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Dead Rising's Frank West: Fashion Victim

XBox knows what gamer’s want, and what they want is more glamorous outfits! No matter what kind of gamer you are, gay, straight, girl, boy, everyone knows the fever of making sure you have just the right outfit in place for your adventures.

XBox Live Marketplace has provided fashion hungry zombie slaughterers with eight free outfits for Dead Rising’s hottie photographer, Frank West. By downloading different keys, you can deck yourself out in eight new fabulous ensembles.

The list is as follows:

1. Miami Nights Key

2. Casual Key

3. Weekender Key

4. Round Shades Key

5. Burgundy Wine Key

6. Grandpa Key

7. Pink Parparazzi Key

8. Man in Black Key

I must say that Pink Parparazzi is by far the most intriguing, followed by Burgundy Wine and Miami Nights. Grandpa could be interesting too provided there are pants that you can pull up to your nipples and sock garters. Please let there be sock garters, please let there be sock garters…

via Team XBox

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