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VG Cats Artwork On Ebay For Holiday Do-Gooders!

Any online comic that acknowledges the completely homoerotic undertones of Kingdom Hearts 2 gets my wholehearted GayGamer approval. Even I had a bit of a hard time with how little attention Sora paid to Kairi and how often he seemed to be running after Riku like a scorned lover. But I digress…

Scott Ramsoomair’s great webcomic, VG Cats pays homage to a lot of our favorite gaming moments from the point of a view of a true gamer. With cute character design and talent oozing out of every panel, you can’t help but fall in love with his work.

Well, for a modest sum, you can own some of his original artwork through this eBay auction. But if you aren’t made of money, for $12 you can get holiday themed postcards with additional artwork from Hawk, Shawn Handyside, and Jamie Noguchi. All proceeds go to the Child’s Play Charity, which could do much to assuage any naughtiness you might be guilty of this holiday season.

VG Cats: Original Artwork on Ebay [Ebay]

Webcomic Holiday Postcard Fundraiser [Staccatocomic]

[via Kotaku]

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