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Top 20 Gayest Video Game Characters - #1

Here we are, dear readers! We’ve finally reached #1! There has been a lot of speculation on who would take the #1 spot, but the decision has been handed down..make the jump to see who won!

1. Tingle – Zelda Series

Oh Tingle! So maligned, so hated, so GAY! There’s no doubt that Tingle made quite an (awful) impression on gamers when he first floated on to the Zelda franchise scene in N64’s Majoras’ Mask in 2000. An ugly little troll who looked for all the world like the chicken-hawk that tried to pick me up the first time I snuck into a gay bar at age 16.

But is Tingle really gay? Let’s look at the facts…he’s a 34 year old man-child who wants nothing more in the world than to be a fairy (and if you ask me is WELL on his way). He has fashioned himself what he views to be a fairy outfit which consists of a bizarre green pant-suit thing with attached hood, red underwear on the outside and a little cape. He can’t fly without fairy wings so he has devised a means of travel by tying balloons to his waist, which he uses to float around and bug the crap out you. His creepy weird face with tiny mustache, beauty mark, and whore rouge looks like Tammy Faye Bakker on an Adavan bender. And of course, there’s his obsession with jewels and trademark greeting of “Ooooooo” which sounds like Paul Lynde getting a high colonic. (You younger folks might remember Paul Lynde as the voice of Templeton the Rat in Charlotte’s Web, or Uncle Arthur on Bewitched. The voice of Roger the alien on American Dad is modeled heavily on Lynde)

After appearing in 2001’s Oracle of Ages, Tingle finally got a makeover in Wind Waker, although still freakish looking, he was at least no longer grotesque and even more gay looking. We were also introduced to Tingle’s “brothers” who all dress like him (presumably Tingle spent many hours at his tiny pink sewing machine) and who he has enslaved to work for him on “Tingle Island” which is really a sort of very tall, very phallic totem pole in the middle of the ocean. All together, the brothers look like they are ready to participate in some kind of Tingle Pride Parade. We were also introduced to the Tingle Tuner, (read: Tingles Gaydar) which allowed you to attach your GBA to your Gamecube so that the little creep could join you on your adventures and help you flush out the jewels he so longs for.

Tingle has since re-appeared in Four Swords and Minish Cap for the GBA and is now set to star in his own RPG in Japan entitled “Fresh Tingle’s Rose Colored Rupee Land”...It doesn’t get much gayer than that folks! (and lest we forget the unsubstantiated interweb rumors of Richard Simmons voicing Tingle in the upcoming Twilight Princess)

Taking all these factors into consideration, I will say that while Tingle may not sew doll clothes, have a special crotch grab move or run around in a thong, I think we can all agree that he more than deserves to wear the giant bejeweled tiara of The Gayest Character in Video games!

Congratulations, Tingle, you’ve finally arrived!


Niero said:

lol great list! Fronz beat me to the post on dtoid :)

rbdfan01 said:

well ya great list but yall forgot sumone bimmeru from kof king of fighters he is gaygay gay gay

Your mom's new boyfriend said:

Hmm, fascinating collection, despite overlooking the ENTIRE GUILTY GEAR SERIES!!!

Mike said:

no way – really dumb. where is don flaminco – no doubt number 1

Fronz said:

Truly a great read – i only wish it finished on a weekend so we coulda make it a Weekend Reading post. Great job you guys – please email me that awesome Final Countdown midi!

Fruit Brute said:

It should be awaiting you in your mailbox as I write this, Fronz!

Jono said:

Man, how can you miss Adon from Street Fighter Alpha 2? He was flaming!

Regan said:

I thought for sure that Don Flomenco would be on this list. That’s weak!!

Brendan said:

I remember those guys from Shadow Hearts: Covenant. Some of those stud cards were HOT HOT HOT!!! The matador one immediately comes to mind. And congrats to Tingle. He’s a definite icon.

ha said:

Zhang He from Dynasty Warriors DUH

Chiko said:

I was amused that while Raidenovitch was on the list but Raiden himself was not. Though I think there are many other possible candidates for this list… Some of those guys from Dynasty Warriors and God Hand…

By the way, what is the final countdown music called? It’s driving me crazy and I can’t remember it! (And may I get a hold of the midi?)

Delicious Ham said:


Jin said:

Lol at this list.

Article reader said:

“Tingle has since re-appeared in Four Swords and Minish Cap for the GBA and is now set to star in his own RPG in Japan entitled “Fresh Tingle’s Rose Colored Rupee Land”...It doesn’t get much gayer than that folks!”

X freaking D

Alright, most of the list was spot on… but where the hell is Dante from Devil May Cry? “This party’s getting CRAZY!!”

Little Mac said:

Don Flamenco isn’t gay, though, unless Carmen, the one he refers to in between matches, is a guy.

JTF said:

I love this list, and I gotta agree with most of it… but where’s Sora from KH 1&2? First thing he does when he sees Riku in #2 is drop to his knees. And we won’t even discuss the ending.

Unknown said:

LOLz Great list!
But where the hell is Dante from ‘Devil May Cry’?

Classified said:

Wow…this is whack. In a positive way. I nearly peed my pants reading this countdown…

rock said:

Here’s the cool midi song:


go to File>save as…

admiralwhitcomb said:

Ryu Hayabusa from the Ninja Gaiden series. Tight black leather S&M suit and absolutely NO INTEREST in the ladies. You can’t get more sexually exploitative than Racheal, and when she asks him at the end of the game what he’s going to do now ( which anyone can see was an invitation to get freaky ) he simply transforms into a colorful wind and flits away. And dont forget what he says the first time he sees a woman why back in NG1 for the NES: “Just a girl. Get out of here!”

Joe said:

Where is Kuja from Final Fantasy 9? His gender bending clothes and egoism. he’s at least tranny.

Someone said:

Violet/Lee from Tekken?

Ola Nordman said:

Kuja in Final Fantasy 9, as mentioned…
Quistis in Final Fantasy 8, she has a whip and “disiplinary”/s&m aura… :D
Zhang He in Dynasty Warriors 3/4, he’s feminine and has pink, seethrough, fairy wings on his costume…
Zhu Rhong in Dynasty Warriors 3/4, shes butch and Meng Huo’s her bitch. Litterally…

charlie said:

do you guys not remember cloud strife from ffvii? i know there was supposed to be that whole love triangle between him and aeris and tifa, but clearly the minigame in which he dresses up like a woman and then goes and works out at the gay gym reflects his true yearnings. and his name was cloud! how gay is that! the only name gayer than cloud is sky. mwah!

Tara said:

Loved it!! Thanks for the list, forwarding it to all my friends.

Epsilonttb said:

What about Pierre from Chrono Cross, his costume and dialogue were all uber gay.

Oh and how about Hwoarang in his Tekken 3 and Tekken 5 kick costume(the high kicks definitely don’t help him and the consistent need to meet Jin and spend all his time training with Baek really question which way he swings).

There’s also Morrigan from the DarkStalker series who has way too much fun with Lilith in DarkStalker 3 AKA Vampire Savior 2 in Japan.

Then how could you forget ELLIOT in DOA4, have you seen his C4…Most people who see him for the first time in online fight sessions ask if he’s a chick and the fact that he lives alone with Gen-Fu(who’s like 70+ years old) breaks the damn gaydar.

Another ambiguously gay duo is Keith Martin and Robert Baxter from the Time Crisis series, I mean come on do they have to go everywhere together “cocking their guns” lmao. It doesn’t help that they seem to have the whole love for clothing that went out of style like 30 years ago either.

One last lesbian duo should be Lei Fang and Hitomi from the DOAXBV series. In the CG intro of DOAX1 Lei Fang feeds Hitomi a strawberry and Hitomi looks like she’s about to have an orgasm. Then when you watch the DOAX2 trailer on Live you’ll see a scene where Hitomi is having a little too much fun taking sexy pictures of Lei Fang. The only thing that slightly throws this off is the scene in DOA4 where Hitomi gets in a fight with Lei Fang for cutting in line and buying a cabbage at the Seaside Market(wtf?).

MrBubblesort said:

Guys, guys. There’s a glaring mistake in this list: Flea from Chrono Trigger. There wasn’t even any doubt about it in the game, he comes out and says it!!!

PJ said:

What about Vega from Street fighter? He bitches about his pretty face being busted up. The dude is Flamming from head to toes.

Note said:

you need to put Wario in there. Mario comes out with Peach. Luigi comes out and later on gets daisy. Wario comes out and later on gets….Waluigi. How gay is that? i guess everyone needs someone to hold on

Darrell Jackson said:

Great list, but there are a couple of people who stand firmly out in my mind that did not make the list. King (Drag King) from KOF is a cross dressing female. Squall from Final Fantasy 8 was designed after an openly bisexual Japanese pop singer and his relationship with Seipher has homoerotic undertones ala Cloud and Sephiroth in Final Fantasy 7. Finally every male character in Space Channel 5 Parts 1 and 2 is gay. Of course there are the two obvious ones; the heartthrob who isn’t attracted to women and the diva who is “androgenous”, but no straight man would ever march like that.

Vigilante X said:

WHAT IS THAT SONG!? I can’t remember. Please help me out!!

Cocksucker said:

The song is Final Countdown by Europe.

Re Y said:

Things that the list is missing:
1.Mario (The bad gay)
2.Raiden HIMSLEF!! (The normal gay)
3.Leon Belmont from Castlevania(Good gay)
4.Some of the cast of TEKKEN… really where are they!!?
5.Ike from Shadow of Destiny. (Good one)

kittenofchaos said:

Good call, but you forgot Kevin Smith from Killer 7. He’s meant to be British, has a dead partner and can turn invisible.

jknasty said:

Kuja from FFIX, he was damn hot! also Cloud from FFVII (yummmmm)

Steve said:

I can’t believe the amount of MGS characters on the list, yet not a single Final Fantasy one? Not the MGS characters don’t have many, MANY plainy obvious, if stereotypical, homosexual characteristics, but I find it hard to believe that no FF characters made the list. Need I remind anybody that, in FF7, it was possible for Cloud to date Barret!? Sephiroth’s hair can’t have been groomed that well, and NOT be moved an inch out of place when walking through fire. Reno and Rude, always hanging out together? I know they stated some of the girls they liked, but they were just covering, surely . . .

As for FF8, are Square really trying to make me believe that Squall and Seifer hate each other, yet still “train” together because they want to? Plus, Irvine thinking himself as a lady’s man surely means he’s hiding a secret. You’ve noticed how he holds that gun, haven’t you?

Final Fantasy 9 . . . I won’t even bother.

In FFX, why are all of the Besaid Aurochs male? I can only imagine the sort of things they get up to in the locker rooms after they win a game. Plus, Auron, Braska and Jecht, travelling the world together . . . I wonder . . .

And what about the others? Jin and Hwoarang from Tekken? Dante, ESPECIALLY in Devil May Cry 3? The Fable Hero (should he choose to be)?

Although I’m not sure about the whole crossdresser=gay theory, particularly in the case of Alfred Ashford; he and his sister were attracted to each other. Plus, in real life, you’ve heard of Eddie Izzard, right?

JLizzle said:

I totally thought Kuja was a chick for the longest time in FF9. And what about Kirby? I mean he’s pink, he floats around like a little fairy, and he sucks AND swallows. Plus in Canvas Curse he rolls around on rainbows…Kirby is what would happen if you took a bunch of gayness and rolled it up into a ball.

Elendraug said:

Tatsuya Suou and Jun from Persona 2: Innocent Sin/Eternal Punishment. :O Tatsuya (and the player) has the option of hooking up with Lisa, Maya, or Jun, and Jun’s the default. :D

Then there’re ASH and Rion from Galerians, who actually kiss in the game—TWICE. Also Sigurd from Xenogears. Totally. And he’s amazing.

Glad to see Cybil and the MGS crowd on the list!

Paul Soth said:

When my fag-hag ex-girlfriend first saw the action figure for Seymour from FFX, the first thing she asked was “Is he gay?”

Venom from Guilty Gear is without a doubt gay for Zato-1. And the main character Sol Badguy idolizes Freddy Mercury…

And then there’s King from Art of Fighting, who just screams lesbian. Short hair, wears a tux, owns a bar, reads Gertrude Stein, and dislikes “Grubby Guys.”

Tim said:

Lelei and Lucretia from Suikoden V. When you get the detectives to work fo you, you can have them do a background check on Lelei and they drop a hint that theres more going on between them. There’s also a scene towards the end between the 2 that would suggest that they’re lesbians.

Logic said:

Benimaru Nikaido from King of Fighters, anyone?

AAS said:

Seriously, alot of this drivel appears to be little more than self-identification with game characters. Cloud Strife is very plainly heterosexual, deal with it and quit jacking to his damn pics…

Anatak said:

Zhang He from Dynasty Warriors, for sure is gay… He wasn’t gay in true history, but hey, this is just mainly talking about how the character is portrayed right? And to the person who called Squall gay because he trains with Seifer ‘for fun’... Are you stupid? Seifer was his training partner…

Malek said:

I think that Benimaru Nikaido from The King Of Fighter is missed in this review.

dream said:

If a videogame character is gay because he had NO INTEREST in the ladies, then what about Ryo from Shenmue ? I know what I’m talking for. He seems a lot like me lol (I’m not meaning physically). Sorry for my english I’m french

Jmiz said:

Squall from FF8 wasn’t gay, I’m sorry to disappoint. You can’t explain away the whole Rinoa thing as a cover-up. Same with Cloud. Sephiroth maybe, but Cloud was mixed up, not gay. Kuja from FF9 is a yes. And what about Kefka? He had his moments… Flea from Crono Trigger is a beyond obvious choice. And what about Big Joe from Xenogears? He mentions lady friends, but c’mon, not with the getup he runs around in!

j!n said:

No love for my man Voldo? What the hell? The ultimate slave? He has a humping special move! Check his picture:

César said:

Oh my gosh! You forgot AMAKUSA from Samurai Shadown!! He is really queer!!!

nil said:

The one character that was ommitted: Leon Kennedy from RE4. Not only were his clothes too tight (in order to show off his svelte bod) and his hair perfectly done, he hit on any woman he had no chance with and when the one willing woman in the game offered to bed him, he sswiftly declined.Come on out, Leon.

Walter Werner III said:

No characters from Asellus’ quest in SaGa Frontier? You must be mad. Asellus and White Rose seemed very gay together, and Asellus got “excited” from the lesbian porn magazine. And then there’s Gina who pretty much expresses outright that she has the hots for Asellus. Also why is Brad on the list but not Caina? Raphael, Liquid, and King of All Cosmos aren’t gay at all. List fails.

Anonymous said:

Needs more Guilty Gear.

Venom is confirmed to be gay and has a crush on Zato-1, while Bridget (yes, it’s a boy) is known to turn any and all straight males gay.

Bigger Boys Need Bigger Toys said:

WTF?!!! Vega, the all-time most gay character in all of video games, is completely ignored, not only on the main list, but the honorable mention?!!

If you don’t remember, he was one of the bosses in Street Fighter 2 that jumped around on the fence. He had a mask and gay claws, and was just a total pretty boy gay parade. Is it because he’s too obvious that he didn’t make the list? He’s definitely flaming!!!!

EvilWolf said:

I TOTALLY thought X and Zero from mega man were together when I started gaming.

Where is KUJA from FFIX, I was disappointed not to see him on the list.

Flea from Chrono trigger is gay, without a doubt. If you fight him in Chrono Cross little has changed.

fjhfd said:

The Tingle hate is so huge and idiotic it shows the overall stupdiness of todays gamers.. yes, that includes almost all of you. One guy goes “huhuhuh tingle is GAY” and hundreds of you after that go “huhuhuh yeah huhuh”

You all should be ashamed for your idiotic behavior. Because that’s wat it is… stupid and idiotic.

awaits the idiotic response

joe said:

why were they saying on some post ” i not even gunna mention solid snake” i dont think hes gay.

Capt' Obvious said:

joe…..the name is SOLID SNAKE, im pretty sure he was referring to the NAME givin not his orientation, work the name solid snake out in your head for a second, and i tell you if you dont realize the link then you are retarded and should go back to the basics like learning to think before you ask stupid questions

The list made me laugh, a lot … but I think more work/time/thought could have gone into it. Mainly I click on it and see Raphael. Yes, I know he looks like a poof. Alucard from Castlevania looks like a poof though and obviously isn’t.

I think some more blatantly obvious ‘gay’ characters would have been some wiser choices. Cloud for instance is so the gay with his strange obsession over Sephiroth, relationship with Zack and the fact that he gets molested by a a group of hard gays at a brothel. Kuja would be a definite other choice, as well. I had a friend who played halfway through the game before realizing that Kuja was not a villianess but rather a cross-dressing trans of sorts.

I’m shocked that until the honourable mention Guilty Gear was overlooked. It’s full of ‘gay’ characters. Bridgette of course, but there’s a really strange thing between Ky Kiske and Sol Badguy. In the GGXX Drama CD they have this moment that just might as well confirm it as canon. Sol screaming ‘KY!’ while clinging to him and all. >_>

Oh a closing note:

Cloud: Oh no, it’s Sephiroth.

Sephiroth: That’s right, I’m Sephiroth. And I’m also Solid Snake!

Narrator: Gross … grooooss.

Tombello said:

I’m kind of dissapointed none of the Kingdom Hearts 2 Organization members didn’t make an appearance. Their whole little group there exceeds the daily dose of homo one can take.

ALttP said:

You forgot the fact that Aonuma said Tingle isn’t gay. And the fact that he has the hots for women in Mogitate Tingle no Barairo Rupee Land.

Fairy Prince said:

Where was Aonuma when I was in high school and convinced I was straight, but still getting fag bashed? He can deny it all he wants, but Tingle is so gay it hurts.

some good some bad said:

I never got the vibe that Joachim was gay and Brad isn’t in the US version at least. He is N-O-T gay please get this site and wikipedia to fix it so people will shutup bout the arguments bout whether he is or isn’t heh and hm other than that it was pretty accurate but I dunno half the games oh and Sora also is N-O-T gay- dude he LOVES Kairi play the freakin game and maybe you would see that…

ALttP said:

Shouldn’t the whole “has the hots for women” kind of make him not gay?

Maybe if you involved in the planning and creation of Tingle, you would have been able to convince them to make him gay, but since the creators of Tingle disagree with you completely not only by saying he is not gay but showing that he is not gay, you should consider making a list of gay video game characters that doesn’t have a character who is flat-out 100% gay higher than a character who is flamboyant (which, guess what, is a negative stereotype to say that flamboyance is synonymous with homosexuality).

Evil Queen said:

It seems to me that everybody needs to lighten up a little bit. When I read the list, I find it informative and at the same time, partially tounge in cheek. The people who made this obviously had fun making it. Maybe you should try and read it in the spirit in which it was written. It obviously doesn’t take itself too seriously and you shouldn’t either.

name said:

how bout captain falcon? SHOW ME YOUR MOVES! and then he puts his hand on his hip then salutes you. and one victory pose ends in a crotch shot.

Jim said:

“I totally thought Kuja was a chick for the longest time in FF9. And what about Kirby? I mean he’s pink, he floats around like a little fairy, and he sucks AND swallows. Plus in Canvas Curse he rolls around on rainbows…Kirby is what would happen if you took a bunch of gayness and rolled it up into a ball.”

I’m with you there. Seymour from FFX too, just listen to that voice…

Link Æwondåslåmon said:

Oh, please. Tingle is NOT gay! He likes Aryll, Tetra and Medli. Those are three GIRLS!

Berenice said:

where is Benimaru of the King of Figthers???

Mr. Dream said:

Ok, you guys are just stupid if you think Cloud Strife is gay. First off he NEEDED to dress up in a woman’s outfit to go into that dudes house. Second, wouldn’t you be obsessed over the guy that mind f***ed you? He wants to settle the score, not have sex with him. And I agree, stop jackin’ off to his gay pics with Sephiroth.

Next, there is a lot of evidence to support that the King of all Cosmos is gay but plenty to counter. If you played We Love Katamari, you’ll learn the King’s backstory showing how he met the Queen and what happend between him and his father. He is definately not gay. Sure, purple tights, flowered head (by the way, thats not a head piece, he was born with it, not his problem) and he says “Wowies”, but come on. Think about it, how cool is he? I think he’s the coolest guy on the planet, cept when he zaps you with lazer beams from his eyes if you fail a mission….

Sora…’s iffy…..I love Kingdom Hearts, I really do, but….there’s always that possibility…

Kefka….wow….that’s also tough…I’m gonna go with Bi-sexual?

I think those 2 guys before Tingle should have gotten #1.

Flea from Chrono Trigger definately.

Pierre from Chrono Cross….Maybe, it does seem to be so.

And much like what the other people on this list are saying:”Guilty Gear” Every character except Anji in that game is messed up somehow. Bridget is a guy, Venom….well, you know…,Justice has like a penis thing and is a girl, Zappa is Zappa, Faust is just awesome (but not gay, and I don’t think Zappa is either but he’s still messed up.)

And guys, please. How many times in an Anime do you see the antagonist walk through fire and be unscathed? A thousand. So don’t even tell me that Sephiroth is gay. Just cause his hair is like silk, doesn’t mean he is gay. ALL ANIME CHARACTERS HAVE AMAZING HAIR AND WILL NEVER MOVE UNLESS STYLED TO BE THAT WAY…GET OVER IT.

frankafus said:

lol music

Gremhiilzoone said:

I tought a litlle weird,but the tingle is very gay

Iroke said:

no Final Fantasy VII? 0_o Cloud just HAS to be gay by the time the game ends...

TOM said:

WHere the hell is Jolly Rodger and his cross dressing boyfriend MErry Maggie from BAnjo-Tooie. Come on! You can't look at them and not think that they're gay. Plus, Rare even confirmed it.

ALttP said:

Did a user imply that Sephiroth could not be gay on the basis that he can walk through fire? I didn't know that a person's power is based on whether or not guys stick their cocks up his ass.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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