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D.I.Y. 360 Guitar Hero 2 Guitar Fix


Red Octane managed to release the X-plorer Guitar Hero 2 controller with a pretty major fault. If you received either the 95065 or 95055 models, then the whammy bar is probably faulty. Red Octane gave two options to receive your replacement controller, either return it to the original retailer, or submit an RMA request and ship it back to Red Octane.

There is an alternative solution. If you aren’t too afraid to open up that puppy and tighten a few screws, has a do-it-yourself guide to fixing your broken X-plorer controller. Don’t worry, opening your controller does not void the warranty. Good luck, hopefully this will save you a trip to the game store, or even worse, the post office.

Faulty Guitar Hero II Controller Fix [AllAboutTheGames]
[via: B&B&P&S]

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