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WoW Overwhelmed By Homophobes, Make Blood Elves Less "Feminine"!

EDITORS NOTE: The editors would like to acknowledge that Super Timsy’s decision to call this homophobia may have been rash and overstated. However, in a world that constantly belittles gays and lesbians, such emotional responses are sometimes difficult to restrain. One thing is certain, there have been plenty of readers unable to constrain their genuinely homophobic comments which have clearly fallen outside the realm of protected speech. Due to such abusive language, felonious comments have been removed, and commenting has been closed. To read Super Timsy’s response to the reaction in his very own words, go here.

From the depths of the World of Warcraft forums comes this little tidbit from one of Blizzard’s very own:

“As many players have noticed, we have made a slight change to the male Blood Elf character models. In response to concerns that the Blood Elf male appeared to be too feminine, and after reviewing the model from a visual and conceptual standpoint, the decision was made to increase the body mass to give them a more substantial, masculine feel. It was also important that as members of the Horde that the Blood Elves gave the impression of strength and a more menacing presence.”

That made me so mad that I decided to post this immediately (even though I’m only on the second day of my new job and trying to lay low for a bit)!! Thank you, Jimmy, for bringing this to my attention. I simply cannot believe that the developers for WoW would bow to pressure from homophobic teenagers (and several close-minded adults). What ‘concerns’ are they addressing? That the Blood Elves looks as feminine as they act? That they may look, GASP, too gay because gay is bad? I cry “Foul!” ...besides, the slender models look better! What do you people think?

Re: Bloodelf Screenshots from Beta: UPDATE #2 [WoW Forums]

UPDATE: Kotaku’s Eliza found us this straight-up comparison:


Richie said:

This is utter crap. If I played WoW, I’d feel slapped in the face as a user.

Silver R. Wolfe said:

I think it is crap as well since it doesn’t follow the lore at all. The race was primarily devoted to magics. The changes they implemented gives the impression that they were more physical.

Boo Blizzard, Boo!!!

tiny dancer said:

I love ‘em tall, fair and seriously committed to demonic energies. I am now sad.

Game-Boi said:

Elves are teh magics! Han Shot First! OMGWTFBBQ!
Repeat to yourself “It’s just a game. I should really just relax.”

Silver R. Wolfe said:


That outcry actually came from my beau. He’s incredibly well versed and passionate about the Warcraft lore. I could care less. :3

Jimmah said:

So if the characters in WoW looked like turds with toothpick legs and arms, I should just console myself by saying “Its just a game”? I don’t see any problem with an online gaming community expressing their displeasure about something in the game that they pay money to play. Constructive critism = FTW, “Its just a game.” = FTL.

d.k.x said:

I agree with Jimmah, however, if people don’t like the characters, they shouldn’t play as them. Since when have elves been buff.

Sokatume said:

Its ridiculous. They should just add a scale slider and put the new model on one side and the old model on the other. Either way the new and “improved” model needs work, he looks bloated. Silly crap like this is why I’ve not been back to WoW.

OwlEyes said:

@Folks who say.”If you don’t like them, don’t play them”
See, we WANTED to play them the way they were. That’s the point! I usually play girl characters just because of the fact that every male character looked like they drank testosterone for nourishment. It was nice to see a male character that was more of the Bruce Lee, Lance Armstrong kinda field.

Veggieboy said:

Sounds like the typical MMO gamer community to me. I love MMOs, but I fucking hate most of the people who play ‘em.

Besides, if they want effeminate, they should take a look at the Asura race from Rappelz. :-P

Game-Boi said:

“So if the characters in WoW looked like turds with toothpick legs and arms, I should just console myself by saying “Its just a game”?”

Short answer: Yes. Long answer: The changes we’re talk about are so slight (he still looks femmy compared to other WoW characters) and above all the changes has zero (0) effect on the gameplay experience, like abilities/statistics/etc. It looks like they’ve litterally scaled up parts of the model, no biggie.

Depending on who you ask, they might tell you WoW characters aready look like poop on a stick. I’ve heard more than a few complaints. I personally like the overall look, but Art/Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I would be happy with poop graphics if the game play plays like a champ.

Cabell said:

My major complaint about male character models, even in CoX, which has lots of body sliders, is that it’s nigh impossible to make one who doesn’t look like a professional wrestler. I don’t play WoW, but if I did, I’d be ticked about them butching up the Blood Elves when every OTHER race’s male models are plenty beefy already.

Zodiac said:

Whoa. I’m glad I don’t play WoW. But it is stupid that they made the Blood Elves more manly. I mean, magic users aren’t supposed to be all buff. They’re supposed to look physically weak because they’re beasts with magic.

E. Gauger said:

This is shit. Their forum is down, anyone got a mirror of the screenshots?

Peter said:

I think what ultimately matters here is not the issue about graphics or fantasy lore… it’s the attitudes responsible for the changes that I find disconcerting.

Blizzard’s a business, and so I don’t blame ‘em for going with what their customers want, but that doesn’t mean that it’s what I would have wanted to happen. Oh well. Just another reason for me not to play WoW…

Tufas said:

What a sad day for gaming…

For once they had a chance to do something classy, and they downright ruin it… Go Draenei go!

Terminus said:

What the hell? Making the male Blood Elves look more…male. What next, is the entrance to Silvermoon City just gonna be a giant vagina? Blizz can burn in hell for listening to fan input saying that they like a certain character to look a certain way. Sarcasm aside, if you want a skinny race you can always play an Undead character. Also, somewhat recently Blizz contradicted there own lore, but kept it the new way so they could have the new alliance race. Complain about Draenei before you complain about BEs. And if your still angry about this change, then go watch some anime, it has exactly what you want.

One last thing: “ZOMG! Nerf Straights! I hit them with my 80dps dildo and they still crave women!”

Zodiac said:

^ Are you insinuating WoW is not already the definintion of classy? Hehe.

Zodiac said:

Oops. That was supposed to be in response to Tufas.

tentaclesex said:

The change makes them less unique. They look like every other ‘roided up humanoid race in the game now.

Stupid jerks.

savagesaladin said:

Why is gaygamer so quick to call people homophobes? GayGamer is more biased than the BBC news. Not every gay man is a thin nancy-boy. Ever been to a gym or San Fransisco? Or prison? Lots of manly-man-love there. This is so funny, GayGamer is stereotyping themselves!! What a joke.

Paul Soth said:

New model looks like an aging drummer from an old cock-rock band.

Richie said:

@savagesaladin: The idea is that certain people perceive thin males as feminine and/or gay, which they do not like. Prejudice thrives on false stereotypes.

Shin Gallon said:

More evidence for the case against WoW. Even if I played MMOs (which I don’t), I wouldn’t touch WoW.
Hell, I’m more apt to play Everquest due to the presence of furry races.

maeror said:

it seems more like masculine insecurity than homophobia, but it does appear like they’ve upset more people than they supposedly placated.

Steven said:

As the liberal arts college psychology major that I am, this has broader implications. When we select an avatar for ourselves in a game, if it’s not hyper masculine, it’s not masculine enough. Take a look at the “femme” version, and find me the players whose bodies are actually that muscular, let alone the latter. We’re setting ourselves higher and higher for a fall. It may sound silly, but body image/ideals are everywhere, WoW is no different.

nemickol said:

As I recall (I could be very wrong) after the original beta for WoW, they changed the female Trolls to look more like supermodels based on “user input”. I was going to play a female Troll, but they dont even look like they’re from the same race. They changed these elves for the same reason they changed the Trolls: to accommodate the loud male ubergeeks, regardless of them being homophobic or otherwise. How this fantasy stereotype (Orlando Bloom) is any different from the ones already in WoW isn’t clear.

Kogepan said:

Idiots. Blizzard listens to 15 year old homophobes and ignores the women, gay men and many straight men that were actually excited about playing an attractive male character. The ONLY attractive male race on WoW. Well, there’s a 30+ page post with far more people angry about the change, than there are happy about it on the WoW forums. Maybe Blizzard’ll get it through their thick skulls that we WANTED lean toned males and not overbuffed steroidheads.

Ben said:

Please sign this petition asking Blizzard to reverse their decision and bring the original model for Blood Elf males back.

Thank you!

Kogepan said:

If you have an account, it might be better to just go to the WoW forums >> General >> Bloodelf Screenshots from Beta: UPDATE #2 and post on that thread. It’s already 32 pages long, might as well let them know it’s their subscribers complaining, and not just an anonymous petitioner.

Ratmaggot said:

I happen to think the blood elve (elf?) males were too feminine, by a long long way. However, I don’t think this was because of their slender build. It was their voice style, poses, emoticons and such like. Bulking them up is silly, now they just look, to use a word “butch”. Kinda like the image of a muscle bound gay leather clad bloke.

It’s all pretty sad, from any viewpoint, gay, straight, whatever.

BTW, sexuality has no place in WoW. Gays are as unwanted as homophobes.

Shin Gallon said:

“BTW, sexuality has no place in WoW. Gays are as unwanted as homophobes.”

Which is why you’ll never see me logging into that damn game.

terpsichoria said:

What an utterly, cosmically absurd thing to say, Ratmaggot. Of course sexuality has a place in WoW, as it does in any situation where real people interact. Or are you telling me that my guildmates and friends in-game can talk about their husbands, wives, girlfriends and children as much as they like, but that I shouldn’t ever mention my partner?

Anyway, the Belf change is ridiculous – whether the decision arose from aesthetics, from fan/developer homophobia or from something else entirely, it’s just boring to have another beef-monster race. There’s already a wide range of shaved gorillas playable in WoW for those who want ‘em – adding races with different body types could only stand to contribute some variety to the game, which it’s sorely in need of.

leviathan said:

What on earth makes you think this is an act of homophobia?

So people didn’t like the look of them and they changed them to accomodate the public, surprise surprise, they actually listen to their public.

They changed the look, what’s the big deal, it’s a bunch of polygons slapped together.

The game is asexual, it doesn’t care what the sexuality of the player behind the character is, stop using every little detail as an excuse to yell and rant. You people are making us look like idiots

terpsichoria said:

I don’t think it’s homophobia on Blizzard’s part, but it is them bowing to pressure from the sort of player who identifies relatively skinny, feminine men with homosexuality and complains loudly about their presence, so I certainly think homophobia’s involved.

As I said, the game itself may be asexual, but the players are not and should not be expected to pretend they are. First and foremost WoW is a social, co-operative game, its players are real people, and their sexuality has as much place in in-game discussion as their age, location, hobbies or whatever.

Even taken as a purely aesthetic decision, changing the look bloody well is a big deal, considering this is a model you’re conceivably going to be looking at for hundreds of hours. They showed me a character I’d love to control and have represent me in a virtual space, then replaced it with one I’m not particularly fond of. I, like many others, am using the forum access my subscription buys me to provide feedback and press Blizzard to change it back, and questioning Blizzard’s reasons for changing the model in the first place on sites like this one. Working as intended.

purin said:

THAT’S the “too feminine” blood elf? He only looks slender and feminine in comparison to the buff model, and even then he just looks like he’s perhaps a younger guy or someone in the world who just might not do professional body building (GASP! Is that allowed?).

RowdyHouse said:

I agree with the ”...Bruce Lee, Lance Armstrong…” comment above. Hell, the new models look even buffer than most current male models for most races. It was nice seeing a “realistic” model for once. People need to open their minds up a bit (at least). Magic users ain’t gonna benchpress every day! Skinny isn’t gay! Gay isn’t bad! If we talk bad about the change enough, maybe they’ll do something. This just helps my “racist, homophobic 14 year old” theory…

ratmaggot said:

terpsichoria : are you really such an ignorant little person that you lack the brain power to discern between “no place in a game ” and “no place in chat between humans?”. Of course you can talk about whatever you want. However, WoW is elves, dwarves and trolls. Gay trolls, lesbian elves. This is NOT what the game is about. Get you facts straight and stop being one of those predictable, dull little people who want to yell before they know whats going on.


Richie said:

“it seems more like masculine insecurity than homophobia” (maeror)

Yup, but the two are inextricably intertwined in a lot of males’ and females’ heads. “Gender-bending” and non-heterosexuality may or may not have anything at all to do with each other, but as long as the culture thinks they do, phobia based on either will contribute to phobia based on the other.

You didn’t seem to be complaining about it, but I wanted to point that out for everyone who didn’t understand why this issue had to do with homophobia.

Tom said:

They’re both pointy-eared elves dancing in their underwear. I don’t think anyone’s voting for the new one because they don’t think it looks gay.

Agreed that the slender one is better, though.

Magic Pink said:

The “thin” version is still freakishly built. This is just stupid.

notofficial said:

If sexuality really has no place in WOW, then why was there demand to make the blood elf more masculine ?

GetOffTheDramaHorse said:

Ok, my two cents…

I agree that Blood elves are magic users and dont really need to be “buff” but i dont think this has anything to do with them looking to gay. you said “What ‘concerns’ are they addressing? That the Blood Elves looks as feminine as they act? That they may look, GASP, too gay because gay is bad? I cry “Foul!”” i think you are looking for drama where there is none. stop thinking the world is against us and enjoy the game :)

Mikey said:

Wow you guys are really getting carried away here. I almost feel like I’m reading comments on Kotaku or Joystiq. Personally, I wouldn’t call it homophobia, but I don’t have a problem if Super Timsy or others of you feel that it is. However, I do very much value the sense of community we’ve been building here, so please keep things civil. As for truely hateful comments, they will be removed. If you see something inappropriate, please email Fruit Brute, Tiny Dancer or myself to moderate the comments. We prefer to keep commenting open, but we will lock it down if necessary.


Mikey (Gaygamer Webmaster)

hoskie said:

I don’t think the original character model is all that “effeminate”... especially for elf. :P

Dehnus said:

I just find it wierd also storywise. I mean like earlier state they are primary magic users. But now because some person wants a buffed up version of a Human (bigger in height) with pointy ears but wants to be evil and not purple in Hineycolour, they make look more Masculine then a Dwarf (which is suposed to look Masculine with little legs, big arms (hard labour) and competing with an Orc (which looks like a Dwarf with longer legs hehe).

If the 15 year old players want buff, play a Dwarf or an Orc. If your scared of being rediculed by the narcistic “Dwarfs are Ugly” crowd (mostly Night elves (Village PPL hairdo and purple skin yeah thats a fashion statement)) then dont spoil other ppl’s characters. Legolas Wanabees ;).

Yes I play a Dwarf, sure it might not be a Super Model, but he is tough, fights good is funny and like all Dwarfs a little hearth of gold :D.

PS:The original Model wasnt that effeminate. Just not muscular or tough guy like. BUt what do you want it is a magic user not a brawling Warrior, he is suposed to use smarts before muscle hehe.

Dehnus said:

Sorry about my spelling errors in my last post. Heh I didn’t check properly before posting ;).

Anyhoow it seems to be basically the human model with longer ears and hair. Wow original ;), then how could this fool us for a high elf since in the lore Blood elves sometimes dress up like High elves to go into aliance cities :D.

Derek said:

I know Ben already posted this link, but I wanted to post it as well (so everyone is more likely to see it)

A petition to bring back the old models.

It can’t hurt.

maeror said:

i just don’t understand why they don’t do a poll to find out if the majority of people are in support of the change or not.

i do think homophobia is involved, i just think it’s unfair to label the situation so simply. this change is definitely a result some fear or other.
it just seems odd to make buff-looking elves when it’s pretty much canon that elves are fair and slender.

that guy said:


you all do realize that your worked up over a digital representation of a race of beings that came from make believe land right?

way to “fight” the good fight for homos world wide.

just a question, if they made the BE starting equipment have rainbows and maybe start them off in a gym called GLBT would it be ok for them to change the models still?

also, genius who posted this retarded shit, you do realize what you used for your “comparison” is nothing more than doctored images correct? way to go mr. fox news correspondant.

CFTF said:

I honestly think this is blown way out of proportion. As a WoW beta tester for Burning Crusade, the screenshots completely misrepresent the changes—it’s honestly not nearly bad as the skewed perspectives imply. Their arms have some more bulk to them, that’s it. They’ve still got all the other mannerisms (voice in particular) that could easily be interpreted as effeminate.

I don’t see how this is homophobia at all. Blizz decided they wanted to change the model to make them fit more in line with the Horde, and they changed it slightly. BE males are still by far the most slender in the game (other than Trolls, but with their hunch it’s way too hard to tell).

Magic Pink said:

This is 100% proof that WoW tends to cater to their straight male audience. The perfect boobs on female undead and the ridiculous differences between ugly male and beautiful female orcs and trolls pretty much make it impossible to deny.

But this doesn’t seem to be specifically homophobic although it certainly is gender labeling at it’s most pathetic.

Magic Pink said:

“Sad, but true :(”

How about “false and stupid” instead?

Andy said:

Seriously, they took away the twink model and gave us a muscleboy model… is that really that bad?

Jimmah said:

Well, I really don’t think the modification of the Blood Elf male had any major anti-homosexual conotations to it. But it did disturb me in how the blue worded his posting. It also irritates me how they want to define what is ‘masculine’. Just because someone doesn’t have 200 pounds of muscle on them doesn’t mean that they can’t whip the crap outta you. Look at Bruce Lee, hell, look at how ripped Toby Maguire is for Spider-man. I just appreciated the ‘variety’ that the design had presented to the gaming world. Anyways, just like Game-Boi said way back at the beginning of these comments, it is ‘just a game’; a game I’ll keep on playing too. But still, it would have been nice if Blizzard had decided to stay the course with the BE male look, but that isn’t gonna stop me from rolling that Blood Elf Pally when the xpac hits! /bubble

JAS said:

I think the new model is MUCH more attractive then the old one. If you people hadn’t gone all “OMGZ WOW IS ANTI-GAY” up in here most of us probably wouldn’t have noticed.

Mikey said:

Second and last warning. If hateful comments continue in this thread, I will close commenting on this post.

Jimmah said:

Here is a link that a poster on the wow forums provided that is in the beta. It is a much more ‘sane’ comparison piece in regards to the variation of the ‘old vs. new’ model:

The change isn’t earth-shattering in my oponion, but if I had a choice I’d still take the previous Bruce Lee built Blood Elf. Keee-Aiiii!!!

Miss Silver said:

Twinks Rule!! Bring Back The Twink!!

Brody said:

I don’t know what’s more ridiculous, the fact that Blizzard listened to a bunch of pimply faced, slender built, 15 year olds whose only outlet at violence and physical prowess is World of Warcraft or the fact that this website is jumping to the conclusion that WoW is anti-gay from listening to its paying audience…

Matt said:

I think when people start looking into the social meaning of changes like this, things get twisted. I don’t care if it was changed due to homophobic teenagers or not. I play the game to have fun, not for socio-political awareness.

Joejack said:

I agree with Brody on the count that the author here is jumping to an illogical conclusion. Players asking for more masculine characters and blizz listening to that request doesn’t cry homophobia. It just means that they find a tougher-looking character more aesthetically pleasing.
I know a bulky blood elf doesn’t make sense given their lore, but that has to be balanced with their role in THIS game. They can be not only magic users here, but warriors and rogues.
Personally, I like the old model better. They do look TOO muscular now, but (and here’s the kicker) you can’t see their muscles with their clothes on, and after you’ve created the character, you’ll barely notice anyway.
To the author: If you’re going on a witch hunt, you’ll ALWAYS find a witch, whether it’s there or not.

Nilda said:

I’m not against the new Belf Male but both my sister and to avoid all the 12 year olds asking us “are you really a gurl?” while we play both my sister and myself have played male characters and looked forward to not playing a hairless gorilla for one. I’m disapointed by the change as is my sister, we hope it gets brought back to the thinner model but other than hoping blizz will come to their senses it’s a hopeless wish.

drewcifuge said:

The “men oafs / women hot” character models in WoW are pretty annoying to me too. But I have to wonder whether NOT changing this one would open them up to criticism for making the only “gay-acting” race an “evil” one. Is this a no-win situation?

Richie said:

Several of you seem to have misunderstood Super Timsy’s post. All he said was that he liked the thinner elf better and that he was upset that Blizzard obeyed the desires of people motivated largely by homophobic ideas. Timsy did not call Blizzard anti-gay or perform any such grandstanding.

Please, people. When you see that someone is upset about something, try to understand where they’re coming from. A little empathy can go a long way.

Dan The Man said:

Firstly he can not accuse blizzard of “obeying the desires of people motivated largely by homophobic ideas” This is BS and has nothing to do with homophobes it has to do with the horde race looking tougher or scarier as they are the dark side of the game and need this appearence.

Also cring foul on this is so stupid because its a game and makes the gay community look like a bunch of winging women. I feel insulted being apart of it by this..and if blizzard did obey the desires of people motivated largely by homophobic ideas then its no wonder with responses like this from the gay community

Mikey said:

Whether or not Blizzard’s decision is homophobic or not is debatable. Clearly this has caused quite a stir as it has been picked up by some powerhouse sites (kotaku and slashdot). However, you have to admit that it is a bit suspect that in a game known for players constantly screaming “fag” at each other, that by saying, In response to concerns that the Blood Elf male appeared to be too feminine ... the decision was made to increase the body mass to give them a more substantial, masculine feel. It could be interpreted as anti-gay. Mind you, I’m not saying it was, but it’s not unreasonable to come to that conclusion. Let’s not forget that Blizzard is also the company that has banned GLBT guilds.

So now perhaps Timsy cried wolf, but he was clearly upset by the decision, and he has every right to say so. On the other hand, we live in a world that is constantly beating down on gays and lesbians trying to force people back into the closet. If we don’t cry foul when we see and feel it, then we’re giving up on the fight for equality. Honestly, the only way we’re ever going to see equality is if gay and lesbians become so mundane that no one bats an eyelash at it anymore. Keeping quiet only maintains the status quo. I don’t like reading the hateful things some people feel brave enough to write behind the veil of the Internet, but it’s not until people learn that were not going to just take it lying down that they will think twice about stepping on our toes (or worse).

So if these or other comments cause an uproar across the net, then it’s drawing attention to the fact that we’re still being forced to live as second class citizens who are denied many of the most fundamental rights in our society. Until we realize true equality, then we’re going continue to cry foul whenever these things happen.

Richie said:

Well said, Mikey.

tiny dancer said:

Hear, hear, Mikey. Right you are.

Dan The Man said:

OMG the bottom line is its a GAME ! ...sometimes i wish i could be straight because the gay community nit picks on small stupid things and its no wonder we get beaten down because of people like you..Your acting like a 9 year old ! Grow up and act like men NOT boys becaue real men wouldnt let something so stupidly small affect their lives and the reputation of the gay community

Brody said:

to quote Mikey, “but it’s not until people learn that we’re not going to just take it lying down.” Personally, I’d like to think that we take it standing up or on our knees as well…

Brody said:

But seriously, Blizzard opting for more masculine looking Blood Elves shouldn’t be misconstrued as being anti-gay. Otherwise, you’re just perpetuating the stereotype that gay’s are effeminate by crying “foul.” By calling the decision to move from the old model to the new one “anti gay” then one could also assume that you believe the old model to somehow represent homosexuality.

Blizzard’s decision has nothing to do with sexuality but only with physicality. You’re filling in the blanks to make that incorrect assertion.

If Blizzard decided to ban GBLT guilds then fight on that front not on the way a character looks. The banning of GBLT guilds is a more direct assault on GBLTs then the decision to change a character model.

Brody said:

I think the argument that the new blood-elf look doesn’t match the lore and previous descriptions of the race are more valid.

Rhyse said:

Well, if enough people complain, they might just change it back.

Someone Great said:

What this has to do with homophoby? lol. Actually most of the aformentioned teenage players now demand a revert, and probablt not cause they are secretly in the closet, but because they want their spellcasters to be less musculed cause of lore reasons.

SuicideWatch said:

1. The whole race is not spell casters- they can be Paladins, Rouges and Hunters- So dumb argument on their thinness.
2. Who said spell casters have to be these pale lanky thin things anyway.
3. Let’s see hmmmm… if your whole life was about war and killing monsters you would be pretty buff I would have to think.
4. There are no fat character models… I am pissed… where is the chubby love.

Yachirobi said:

This is why I like City of Heroes. It lets you make your avatar look just the way you want. I’ve never played WoW but their character creation looks way too limiting for me. Most MMOs feel that way.

seunghyun said:

$0.02 from a female Lineage 2 player: I’ve never been interested in WoW because I can’t find a single male toon I’d like to play. That includes the ‘old’ male Blood Elf – he’s just not pretty enough :p

One of the more shallow reasons I put up with the grind in L2 is because I love the look of my male L2 characters – slim toned bladedancer who flashes thong when he runs, androgynous swordsinger who squeaks when he’s hit, and downright girly elf summoner and his unicorns. IMHO if Blizzard modeled a single WoW race after L2’s dark elf male (arguably the ‘coolest’ toon in the game), you might see quite a few more girls willing to give WoW a try :)

Logan said:

Hmmm…. It looks like the in-game characters are wearing pantyhose… but very masculine pantyhose. ;-)

concerns said:

Many horde players were complaining about Blood Elves not being the “strong and savage” type of race for them. They made blood elves have more muscle to fit in better with the horde. The concerns are nothing to do with it being “feminine” looking, that is just what the female community manager described what the old Blood Elves looked like and why they were changed to be more “horde like”. The concerns are nothing about gay people, it was about “do they look like they are part of the horde? (and not the alliance?).”

SammySquidboy said:

“That they may look, GASP, too gay because gay is bad?”

Maybe I missed the part where you made sense out of this, but the Horde are the bad guys, so it doesn’t really stand to reason that making them look “masculine” is affirming the idea that gay is bad. If gay = bad, then they would want all of the Horde to be gay, no?

Osagasu said:

The unclothed shots don’t do it justice.

If you would bother (I know how hard THAT is) looking for pictures of them with clothes on, you’d see they’re not as big as you seem to think.

Joe said:

Wahh… It went from being a twink, to a muscle bear. Who the hell cares? Its the make over of a character that was changes, and someone who wanted to create a fairy character who was pissed decieded to make a big shit storm about it. Yes, there are things called Genders out there, and the 2 of the genders are Male and Female, and Males and Females do have different body types, be it gay or straight. There are world accepted body shapes for males vs females… do you complain about the distinction between restrooms as a person for males, and then a person with a dress for women? because men wear dresses… must be confusing in scotland… BTW im gay… and you who are bitching about this are those people who are always looking for something to bitch and complain about. Shut the hell up, and if you dont like it, cancel your damn subscription.

Anonymous said:

Maybe I missed the part where you made sense out of this, but the Horde are the bad guys, so it doesn’t really stand to reason that making them look “masculine” is affirming the idea that gay is bad. If gay = bad, then they would want all of the Horde to be gay, no?

Uh, maybe you don’t know WoW well enough then. :D The horde is far from being the evil forces, save the Forsaken. The elves have done more evil than the tauren or the trolls. Even the orcs aren’t bad, just were possessed in the past. :D

Either way, I support the old build, it looked more.. majestic. More of what you would expect from those whose very life depends on tapping demonic and other energies.

some dude said:

OK. Not only does the change make the blood elves fit in better with the horde, it MAKES SENSE LOREWISE AS WELL. The blood elves of the Warcraft universe are not the same elves that are in D&D or Lineage or any other RPG franchise. The warcraft elves are bigger and meaner and have even been some pretty kickass melee units in WC3X.

Case in point:
Here is concept artwork from BEFORE WOW WAS EVER MADE:

This is Prince Kael, who was the leader of the blood elves and a magic-user. Note the strong jawline, broad shoulders, bulging chest, and sunken brow. All very masculine features. In fact id say the only thing feminine about this quintessential blood elf is his lack of facial hair.

Now look at their melee unit, the Spell-breaker. Again with the masculine features and is kind of bulked up.

Just goes to show that perhaps maybe this change in the models wasnt motivated by homophobia, but to give the elf race more of a more horde-like, threatening appearance like they always have had.

omfg said:

Seriously, Blizz is not out to bash anyone. I represent the millions of subscribers who play this game—this is a non-issue. Why don’t you rant about something that matters? WoW is a **** video game. Like any product, if you don’t like it buy something else. No one seriously gives a poop about this issue.

Jonas Luster said:

Seriously, to label a change to the char model “homphobic” is quite a stretch. WoW gathered 7 million players by doing a few things no one else did. One of those things is “over-the-toppish” comicy char models. The BE class looked an awful lot like the models in most any other MMO, big eyes, twinkish stature, anime-y. And if anything, Blizzard created a following around NOT having that bright and beautiful, everyone has to be cute, look.

The Horde has long been the place where every male had a hunch, women lurched, and jokes were crude. That was by design. Compare the cities, compare the quests, compare the world. Compare Elwynn Forest with Tirisfal Glades.

Adding one more race to the Horde mandates some concessions to the Horde’s spirit as .. well .. not Alliance. During early Alpha, the models looked like the BEs that were in the game already (see Azshara, for example, or EPL) – but those weren’t Horde, they were NPCs. It’s only logical for Blizzard to change and shape the race to fit more into the Horde mold.

Lastly, I find it quite condescendingly sexist to insinuate that being gay means to be fixated on looks and not other values. Last time I checked, those people who chose their partners (and to a certain degree their toons) based on looks, not their multitude of non-visual facets were the superficial jerks I rather not be around.

Player 7 said:

This has been cross-posted on the WoW forums, so expect a flood of inanity from little boys who all have female mains and lots of self-deluded justifications for the same.

Accept the fact that WoW has the absolute worst “community” of any MMO, and the company is going to yield to the wishes of the ill-educated, puerile majority. It’s a business decision.

67 said:

I see both points of view personally but I think your opinion is very extreme. How does the fact that Blood elf look chunkier make Blizzard homophobic?? You guys are as intolerent as the people yo’re denigrating.
Also if this decision is indeed a homophobic one as you seem to believe it is….what do you expect? Should Blizzard cater for the minority ofwow playing gays, or the vasy majority of straight players??
Get real guys and girls…’s not always all about you and your issues…..

wowdude said:

lol, what a silly topic, you really think that they change this because of Homophobes your living in a dream world. I dont care what they look like a bit of muscle mass makes them more man like. are you forgetting that gay people are men, I’ve seen many gay people with high muscle mass so why is this debate even happening, stop making out that the world is against you when its not, after all its just a game

Gamer_leet said:

hmm just seen this on google. im not homosexual but i have friends who are

This has nothing to do with gays and straight this has to do with little 14 yr old kids sitting behind a computer wanting their character to look cool and the homosexual population of WoW taking offense to the fact they made the Belf males more built when it had nothing to do with homophoebia (if that's how it's spelt)

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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