Center Exclusive Ash & Pikachu

J.C. Etheredge: Streets of Gays

The London Eye Stares Down Oblivion

Cartoon About 80's Gaming Programmers Is Coming

War On Terror: The Boardgame

Liquid Colors: Free Flash Goodness

New Games For The Week Of 10.08.06

October 9, 2006

God Hand Ships This Week!

Sidewalk Chalk Painting of World of Warcraft

Save your inheritance!

Lacey Chabert Needs A Hedgehog

How Do You Say "Rip-Off" In Latin?

New Neverwinter Nights 2 Screens

Blu-Ray To Outshine HD-DVD In The Visual Media War?

Seaman 2 Controller Ups The Ante

Neek The Sexy Tattooed Geek

Ready To Operate On November 14th

By Gum, It's Tetris!

SMT: Devil Summoner Website Now Live

The Family Guy Game: Stewie vs. Bertram

Killer Half-Life Costume

Phantasy Star Universe Free Open Beta

PS3 Preorders Starting Tomorrow!!!!!

October 10, 2006

Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 2 Gameplay Video

The Final Official Track List for Guitar Hero II

Spoiler Alert: Final Fantasy XII Opening Cinema

EB/Gamestop PS3 Pre-Orders: Going, Going, Gone!

NYC Becomes Ivalice On October 11

Rumor: EB Wii Preorders On Thursday!

Uru Live Lives!

Loco Roco Deviance

Warcraft Addict Makes A Current Affair

8-Bit: The Documentary + Trailer

Hot New Video Of Portal

Aquaria Teaser Trailer

There's No Place Like Gnome

October 11, 2006

New Level-5 Adventure Game For DS

Get-Well Gamers Foundation Expands Network


Ace and Chet's Excellent Video Game Adventure

Neverwinter Nights 2 Dev Top 10 List

Hastert Hiding Web Game Fun For All

Peach Graffiti Storm Hits West Coast

Gears Of War Viral Videos Are Rolled Out

Bubble Bobble Coasters

Wii Pre-Orders on Friday, Tis' Official!

Super Timsy's Arcade Cabinet Garage Sale Extravaganza!

October 12, 2006

R.I.P. Clover Studios

New The Darkness Gameplay Video

Color Consoles And Customization

Japanese Steampunk Laptop Sculpture

Foxy Dark Link Fan-Art!

Color Changing DS Stickers

VG Cats Takes On The Launch Wars

PS3 Viral Code Cracked

Animal Crossing Fan Art: KK Slider In Tiles!

8 BIT: Art & Video Games & Frankenculture

Activision Joins Forces With Steam

G4 Haiku Contest: Win An Item Of Clothing!

Teen Uses Brain To Play Videogame

It's awfully highbrow, Todd!

More Amazing Fan Art

October 13, 2006

ScrewAttack's 10 Worst Ways To Die

The King O' Pop Meets WoW

What Art Thou Playing This Weekend!?

We Got Our Wii!

God Hand: First Impressions

Fan Made MGS Movie Trailer

Warcraft Fans Get Snippy With South Park, Nobody Surprised

Bully Ruling Is In

Use Xbox Live Pipeline To Cruise Xbox Marketplace From Your PC

The Sword Of A Thousand Truths...Is Real

October 14, 2006

Saturday Morning Cartoons: Pac Man

New Bully Trailer

For The Well Dressed Geek

Xbox 360 Goes To Bollywood

Mmmm I Can Taste The Wii, Now

Waiter, There's A PSP In My Soup

The Legend Of Zelda Retrospective Part 1

PS3 Obivion Content To Reach Xbox And PC

Assassin's Creed Relaunched On Web... Sorta

Playstation And Libraries: A Winning Combination?

Gothic 3 Battling Is...Hilarious!

Sonic On The Runway

October 15, 2006

Genki Gang Hats: Wear a 1-UP

Wii Pre-Order Experience From GayGamer Castle

Game Event Conversational Etiquette: A Lesson In Making Friends

Ms. Pac-Man Ring Bling

My Hindu Shooter

More, Longer Family Guy Game Footage

GayGamer MySpace Page Updated

New Games For The Week Of 10.15.06

October 16, 2006

PS3 Commercial: The Wait

Dance! MMO

Final Fantasy III Figures

First 4 Figures Releases Next Majora's Mask Figure: Skull Kid

Elite Beat Agents Tracklist

New Guild Wars: Nightfall Screens

Nintendo's Hidden Song

Use That Old Controller To Hold Up Your Pants

The Early 90's: Nintendo Style

Atsushi Inaba: Final Interview As Clover's President

Scorching Devil May Cry 4 Videos

A Scholar's Look At Grand Theft Auto

Newsflash: Homosexuals Buy Videogames

October 17, 2006

Pokemon DS Lite Shoulder Bag

Bully Has Gay Content! or Is Little Jimmy A Homo?

Mosaic Space Invader Skateboards

Massive Multiplayer WoW Fan Art Gallery

Xbox 3 Already In Development?

Phil Harrison Spins Blu-Ray Game Capacity

Help Police Put GameStop Robber Behind Bars

Madden More Popular Than Pokemon!

Sam And Max Released; Max's Body Count Skyrockets

G4 Death Rumors "Totally Bogus"

WoW: Hallow's End Begins Tomorrow!

GameJew Episode 8 Part 1

Take-Two Founder Resigns

October 18, 2006

GameJew Episode 8 Part 2

Bully Special Edition Box Set

Mario In MySpace: Toad's Social Not-Working Names Gaming's Top 50 Journalists

Bully Released, Civilization Still Stands But Media Overreacts

XLA Winter Lineup Announced

Terrified Parents Ban Brutal Schoolyard Bloodsport

Fresh Gears Of War Retina Candy...Unless You're German

Dress Your iPods Up For Halloween

Battlefield 2142 Spyware Hissyfit

/dance FTW!

Blast Miner Has Been Released

49 Physics Based Games Reviewed With Downloads

October 19, 2006

Guillermo Del Toro Working On Hellboy Game

Fruit Brute Heads For The Big Apple

Cage Match Between THQ and WWE!

Mario vs Donkey Kong 2: March Of The Minis

Best Homemade DS Lite Case Ever!

Family Guy Game In Stores, But Does It Suck?

Microsoft Twofer: 100GB HDD & HD-DVD Drive PC-Friendly

Robert Summa Whips Out His Burning Ten

Nielson Media Launches Video Game Service

World Of Warcraft Plushie Moocow

October 20, 2006

A Barrel Full O' PS3 News From Gamers Day SF

Tetsuya Mizuguchi Defends Price Gouging Lumines Live

Surprise! There May Be A Shortage Of PS3's

Pink Leather Dot Matrix Cuffs

More Papercraft, Wii!!

Universal and Fox Pullout of the Master Chief

Sony Claims PS3 Is Cheaper Than 360

New PSP To Sport Anti-Suck Technology

Loco Roco Halloween Download!

Update: Gay Bloggie Awards

Acce$$orize Your P$3!

Gizmondo Exec Pleads Guilty To Drunk Driving...

Whatcha' Playin' This Weekend?

Brother Shoots Brother Over Video Game

Civil War: A Nation Divided Developer Interview

October 21, 2006

Rejected Wii Games Video

Swing Your Arms From Side To Side...In Japanese!

Mario vs. Sonic

Microsoft Drops F-Bomb On Israel

Mildly Creepy, Adorable Pac-Man Pillow

Pre-order Goodies For Castlevania Portrait of Ruin

Gears Of War Gamestop Videos

Skinless Second Life Skin

Pizza's Rock at Guitar Hero!

New Witcher Screenshots Online

Want to See Your Wii in HD?

1701 Demo Available For Download

Too Much Imagination Is A Good Thing

Resident Evil: A Retrospective

October 22, 2006

Nintendo DS Game Teaches The Dark Arts

Biohazard 2 Commercial Directed by George A. Romero

Annual Toys R Us Video Game Sale

Zelda Hylian Text Translations

One Chip To Rule Them All: Microsoft Makes Its own

Voice-Overs Provide Extra Work For Stage Actors

New Games For The Week Of 10.22.06

Video Proof: Bully's Jimmy Hopkins Likes To Kiss Boys!

October 23, 2006

World's Oldest Competitive Game Player Passed Away

His & Hers Game Collection: Size Matters

20 Worst Games Ever

Bully Kissing Video: The Fallout

Asian Importer's PSPs Illegal To Sell In Europe

Dirty T-Shirts Rock!

Jack Thompson Could Be Jailed Over "Bully" Case?

Interview with Suda 51

October 24, 2006

Hot Hellboy Screens

WoW Burning Crusade Expansion Delayed!

Blue Dragon Battle Gameplay Footage

Coleco Games Catalog Circa 1980

Lik-Sang's Death Throes Expose Sony Execs' Embarrassment

God Of War II Soundtrack: Pick Your Poison

WoW Overwhelmed By Homophobes, Make Blood Elves Less "Feminine"!

Brain Age Seasonal Kickbacks

The 2006 Machinima Awards In Second Life

Yeah... I Think This Is One Offer To Refuse

October 25, 2006

Dance Dance Revolution: Strawberry Shortcake

Thompson Contempt Hearing In Court Today

Worst. Promo. Ever.

WomenGamers Announces DigiPen Scholarship

Phoenix Wright II: Already Available In English

Hot New Gears Of War Trailer

My Other Ride Is Your Warchief

50 Worst Game Names

How To Cash In On Screwing Over Foreign Developers

October 26, 2006

21 Costumes For Halloween

XBox: The Cruel Shoes

Microtransaction Debate On G4

How To Kiss Boys In Bully 101

Shockwave Minis Invade Verizon Cell Phones

ScrewAttack's Top Ten Secrets

Greatest Kustom Kombat Fighter Ever!

Absolute Evidence That Jack Thompson Is Completely Off His Rocker (In Case You Didn't Know It Already)

94% Profit Plunge For Sony

XXX Site Listed On Killer 7 Box

October 27, 2006

Mommy, The PS3 Baby Is Crying. Make It Stop!

Wii Getting Mixed Reviews

Is Pink Really Girls' Favorite Color?

Top 5 Film/TV-Based Games Discussed

2nd Annual Ed Wood Machinima Contest In Second Life

Microtransactions: What Do You Think?

Xbox 360 Cooler So Hot It Burns

Concerning Blood Elves...

A Nightmare on Elm Street: The First Kills

Mario vs Sonic: And The Winner Is....

Game Tinkerer Creates Portable Jaguar System?

Jack Thompson: Ace Attorney

Halo 3: DIY Machinima Engine

October 28, 2006

Saturday Morning Cartoons: Zelda

BBC Tetris Documentary

Red Octane Announces Wireless Guitar Hero Controllers

Final Fantasy XII On Shelves Early

Phil Collins Displays Sense Of Humor. World Stunned.

ScrewAttack Screws With PS3 Preorder Lines

October 29, 2006

XBL Silver: Let Them Download Cake

eBay Restricts PS3 And Wii Auctions

Toys 'R' Us Insanity On The West Coast

Jack Thompson Cites "Gay Sex" In Bully Is Harmful To Minors

Phoenix Wright: GAY SHOCKER!

October 30, 2006

Jack And Jimmy Kiss And Make Up

Happy With Sadness

New 'Street Fighter' Movie On The Way?

360 Fall Update To Hit On Halloween [UPDATED]

Olde Schoole Subliminal Advertising: Tunnel Hunt

Wiil Wii Sii DVD On The Wii?

Our Trip To The Nintendo World Store and Some Wii Information

Okami Inks Up Hot Buttered Man-Thigh

Hey, Paisanos! It's The Super Mario Brothers Super Show!: Volume 2!

Totally Awesome Xmas 2006 List, British Style

SaySwap Online-Trading Community Launched

MTV And Harmonix Finally Get Married!

New Games For The Week Of 10.30.06

Pony Friends Announced For The DS!

Silver Slimline PS2

PS3 Launch In Japan -Now With Fewer Supplies!

October 31, 2006

Hawt Midnight FF XII Action!

Cooking Mama Cook Off Announced For The Wii

New Jericho Media On Eurogamer

Castelvania: Portrait Of Ruin Intro Video

Halo Movie Is Really, Really Shelved This Time...Really!

PSP Hitting Its Stride This Fall?

Green Monster Games' All-Star Founders

Alienware Fails To Buy Reviewer, Gets Pissy

This Is Halloween: Video Game Costumes

Irritating Games: While Away Your Day

"This Is Halloween!": Videogame Style!

Pikadiator: Anime Mash-Up

Krypto Defeats Marvel Heroes!

Pink Poison: An Intriguing History Of Girl Games

Harker Comes To The Xbox 360

Free Trial Of The Ship

November 1, 2006

Final List Of Wii Launch Titles Released

The Science of Fear

Elite Beat Agents DS Commercial

Special Edition Metal Gear Solid PSP Fashion Disaster

Tell Capcom What You Really Think

Wii Prii-Orders At Wal-Mart!

More On Sadness

Fully Functioning Transformers Costume

Halo 3 To Come In Three Different Editions

Wii Virtual Titles Confirmed!

Yet Another Totally Sick Gears Of War Video

Fall Update Turning XBox 360's Into Doorstops

A Different Preview Of The PS3

Kid Robot Sells Sick Fun To Everyone

Christians: Uncovering Gaming's Satanic Underbelly

November 2, 2006

Ratchet & Clank For PS3 Is In Production

Gamer's Closet #6: Double Switch Part 1

New Twilight Princess Trailer

Fortune Announces Its Scariest Tech Of 2006

Harker Gameplay Video

A Tiny Peek Into Neverwinter Nights 2

More Propaganda By CGDF Uncovered

Kingdom Hearts: Axel's Accidental Amputation

Eragon Demo On Xbox Live

GayGamer On VH1...Sort Of

EA's Second-Quarter Profits Down. A Lot.

Uh... I Don't Get It

Gamer's Closet #6: Double Switch Part 2

The Original Ending For The Little Shop Of Horrors

November 3, 2006

Terribly Disturbing Burger King "Sneak King" Trailer


Super Smash Brothers Brawl Trailer: Now With Fox McCloud!

Santorum Ad Promotes Pro-Wrestling, Condemns Violent Games

No Wireless Love For Guitar Hero 360

HD Content On Xbox Live?

What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Eragon Interview Sheds Light On Development

One More Question: What Are You Going to do With Your Gamecube When You Get A Wii?

Castlevania Movie Creeps Closer

Playable Wii Stations Arriving At Some Gamestop/EB

Happy Birthday, Tiny Dancer!

Ye Olde E3 Reborn As GamePro Expo

Gamer's Closet #6: Double Switch Part 3

Fan Art Zombie Disasters

Gizmondo Exec Gets Mistrial, DA Plans Sequel

November 4, 2006

Saturday Morning Cartoons: Darkstalkers

Hard Gay Saturday: Part 12 - Social Improvement 4!

South Park Episode Features the Wii

$9.99 Oblivion Expansion For Xbox 360

1Up Retracts Neverwinter Nights 2 Review

Are You There Mother 3? It's Me, Margaret...

PSPFanboy And Dueling Analogs Make Up With Comic

More Zelda Footage For Your Bad Self

Hot Swedish Love For Us, No Love For Sony

Video Game Consoles: A Holiday Report Card

Geometry Wars Goes Mobile

Microsoft Cracks Down On Damn Dirty Cheaters

November 5, 2006

PSP: Pink Does More Than You Think

Sonic + Wii = Sonic Weeeeeeeee!

Microsoft's Ozymandias Raises Concerns Over Sony Online

Total Eclipse Of The Kingdom Hearts

PS3 Reveals Intimate Details During Fireside Chat

Warcraft Obit Sums It All Up

Happy Birthday, Mikey!!!

Final Fantasy XII Review

Guitar Hero II Totally Radvertising

New Games For The Week Of 11.06.06

Rumor: Target's Wii Numbers Released On Web

November 6, 2006

Neil Patrick Harris Comes Out

A Sassier Side of Cliffy B

PS3 Imports for $899 at

Major Nelson To EA: You Guys Suck!

Wootini's Adventures At The Nintendo World Store's Wii Preview Party


Poignant, Brutal Flash Game

Where My Wii At?

1up's Preview Of Yoshi's Island 2 For The DS!

Atari Gets (Really) Old School On XBLA

Sony Fesses Up To Biting Off More Blu-ray Than It Can Chew

Super Kim! Eat Your Heart Out Super Mario!

Leetspeak For Dummies

The People of Battlefield 2!

Cursing Mario Video

November 7, 2006

70 Gig HD Coming to 360?

Publishers Pick Up Rights To Marvel Franchises

Family Guy Content Hits Xbox Live

Could There Be A New Katamari In The Works?

The Wii Controller Matrix Guide

Guitar Hero II Released Today!!

Bizzare Ape Escape Commercial, Tres Bien!

Disney Gets Snuggly With Nintendo

U.S. Citizens please VOTE Today!

WoW: Burning Crusade Screenshots

Mario And Luigi Take A Trip To Vice City

Square Enix Ships 1.5 Million Chocobos

Bloodrayne Sequel On The Way...Seriously!

Xbox Live Video Marketplace Screenshots

Supercool Halo 3 Details Emerge

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy, Comes To The PS2

November 8, 2006

Santorum Defeated! Bob Casey Takes His Place!

Gears Of War Gameplay Videos

Gears of War Released Yesterday...Today In Some Cities! UPDATED

WomenGamers Conducts Massive Black Interview

Reggie Dispels Wii Rumors

New Red Steel Commercial

Famous People Love Guitar Hero. Conform Or Suffer.

Worms To Infest Xbox Live Arcade

Transcoding And Streaming Videos To The 360: A Walkthru

Sweet Guitar Hero II Contest At Guitar Center

Four Fun Final Fantasy III Videos

More Virtual Console Games Approved By ESRB, Including Super Mario RPG!

VG Cats Comic Final Fantasy XII

Putting Metasites Under The Magnifying Glass

French & Saunders Meet Star Wars

November 9, 2006

Gaymer Founder Interviewed Down Under

The Second Part Of South Park's Go God Go XII

A Tiny Colossus Menagerie That Everyone Can Afford

World Of Warcraft Social Network Launches...For Real

Majesco Announces New Bust-A-Move Game For The Wii

Japanese Wii Commercial

MSN Posts Their Own 10 Worst Games Ev4r List

Burning Crusade Gets New Release Date: Jan 16

Wii Production Video: Eat It, Sony!

Smack The Pony: Girlie Fighter 3

Mother 3, The Race For The Prize

PS3 Already Scheduled For Firmware Update

Procedural Textures: Bigger Games For Smaller Storage

German Test Drive Tomorrow!

Last Day To Vote For Gay Bloggie Awards: Help Us Win Porn!

November 10, 2006

Gorgeous Collection of Hi-Rez Desktop Art

Wii "Far Cry" Trailer

The Saint Master Chief Stained Glass

Gaming Industry Sales For October

ESA Threatens Kotaku With Lawsuit... Over A T-Shirt

Katamari Damacy: Silent Hill Style

PS3 Euro Launch Slipping Into Limbo?

Ginormous PS3 Lines, But All For Naught

Eggcellent SIXAXIS Commercial

Boy Beaten For Gears Of War

Castlevania Movie Poster

Final Fantasy IX Cinematics

November 11, 2006

Saturday Morning Cartoons: Megaman

What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Final Fantasy IX Cinematics: Part 2

Gamer's Closet #7 : Princess Tomato In the Salad Kingdom

Review: Gears of War

Joystiq Quotes Non-Gamer's Initial Response To Wii: "Faggy"

Mikey And Tiny And Wii: A Love Triangle

ScrewAttack Video Game Quote Of The Week

Console Battle Royale!

November 12, 2006

Final Fantasy IX Cinematics: Part 3

Can Sony Repeat Console History?

2006 Machinima Festival Award Winners: Part I

2006 Machinima Festival Award Winners: Part II

Nintendogs Plushies: This Year's Furby?

P-TV Exposed!

Who's The Real Winner In The Console Wars?

New Games For The Week Of 11.12.06

November 13, 2006

Nintendo Exec Thinks Format Wars Unfair To Gamers

GoNintendo's Wii Goes On A Family Outing

Xbox HD-DVD Makes Love To The Camera

White-Wolf Merges With CCP

PS3 Manual Available Online

1UP Wii Bait 'N' Switch Joke

Q-bert Crossection

PS3 Dissection: Behold The Kraken!!!

Twilight Princess Present In Animal Crossing

True Gaming Legends: Link

The PS3: Not Exactly Bulletproof

November 14, 2006

Twilight Princess Video: Castle Prison Breakout

Save the Pinatas!

Toys "R" Us Posts List Of Wii Midnight Launch Stores

DVD Capable Wii Coming to U.S. and How About that Classic Controller?

Gamestop/EB Short On PS3 Pre-Orders

Marvel Ultimate Alliance Promo

Halo 3 Ponders Female Multiplayer Voices, Ellen Pre-Cast?

PS3 Launch- Even More Problematic Than Before!

Xbox 360 HD-DVD Drive Suspiciously Easy To Hack

NIMF Sticks Feet In Mouth...Sorta

Snake: Better Than A TI-82...

Sony Still Not Playing Nice With Microsoft

Flash Mania: Grow Cube

November 15, 2006

Farewell, "Official Playstation Magazine"

10 Worst Consoles Ever

GayGamer Takes Home "Best Topical Blog" In The 1st Annual Gay Bloggie Awards

Halo 3 News Asplosion!

Ridge Racer For PS3 = WTF?

Rule Of Rose Banned In Rome? Seriously?

Blue Dragon Manga, TV Show

Gears Of War End Credits Get Krunk

Kingdom Hearts 2 Intro - Because I Love the Song

GayGamer On MTV Tonight

The Devil Made Me Do It

Dolce and Gabbana Mario Shirt

Gamer Work Shirt!

Little Gamers: What's Bungie Up To?

Xbox 360 HD-DVD Commits Suicide

Black Friday 2006 Ad Scans

November 16, 2006

Wii & PS3 = Golden Ticket

Gamers And Playboy: A Match Made In Heaven

Happy Birthday Miyamoto!

PS3 Lines Have Formed All Around New Orleans

Copybot Shutting Down Second Life Vendors

Hard Gay MySpace - Let's get him up to 10,000 Friends!

OPM Lives On In Europe

Al Roker Plays With His Wii On Live National TV!

Speaking Of Golden Tickets: WonkaZoid!

Twilight Princess: Another Manual Tease

PS3 Not Playing Nice With High-Def

Best Buy Wii Display

Miyamoto: Nintendo Wanted Wii To Cost Less Than $100

Aeropause Makes Their Own Angry Titan Video

November 17, 2006

Xbox 360 Core System for $100?

Sony Loses $$$ On Each PS3

News Shocker: EA's Superman Game Underwhelming

New Game Has Dreamcast Rising From The Grave

MicroCenter Deal: $100 off Xbox 360

A Plethora of Red Steel Screens

ESRB Seeks To Educate Parents About Games

Gears Of Windows?

PS3 Making Crazies Even Crazier

Angry Nintendo Nerd On Motion-Sensing Technology

Gamer Art: Seel Dingo

Wii Hates the PS3!

Lego Leia Shakes Her Clumps

November 18, 2006

Saturday Morning Cartoons: Super Mario World

What Are You Playing This Weekend?

10 Ways The Wii Can Kill You

PS3 Finder And Other Nice Things

Power Glove Gives Israeli Forces...Power

This PS3 Is Warm And Sticky And...On eBay

Want A PS3? Get One With A HD-TV

Greatest. iPod. Skins. Ever.

Bill O'Reilly Badmouthes iPods, PS3s, And Gamers In His Podcast

Yoshi's Island 2 Commercial...So Adorable!

MIT Has The Power Of The Triforce

Make Love, Not Warcraft Developer Interview

The Coming Of The Wii

November 19, 2006

Nintendo World Store NYC Wii Launch

First Impressions of The Nintendo Wii

The Mii Channel Demystified

Wii First Impressions Video From 1Up

New Games For The Week Of 11.19.06

November 20, 2006

Wootini's Adventures At The Times Square TRU Wii Launch

GameJew Gets His Wii

Launch Lines: PS3 Vs. Wii

Lamothe Develops New Open Console

Mad Catz Fetches Xbox 360 Live ARCADE GameSTICK

Enter The Wiicessories

PS3 Really Is A Grill!

Even More Stuff Coming Out This Week

DOA 5 Announced, Jigglies Jiggle In Anticipation

Fantastic Flash with: The Missile Game 3D

Second Life Attacked By Giant Worm

Boston's Mayor Pissed At Sony, Joins Rest Of World

November 21, 2006

Small Arms Comes to XBLA November 22

FBI & NCsoft Join Forces: Declare War On Piracy, Start Hunting Jack Sparrow

Hunter From Quake 3 Is A Groovy Dancer

Mario Crafts!

NY Times Gets Its PS3 Hate On

Gears of War Unseats Halo 2 From XBL Throne

PSP Firms Up With V3.0

GameJew Sings To George Harrison

More PSP Support: Download Stations

Stuttering Craig's Wii Walkthrough: Mii And VC

Wii Is Having Some Firm Issues

TubroGrafx16 Games Live on Wii VC!!

Happy 2nd Birthday, Nintendo DS!

The Ultimate Gamer Wedding

Want A Pink DS Lite? Check This Out.

The Rarest NES Game Is On eBay

World Of Warcraft + Office Space = Utterly Amazing

November 22, 2006

Katamari Damacy Drag Queen of All Cosmos

Blue Dragon Spans Three DVDs

Frodo Hates Zelda

Ninja Loves Pirate Video & Press Release

What Are You Playing This Thanksgiving?

The Cheapest PS3 You're Going To Find On eBay

Viva Pinata Commercial

Mario Dolls Up Mobile Phones

Taco Bell Wants Your PS3?

Cute Boy in Norwegian Wii Ad

Sony Patching PS3 Resolution Snafu

PS-To-PSP Games Priced And Sized

BBC Newsnight Talks Wii and PS3

Mod Your PS3 (Already)!

Rainbow Connection Anime Mashup

ESA Swallows Pride, Apologizes To Everyone

November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Non-Game Related Turkey Day!

Top 10 Game Weapons

Gift Suggestions From The Freudian Catalogue

November 24, 2006

Even Fewer PS3s Shipped Than Believed?

EA & 2K Games Get Ready To Enter Samurai Showdown

Celebrity Mii Cavalcade

Aw, Man: PS3 Disc-Loading Problems

Hi-Def Wii On The Way?

The Sims Get A Wii Makeover

Gone in 60 Seconds: 1000 $100 360 Sale

Xbox Live Video Marketplace...Live!

Rule Of Rose Coughs Politiely, Dies In UK

The U.S. Copyright Office Allows Hacking Of Abandonware Copy Protection

Hold That Wii Remote Tight, Or Tragedy Strikes!

November 25, 2006

Saturday Morning Cartoons: Mortal Kombat

Xbox Live Video Marketplace Backfires

Fantastic Flash: WiiCade

Upcoming Titles for Wii in 2007

PS3 Resolution Issue May Lack...Resolution

Indulge In Arcade Chic With The Quasicade FX

November 26, 2006

E3 For The Atari: A Legend Exposed

Class Up Your Consoles...With Fur!

Solid Snake in Smash Brothers Melee?

Thanksgiving 360 Heist In UK: Nearly $1 Mil Stolen

Would Bittorrent Fix Xbox Live?

New Games For The Week Of 11.27.06

November 27, 2006

Thus Spake Reggiethustra

Drunken Elebits Character Nearly Crushes Children

New PSP Homebrew Emulator Released

Kojima Wants PS3 Rumble Back

The Master Sword Dreams Are Made Of

Full Zelda Retrospective Video

Gears Of War Grinds "Mad World" To #1

BioWare Austin Talks About Dragon Age MMO

GameStop Employees Arrested For PS3 Heist

Wii Glove Love

Mountain Rednecks Destroy PS3 On Video

Xbox 360 Price Cuts On The Way?

Twilight Princess Glitch Revealed

November 28, 2006

Clumsy Elebits Redux

eBay Pushes Next Gen Consoles Out The Door

Street Fighter: The Later Years Part 2

The Wii On The Colbert Report

How To Join The Shadowrun Beta

Sony Rising From Own Ashes?

Zune: Under The Pink

'Ecco' And 'Golden' Shower Wii With Virtual Console Fun

Hats Off To Mario And Luigi

Wii: 600,000 Sold And Counting

J. Allard Should Let His Love For Bob Marley Out Of The Closet

November 29, 2006

Capcom Adresses New Tiny Text Issue

Aeropause: DS Is Totally Hardcore

Double Dragon Double Fisting Action Coming to XBLA

Reggie To MTV: "We're Not Arrogant"

Choose Your Own Adventure: The Cave Of HDTV

Slamdance Guerilla Gamemaker Finalists

Target/Wal-Mart Stocking Wiis

Heroes Gets A Brand New Title

2006 Report Card Issued, Grades Still Seem Problematic

Jack Thompson's Louisiana Game Law Ruled Unconstitutional by Federal Judge.

NES Wii Skin

Use A Keyboard and Mouse On Xbox 360

Can We Say "Deja Vu?"

Famous Lesbian Moments In Gaming!

November 30, 2006

The Nintendo Family Tree Tee

Small Arms Picture Pack and Theme Available on XBLA

Blue Dragon Gettin' Love From Famitsu

Wii Component Cables Available Again From Nintendo

360 1080p Fix Out And About

Meet A.C. Slater! Oh, Yeah ...And Play Viva Pinata

Halo 3 Ad Showing On Monday

Hysteria Filches Filthy Rose From Australia, New Zealand

Steve Ballmer "Sells" Windows 1.0

Sony Kicks Ken Kutaragi To The Curb

Wall Street Big Wig Loves Wii

GameJew 9, Part 1: GameJew Sings Debut

360 Buys Out PS3...On Gamespot

Left Behind Angers Christians, Bores Everyone Else

Retro Controller Realness On the Virtual Console

Think Kids Can't Get GTA? Think Again.

Namco Claims High Sales Needed For PS3 Profit

December 1, 2006

Newsflash: Gears Of War Is NOT Gay

Web Development Guide For Wii Opera Browser

Nintendo Sales Figures

GayGamer vs. Sony

WarioWare Wii Gives Us A Nintendo History Lesson

World AIDS Day

Gran Turismo HD Cancelled, More Or Less

Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core Video Action!

The Hamster Of My Dreams: Kubbur The Valiant

Michigan Pays Out Some Legal Fees

December 2, 2006

Saturday Morning Cartoons: Sonic the Hedgehog

Summing Up Sony's Problems

For Boys Who Like Boys Who LOVE Joysticks...

Idle Thumbs Interviews Space Channel 5 Creator

More Star Wars Games To The Xbox 360 Are Coming, Yes...

Indie Game Fun: Sketchfighter 4000 Alpha

December 3, 2006

Mario Goes Metroidsexual

Resident Evil The Drink: Cold, Red, Evil

Four New Virtual Console Titles Tomorrow

Fashion Alert: DS Lite Shirt From Penny Arcade

Top Five Games-As-Art, BYO Opinion

December 4, 2006

New Games For The Week Of 12.04.06

Halo 3 Trailer and Beta Sign Up Today!

Napster Founder Builds WOW Social Networking Program

Impressions of Wii Component Cables

The Hilarious Japanese Wii Safety Manual

Wii vs. PS3 vs. Xbox 360

Playboy Mansion + David Jaffe + Liquor = God Of War 3

Look Ma, One Hand!

Police Kill Alleged PS3 Thief & His Dog

World Of Warcraft Patch Of Doom

Battlestar Galactica's Nod To Video Games

Shocking Photographic Evidence!

Multiplayer Light Cycles With ArmageTron Advanced

Alan Wake, I Can't Live Without You

Sony Goes With The flOw. Online, That Is.

New Halo 3 Trailer

Playstation 4 Around The Corner (For Real This Time!)

December 5, 2006

Castlevania: Portrait Of Ruin Trailer

The Original Legend Of Zelda: Full Map Of Hyrule

Hello Kitty, Meet DS Lite!

Blue Dragon Playable Intro

Luigi Impostor Infiltrates Japanese Wii Launch

Steven Colbert Takes On Wil Wright

Do Game Ratings Help Parents? Yes, Says Activision

Neverwinter Nupdate

WoW Patch 2.0.1 Reminder, Hop To it!

Hot B Actor Replaces Hot B Actor In Hitman Movie

PlayStation Games Available For Download On A PS3 Near You

Blinged-Out Gold Stylus

Hot Topic Markets Gaming Tees Without Vampire Ruffles

Derek Smart Announces Further Torment Of Gamers

Fixing The Wii's Remote Strap: A Photo Guide

December 6, 2006

The Lost Wii Safety Manual Pages

Homeless Child In Second Life

I'm Losing Power Cap'n!!

The Weekly Mii: Free Miis On Your Wii

Luminous Arc Website, DJ Yasunori Mitsuda

I Ride The Line

Microsoft Struts Around, Shows Off Its Big 10

Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles - Ring of Fates Scan

Time Warner CEO Says PS3 Will Not Impact Format Wars

ScrewAttack's Video Game Quote Of The Week

$82,600 In PS3s Stolen From Japanese Warehouse

Slip A Pink One On Your Wii

Mother Has Son Arrested For Opening Xmas Present Early

Left Behind Gets Second Coming Scheduled

Xbox Live Use Up 80% Thanks To Gears Of War

Warning to Pro Gamers: Put Down The Pipe

December 7, 2006

In Memoriam: James Kim

PS3 Firmware 1.30 Upgrade

Silent Hill Ultimate Box [Limited Edition]

Africa MMO Trailer

Gamespot Does 360 versus PS3 Grahpics Comparison

Xbox 360 Update Causing Trouble...Again

New Wii Commercial

Halo 3 Trailer Remix Goes Gaye

Silly Kids, Wii Is For Rabbids

British Ratings Guy Defends Bully, Ratings

More Police Madness Regarding the PS3

Wiimote Your Mac

Samurai Vs. Ninja PS2 Controllers On Sale For Cheap

Parents Offer To Trade Kids For PS3

How To Play DivX Files On Your 360

December 8, 2006

First 4 Figures Releases Next Collectible Figure: Adult Link

Indie Hotness: Knytt

What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Firefly To Live On As MMORPG

The Wii On A Wee T.V.

Not-So-Super-Secret Mini-Game In Twilight Princess

Hillary Clinton Sucks Up To Sanity

World Of Warcraft: Million-Gnome March

Famitsu Hawt for Lost Planet: Extreme Condition

Final Fantasy XIII Versus Tease

Lost Planet and Mass Effect Trailers All Up Ons Xbox Live

Greenpeace Continues To Whine About Apple

Gamasutra Tackles Gays In Gaming

More 360 Vs. PS3 Comparisons

December 9, 2006

Saturday Morning Cartoon Jumble

Cthulhu Kiddies: Tickle-Me Nyarlathotep!

Wii on CNN

GameJew Finger Puppet Mario Musical

Rayman Ad Showcases Both Game And Wii

Hello Kitty Goes Platinum!

December 10, 2006

Looking To The Future Of Gay Gaming

Gay Gamer Hottie Files: Wii Rising

Armored Core 4 Trailer Fun

December 11, 2006

Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Delayed ...Again

New Game Releases For The Week of 12.11.06

Spike TV VGA Winners

PSP Blog Site The New LonelyGirl?

Four More Virtual Console Games Released Today!

Zelda: Twilight Princess 2 Electric Boogaloo?

PS3 Production Problems All Better Now?

What's On Your Wishlist This Holiday Season?

Bad Gifts For Bad Boys On The Run

[Insert Inappropriate Title Here]

Is The PS3 Better At Playing Scratched Discs?

Nintendo's Mission in Snowdriftland

Dr. Phil Has Wii In Hand

Make Your Gaming Room Pretty!

Nintendo Fanart: Luigi Strikes Back

December 12, 2006

Video Game Industry Loves Breasts: Scared Of Penises

XNA Studio Express: Making Your Dreams Come True

Age of Conan Coming to the 360! KROM!!!

Dragon Quest IX Announced For The DS

Wii Power Glove Mod!

Persona 3: A Reminder That Our PS2 Isn't Dead ...Yet.

Welcome, Pirate Prince!

Final Fantasy In Order Of The Stick

Chocobo and the Magic Picture Book Commercial...In Japanese

Halo 3 Beta Gets 140,000 Entries In 24 Hours

COPS Geek Squad: NVIDIA & AMD, Busted

Red 5 Gets Greener

Alien Syndrome Makes A Comeback

New Assassin's Creed Media Leaps Onto The Web

SEGA Releases Wii VC Dates

Psychonauts Is Finally Backwards Compatible!

Sexism in Videogames

Apple Gets Huffy Over iPod Sex Toy

Joe Lieberman's Video Game Cameo Unveiled

December 13, 2006

Chibi Robo, Alive!

Fantastic Flash: Valo

PS3 Murder Case Dismissed...By Mistake

All I Want For Christmas Is Jimmy Hopkins

The King Pwns NY Jets Linebacker

GameStop Starts Game Imports

Obsidian Gestating Alien In Metaphorical Abdomen

Best Buy Holding Onto Wii Until December 17th - PS3 Still Scarce [UPDATE]

Games Kill British Football

Fallout MMO On The Horizon?

Kingdom Hearts Sonata On A Piano

German Game Legislation Could Send Gamers To Jail

Okami Art Book

December 14, 2006

Red vs Blue Video and Theme on Xbox Live

Third Place Isn't Just For Losers

Transfer Miis From Wii-mote To PC

New BioShock Trailer

Sony Admits To Viral Website

Awesome Mario Fan Art Made Just For GayGamer!

Silly Sells: Wiimote Most Popular Accessory In North America

Final Fantasy Tactics Targets PSP And DS/GBA

Gamestore Crime Spree In Northeast

World Of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Trailer

New 7-Minute Halo 3 Trailer On The Way

Place Your Mii On A Tee

New One Piece Game Slated To Release For Wii in 2007

The Secret Of Assassin's Creed Revealed, By Veronica Mars

VG Cats Artwork On Ebay For Holiday Do-Gooders!

FINAL December Xbox 360 BC List Released

December 15, 2006

Nintendo Recalls Wii Remote Straps

Pitcher Misses Games From Guitar Hero Injury

Wii Mii Celeb Creation 'how to' 2

A Wii Christmas Story: "You'll Break Your T.V. Kid"

Far Cry: Vengeance Starring the Rabbits?

Molyneux Roars For XNA

Turnabout, My Dear Nintendo...

Tingle Fan Art

Gears Of War Continues Laying Golden Eggs

Jack Thompson On Nightline

German Game Development At Crytek Studios

Blue Dragon "Mechat Shooting" Gameplay Revealed!

Grandma's Boy Game Demonik Coming To 360

It's A Wonderful World Japanese Website Goes Up: More Exciting Than Jimmy Stewart!

Wario Ware Smooth Moves, Showing People How To Disco Terribly

December 16, 2006

What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Dragon Quest IX Trailer

Saturday Morning Cartoons: Donkey Kong Country

Oblivion May Get Expansion, Gears Of War Gets Free Content

Shakeycam Final Fantasy Tactics PSP trailer

Gripshift Coming To PS3

Wii Injuries: A Month In Review

Behind the Scenes of Rayman Raving Rabbids

December 17, 2006

Broken Pixels Take On Wii

No Fourth Resident Evil Film

BioShock Site Creaks Open With Spooky Style, New Media

CNN Staffer Learns First-Hand The Perils Of Buying A Game System

Final Fantasy VII Limited Edition DVD

A Wii For Every Season & A Price Cut?

New Games For The Week Of 12.18.06

December 18, 2006

8-Bit Wallpapers For Your Desktop

Esca: Video Game Nerd Hotness

Katamari Coming To Wii/360?

Gamer Cakes For Days

Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core Preview

Wii VC Monday

Konami Plays Coy With Big Juicy Snake

GayGamer Holiday Shopping Tip #1294: Humping Pays

Toys R Us To Take In More Wii...and PS3s

Subarashiki Trailer Brings Funky Fresh Jams

Metal Gear Mario?!

Mario Stamps and Animal Crossing Pens

Microsoft Developers Site Suggests Wii Controller For Holiday Gift

Mash-up Fanart, Take 2: Hunky Marines Take On Horror!

New "Fragbook" Gaming Laptop Announced

Seeking: Single White Wii

Elebits + Epson = Horrific In Game Advertising

December 19, 2006

Sony And Amazon To Team Up With Digital Downloads?

Wii Forecast Channel Ready To Predict Temperatures

Wii Remote Rejects

Opera Singing Its Way Onto Your Wii

More LocoRoco Comin' Your Way

Chet & Ace's Christmas Spectacular: Part 1

Bleach Gameplay Footage Released

Nintendo DS Liter?

VG Cats and The Death Of The Gamecube

Miss Manners Says: "Life-Saving Goomba Coasters Make The Perfect Gift!"

Lowenstein Leaving ESA, Throne Empty

50 Games to Play Before You Die

Gurumin's Questionable "Drill Action RPG" Holiday Fun

MotorStorm Bash 'N Crash Gameplay

TIME Magazine Calls Playstation 3 A "Bust"

How NOT To Mod Your 360 Case

3rd Pary Wiimote Rechargable Batteries In 2007

SHOCKER: Wiimote Injury Lawsuit Filed

Turbine Games' Michelle Clay Bares All!

December 20, 2006

Dead Or Alive: What Does It Matter With 19% Interest?

Crazy South American 360 Commercial

Fan Made Tekken Short Film In The Works

Halo 3 Brutes Running Live!

Line Rider Coming To Wii, DS

Chet & Ace's Christmas Spectacular: Part 2

"The Tournament" - Epic Short Film Takes Critics By Storm

Victorian Detective, Early 20th Century Horror Writer Pair Up For Game, Velocipede Racing

Video Tour of the Forecast Channel & How To Find Wii Component Cables

Zune Gaming?

Xbox Live Arcade Wednesday Game: Novadrome

Lunar Knights, Further Proof of Kojima Genius

Mario, Metroid AND Zelda DS Delayed Until Next Christmas?

The Halo 3 Video Documentary is Here

Tattoo Assassins Fatalities Revealed

More Kingdom Hearts Titles in '07

Wiimote Safety Video

BMW + N64 = OMG!!!

Transformers For DS And Wii Announced

December 21, 2006

Cooking Mama Cook Off: New Screens And Character Art

Burger King Games Sell Millions

Three UPS Employees Booked With PS3 Thefts

The Wii Tri-Force Custom Paint Job

NY Times Dissects The Wii-mote

FFXI Salvages Its Remaining Players

Muslims Ask Wal-Mart To Leave Behind Left Behind

A Wii Christmas Treat

Show Your Accidental Love of the Wii

Wii Weather Channel Brings Real-Time Weather To Games

Word Up Warcraft!

Beware Wiis Bearing Friend Codes...

Secret of Mana 4 Japanese Trailer Will Make You Believe In Magic

PSP Viral Site Back Online

Nintendo Says: "Shut Up, Dorks"

New TMNT Game Announced By Ubisoft

Crackdown Demo On The Horizon

December 22, 2006

Wii Internet Channel Ready For Browsing

Second Life Millionaire Gets Attacked By Runaway Penises

Free Oblivion Content From Now Until Dec. 31

Little Girl Gets Gay Porn For Christmas

Woot's Last Minute PS3 Auction Ends In Minutes

Brits Pining Politely For PSP

Additional Wii VC Titles On January 1st - Happy New Year From Nintendo

Microsoft Extends Standard 360 Warranty To One Year

Wii Flash Game Sites

Ar Tonelico: Melody Of Elemia Trailer

Shining Force EXA Stands For What Exactly?!

Sega's Virtua Fighter 5 On The 360 In Summer '07

Street Fighter: The Later Years Part 3

It's All A Conspiracy!

New TMNT Movie Stills Released, Wow Factor Missing

Saturday Morning Cartoons: Mario and Zelda

December 23, 2006

Have A Very Rabbid Christmas!

Mindball: Are You Britain's Most Relaxed Mind?

Guilt, Gifts, & A Menorah Wii Sensor Bar: The Bounty Of Hanukkah

Can Playing Video Games Make You Smarter?

Dell Hints At New "Black Ice" Technology

Gamers No Longer Need To Be Fat

December 24, 2006

Map Your Wii, Find Wii Friends, See Planet

Gas Station Sign Reads Kids' Minds, Tells All

Happy Holidays from World of Warcraft

December 25, 2006

New Virtual Console Games, Price Tags Included

Merry Christmas!

December 26, 2006

Target After Christmas Game Sale

GameJew Wii Launch Documentary: Part 1

Super Swing Golf is Super #*%!*$ing Hard!

Sega Sammy Loves Hello Kitty

MGS Portable Ops Sells Like Hotcakes In Japan

Is Your Wiimote Being Naughty? Then SPANK IT!

December 27, 2006

10 Tips For New 360 Owners

New Revenant Wings Trailer

Okami And Godhand On 360?

New Xbox 360 Chips Delayed

"It's A Wonderful World" Trailer

Gans Talks About Sequel to Silent Hill

Console Scalpers Bitten In The Ass By Karma

December 28, 2006

Crackdown Comes With Halo 3 Multiplayer Beta

The Custom Kill Bill 360 Faceplate

Yuna Does Dolly

Amazon Actually Sold 1,000 Xbox 360s in 29 Seconds!

Animal Crossing... The Movie?

BSG RPG: Edward James Olmos Is A Level 17 Bad*ss

God Of War 2 Is In Beta

Xbox Live Error Cripples Gears Of War Online

December 29, 2006

Fan Made Zelda Movie Trailer

Be The Hero Of The Beach With Mario!

Rumor: Amazon Selling PS3s And Wiis Today

Worms HD Screens

What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Ren & Stimpy Were Gay...Who Knew?

Resident Evil 5 Tidbits

No Gaiman In Silent Hill Sequel

Hand Painted NESs On Ebay

I Was Duped By Supposedly Banned Retro Sony Commercial

December 30, 2006

LocoRoco: Complete Walkthrough

Vaporware '06 Awards: Duke Nukem Forever (Again)

December 31, 2006

Wiimote + Roomba = What, Exactly?

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