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UPDATE: Warrant Reveals No Games In Cho Seung Hui's Posession

shooter.jpgCho Seung Hui, the troubled young man whose nightmarish assault on his fellow students will most likely be studied for years to come, doesn't seem to have been someone who had any involvement with video games in his recent history. Despite certain idiotic claims by both the man who needs to stop using my surname and Dr. Phil, it seems that he actually didn't own any video games... violent or otherwise. According to the search warrant, Cho's dorm room revealed the following items to authorities:

• Chain from top left closet shelf
• Folding knife & combination padlock
• Compaq computer from desktop
• Assorted documents, notepads, writings from desktop
• Combination lock
• Dremel tool and case
• Nine books, two notebooks, envelopes, from top shelf
• Assorted books & pads from lower shelf
• Compact discs from desktops
• Items from desktop & drawers: winchester multi tool, 3 notebooks, mail, checks, credit card
• Items from 2nd door: Kodak digital camera, Citibank statement
• Two cases of compact discs from dresser top
• Drive: Seagate: 80 Gb
• Six sheets of green computer paper
• Mirror with blue plastic housing
• Dremel tool box with receipt
• Dell Latitude service tag

So there you have it: at the moment, there is no evidence whatsoever supporting the theory that violent video games played a part in this horrific tragedy.


Not only were no games found in the immediate search of Cho Seun Hui's room, but according to a number of articles around the web (including a certain video clip with JT and Chris Matthews), Cho's roommate has stated that he never even saw his roommate playing video games during his rare appearances in the dorm suite.

A number of readers have also pointed out that there is a possibility there could easily be games on the CDs, harddrive, or laptop recovered by the police. While this is certainly possible, I feel obliged to point out that Dr. Phil was referencing console-based games because of his comment about how they glamorize violence "on the big screen." As the warrant clearly shows: Cho Seung Hui did not have either a television set or a gaming console of any type in his room.


CerberusTheHitman said:

They will argue that he played video games at atleast one time in his life...

RazorDog said:

It must have been the CDs then! He was listening to that rock 'n roll devil music!

Rayo said:

See what those books do?

That literature, with its words, and its paper.

However, all those ambulance chasers and jack offs trying to hobbyhorse their political agendas. "drugs, video games, whatever"

really this just twists their testicles.


This is the part, where you tell people like JT to crawl in a dark room, put on the Dashboard Confessional, and write a blog about it.

purin said:

Yes, but since video games are such a threat to society as a whole, their very existence must have driven him mad.

Mikey said:

If you look at the picture of him with the guns, he's definitely influenced by the Matrix, and THAT was influenced by video games! See!

motordog said:

Guns don't kill games kill people...or maybe video games about guns.

So...when hundreds of thousands of people were tortured and burned to death during the Middle Ages by the Church, what video game do you suppose they were playing?

That might actually make a pretty cool game, "Inquisitor!" get to capture, torture and execute heretics and pagans, and it would even be educational, because it could all be based on actual events in history!

MuddBstrd said:

In the words of Cartman...

"Oh your tears, Jackie Boy. Let me taste your tears. mmmm, your tears of unfathomable sadness. They're so delicious Jackie Boy."

MrCynical said:

Games could already be on his hard drive and disks could mean game cds too.

True, there could be games on the man's computer, but you have to remember that both Phil and JT were talking about console video games on "the big screen". And we all know the former has a permanent hard-on for trying to blame Rockstar/Take Two for everything that goes wrong in our society. But, still, at the moment there is no evidence to support the violent game theory.

Rayo said:

Why is Dr. Phil famous again?

Didn't he yell at emotionally unstable people a few times or something then went on Oprah?

Paul Soth said:

Good, that's out of the way. Now, if we can keep politics out of fandom, I'd be happy.

I mean, have you seen the threads that popped up on Kotaku and Destructoid? Dick waving, generalizations, polarization, rhetoric, bad arguments, etc, etc, etc...

Goddamn, I hate politics. Even more so when people start making presumptions about me just because I support health care reform, thought that the war was a bad idea, and believes that homosexual couples should have the same rights as heterosexual couples.

That's my new goal as I get into the convention seasion. The seperation of politics and fandom. Because, goddammit, I just want to enjoy myself.

Mikey said:

Actually, his dorm suite mate was interviewed and said he had never seen him playing any video games.

Sam said:

Phil's reasoning - that because there are some psychopaths playing video games that (allegedly) glamorise violence, we should addressing the issue of violent video games - is ridiculous.

By his reasoning we should coat society in bubblewrap that will shield EVERYONE (including potential psychopaths) from anything even remotely violent, just in case they use it to "influence" their potential psychosis.

Dr.Phil said:

The world will be a better place if we bubble wrap Dr.Phil.

bagwaa said:

Ahhh must have been Maralyn Manson again then, nothing todo with the fact that the kid was just barking mad? ... no?

Dash said:

He had a compaq, he couldnt have games.

Brazilian d00d said:

Impossible, the games are hidden. I cannot accept, not without extraordinary proof, that he killed innocent people without being influenced by ultraviolent/rape-glorifying modern, photo-realistic games like Duke Nukem, Doom and Wolfenstein.

I will not, under any circumstances, admit that he might have had mental problems that were caused by anything except violent/baby-killing video games. It is unimaginable that any sort of violence can occur without it being under the direct influence of Rockstar's filth called "GeeTeeAe".


On a bootnote, some TV stations has taken the Dr. Phil/Crazy Thompson approach of blaming video games. And yes, I was being sarcastic up there.

kcgirlgeek said:

There is no video game that is going to make a non-violent, stable person go behave in this manner.

A person who does something like this was unstable LONG before anything else entered the picture, in my opinion (no, I'm not a doctor, but I think many would say the same thing).

I play assorted "violent" games, MMORPGs, MMOFPSs, and straight FPS games that would probably be perceived as "violent." Everytime I PvP in World of Warcraft, or dice zombies to bits in Painkiller, does not make me want to go out and slaughter innocent people. (In fact, it probably KEEPS me from doing so, as I can vent my frustrations on a myriad of different virtual beings via gaming.)

Perhaps what we need is a mental health screening to show evidence of mental stability before we purchase a game now? I'm sure that if we had some sort of screening such as this before allowing game purchases, the problem would be completely solved. (NOTE: This is sarcasm.)

I don't know if I will ever understand WHY people just cannot take responsibility for their own actions. It always has to be blamed on some external. What a crock.

Doctor Allen said:

• Compaq computer from desktop
• Compact discs from desktops
• Two cases of compact discs from dresser top
• Drive: Seagate: 80 Gb

Dot R. said:

Some people are jumping to conclusions too quickly here.

The list says:"Compact discs from desktops"
Plus: "Two cases of compact discs from dresser top"
They could all be video games.

And it does not mean there were not games on his computer.

zilu said:


"Doctor Allen:

• Compaq computer from desktop
• Compact discs from desktops
• Two cases of compact discs from dresser top
• Drive: Seagate: 80 Gb"

Guilty as charged... Take that MF out of the morgue and kill him again.. ROTFL

keebler said:


That poor, tortured soul. If only he'd had some videogames as an outlet for all that pent-up aggression, maybe this whole tragedy could have been avoided.

sour said:

What video games did Charles Whitman play?

Tufas said:

The shooter sent a package to a news service, which shows everyhting was planned out. And here's what NBC discovered:

So much for the (cough*UGLYbastard*cough) "Dr." Phil "opinion"


Simon said:

Omg it must be the Seagate disk drive then :o

NR said:

I still am sure they will continue to blame this on video games. Well...maybe we'll have a definite when the exact CDs are revealed. Who knows? It could just actually be DVDs and Windows installation discs (I honestly wouldn't doubt it). Oh no! We can't have installation Windows Inastallation discs or we'll be the next Cho Seung Hui. Ummm...actually...with how paranoid our government is, I'm now regretting that sarcasm because it might actually happen...

fr0 said:

He had computers, that means he had... SOLITAIRE! Oh, crap! Solitaire makes people killers!

Head for the hills, receptionists the world 'round are ticking TIME BOMBS!

tek said:

Here is a list of the victims, and their personal myspace pages.

Peruchito said:

what videos games did hitler play?

drphil said:

The phrase "on the big screen" refers to movies at a theater, not console games on a television. Nice try though!

kneejerk reaction said:

what dumb conclusion to draw from the list of confiscated items on the warrant. cops are clearly going to take things that may be worthwhile evidence - a videogame console certainly isn't one of those. neither are, say, pencils or calculators.

let's illustrate, using the same incorrect logic:
did the warrant state that any of his clothes were confiscated? no? then he must not have had any clothes in his room, nor did he wear clothes regularly!

@kneejerk reaction:

Uh... dude? They took and documented a combination lock, a mirror and six sheets of computer paper. I'm reasonably sure that clothes were the only things they didn't take out of the room because they were looking for anything that might have had a relation to his crime. According to at least one article I read, his side of the room was incredibly sparse and he didn't have any decorations up... apparently his computer and his books were most of his possessions.

iceman said:

Hmm one of those disks could have been a windows installer. I every time I have to reinstall windows I get the urge to kill some one.

Tony said:

"Ahhh must have been Maralyn Manson again then, nothing todo with the fact that the kid was just barking mad? ... no?"

Ha, I'm wondering if this will come up again. I kind of hope not, but given their repeated claims that his lone passion was "downloading music" I'm scared something will come of it.

I mean, the Columbine kids didn't even like Marilyn Manson. He was kind of just tossed in there, even received many death threats over his supposed "role".

I guess anything for a scapegoat... but unfortunately, a lot of this seems to point to a really, really messed up kid.

Earl said:

Hating his life and all, does he really have time for video games?

Violent video games are made for one reason: so you don't have to do the real thing.

Seth said:

I don't know if it's just me, but it seems a little insensitive to use this tragedy as a tool to point out the frivolousness of Jack Thompson's (and the rest of his anti-video game cronies') attacks on video games are.

By doing this so soon after the travesty took place, I feel like you are lowering your site to the same level as Jack Thompson.

Denis said:

Maybe that's why he became a shooter, lack of video game as an outlet

Z_Tahir1 said:

People need to start learning that there is not always something to blame behind these tragedies. No matter what, it was his fault. It was his decision. It was his mistake. And playing the blame game is not going to hide the fact that this person himself was not only mentally ill, but in general, a sick person. In the end its obvious and apparant that the biggest influence he had towards this act was his own problems. He committed these Atrocities and even explained why. I'm not saying these are justified, but its obvious games and music are not part of the picture. Its his own experience, personal opinion, and views on the look of the wealthier society.

Z_Tahir1 said:

People need to start learning that there is not always something to blame behind these tragedies. No matter what, it was his fault. It was his decision. It was his mistake. And playing the blame game is not going to hide the fact that this person himself was not only mentally ill, but in general, a sick person. In the end its obvious and apparant that the biggest influence he had towards this act was his own problems. He committed these Atrocities and even explained why. I'm not saying these are justified, but its obvious games and music are not part of the picture. Its his own experience, personal opinion, and views on the look of the wealthier society.]

And even if he did have games, in the end, its not the games, but the person playing them. If a human being does not have the maturity that is necessary to handle such material, they shouldn't be using it in the first place, correct? Thats why films and games are rated. Thats why theres a height minimum at the roller coaster, you need to have the necessary features in order to use these materials, be it the maturity for games, or the height to ride that roller coaster.

steve said:

um playstation one emulator?

final fantasy 7 this way. had t oslow my emulator down it was so fast.

apparently you can run os2 games now no probs.

and remember asians usually have far advanced release of most of our western imititaion gadgets.

who know he might havea biological console system growing out of 'is ear'ole

Quizahoy said:

PWNED! Dr. Phil

ok everybody, let's play video games

josé ángel said:

Isn't it a bit stupid to be looking for a videogame in his room? I mean, would it been really news whether he had a videogame ? Or whether he had not?

Jimmycrackhorny said:

I have a theory, he was a madman who was easily able to get some guns and a shitload of bullets.

but I guess you can't blame the constitution for being flawed.

@jose, if the found videogames they would have blamed videogames and another whole debate would have spared about banning them. its easier for people to blame stupid things, but americains prefer that than debating on the constitution.

Merewyn said:

What books did he have?
Anyone found the titles?
It could tell us much about him.

Patricia said:

Most likely college books.

I really don't think videogames are to blame. What I think they should blame is the one who sold the guns to him! I know he bought the guns legally, but he was mentally unstable! Why the heck would you sell guns to someone with mental illness. I know those gun sellers want to make money, but jeez! That's just wrong!

Right now, the government is debating about gun control. If they place the blaming on videogames as well, they might as well have a "videogame control", because I don't think everyone's up for the idea of banning a number of violent games. Both gamers and producers of the game are not up for it.

While he was (now) obviously unstable, the time he spent in a mental institution was voluntary. That means that it wouldn't show up on a background check when he applied to buy a gun. Sadly, I don't think there's anyone that the masses can blame for Cho's behavior, other than him.

Darkmoor said:

Angelic Possession

Not A Massacre


It Was A Spiritual Warning

The gunning down of 32 teachers and students at Virginia Tech was a spiritual warning for America. It was instigated by an entity that possessed the body of Cho Seung-Hu. The act of bloodshed was filled with symbolic information for subconscious impact. Its purpose was to shock Americans into turning away from the politics of warmongering, pain and suffering, and to turn, instead, to a path of unconditional love.

"The purpose of evil is to inspire all that is good!"

You should note that the timing of the Virginia killings coincided with the U.S. Supreme Court's decision that same day to ban partial birth abortions, a ruling that many believe will be a first step toward reversing the controversial Roe vs. Wade ruling that makes abortions in the United States legal.

This ruling, by a court stacked by the Christian-oriented Bush Administration with ultra conservative judges, is "an assault against women in terms of psycho-sexual freedoms, choice and personal power."

Be warned that the stage is being set for a new wave of racial and sexual discrimination in America that is already beginning to be seen in the daily news. The Don Imus case is the most recent example.

The old battle of the sexes, pitting man against women, is always visible just before great world wars. "We are on the brink of social discord." These things foretell of World War III, which is a growing threat as world powers square off over issues in Iran.

The suicidal acts by 23-year-old Cho Seung-Hu, were sparked by the rejection of one, if not more than one woman. Police in Blacksburg, where the shooting occurred, said they investigated two separate stalking complaints against Cho by university women during his time at the school.

It was said that the first shooting incident involved the murder of a woman in one of the dormitories following an argument.

Among the many statements in his so-called manifesto, Cho said: "You have vandalized my heart, raped my soul and torched my conscience. You thought it was one pathetic boy's life you were extinguishing. Thanks to you, I die like Jesus Christ, to inspire generations of the weak and the defenseless people."

Artwork found in Cho's personal effects included delicate drawings of praying hands over a rose and a male angelic figure kissing a tearful female angel in the clouds. The female's face is turned away as she receives the kiss on her cheek. Both drawings symbolize a Christian influence, even though Cho denounced Christianity in his final video messages received at NBC headquarters on Wednesday.

Strangely, just as in the murders committed by Chicago's Christian serial killer John Wayne Gacy, this young man left 33 victims, one marking each year in the life of Jesus Christ. You should note that the news counts 32 victims, but Cho also took his own life, thus claiming the 33rd victim. That he identified himself as a sacrificial victim was significant. As a possessed young man, his life, indeed, was sacrificed by the entity as a means of delivering this powerful message.

Monday's tragic event at Virginia Tech has even more twists within its symbolic spiritual message.

At this time of year young men are experiencing a natural biological calling to sexual union because it is a time of the year when testosterone levels are raging through their bodies. This has often been referred to as the rites of spring, and are still celebrated in many countries with such events as a dance around a maypole and other pagan gatherings. The maypole, of course, represents the erect male penis.

Women of the world are called to be aware of the subtle power they possess over men, and to be sensitive to the vulnerability of the males at this time of the year.

"Women need to understand this power." Truth be told it is the power of the Kundalini, or that coiled force believed by some to be curled up in the back part of the root chakra at the base of the spine.

The symbol of the Kundalini is found in the Genesis story that tells of the serpent that tempts Eve in the Garden of Eden. It also can be found in images of the human DNA coil, as well as the medical symbol of the caduceus, or magic wand of the Greek god Hermes.

Cho slammed us all with a powerful message that should make us take a long look at the spiritual and political direction this nation is moving. The growing threat of expanding our military conflicts in the Middle East with an attack on Iran is one of the most deadly and spiritually troublesome things we could do.

Truth be said the choice for all of us, especially in choosing our next president, will be that of picking a leader that will be soft on war, or choosing another Christian warmonger like George W. Bush.

It will be a choice between hate and pain and suffering, or love.

A wrong choice will mean a global war. It will mean a return of the draft, and hundreds of thousands of young men and women of the same age group that perished in the Virginia shootings could be slaughtered on the battlefield. This is the probable penalty of choosing wrong.

There is one final symbolic mark to this affair that cannot be overlooked. There is a U. S. Senator representing the State of Virginia who offered public words of comfort on Monday after hearing of the shootings. His name is the same as Presidential candidate John Edwards, except he has a middle initial S in his name.

The appearance by Senator Edwards was a subconscious message to everyone that the presidential candidate by that name is the right choice if America wants a president that will be "soft on war" and lead the nation on a pathway of love.

"Edwards is our next to be in the office and he will stand for love when he is introduced to an Iranian wife bonding our two countries,"

"This is a message from God. It is a divine message of love verses ego and war. It is our choice in the next election."

"The whole thing is obvious enough that everyone can feel it."

Obviously... since no one can place blame, everyone's going to be fighting about it. People are becoming unstable in general because America deems it okay to treat people like shit. Do you think if anyone gave a damn about this kid this would have happened? I wouldn't be surprised if all clues pointed to "he didn't really have any friends".

People are not nice, "A student" or not.

He took responsibility, and took himself along with them. This is what happens in the world. People freak out whenever it happens in our back yard. Want reason? There isn't always reason. Sometimes it entirely chaos, and nothing more.

Security = illusion.

This kind of thing should not happen but it does. Let's not look for blame, psychology or excuses from spirituality and religion. That always only gets us nowhere. Temporary coping, but it always happens again.

Isn't it time we all did better than we've been doing?

Start actively giving a damn.

Realist said:

Dr. Phil is looking in the wrong direction.

Chris said:

You guys are such retards. Even if there were games on the CD's that doesn't mean he played them. And even if there were games installed on the PC, you can check the executables for the games and logfiles to see when they were last accesed. Not that it matter anyways since games don't cause people to kill.

I wonder if Crazy Thompson believes that the history of earth, before the advent of video games, was some sort of utopia filled with peace and love that was suddenly turned into hell on earth when pong arrived on its death horse.

Chris said:

Well seeing as all copys of xp ship with games - solitare, minisweeper etc, does this mean that microsoft are responsible?

All this games = violence is bs

Sokatume said:

Chris, LMAO that image of a pong paddle on a pale horse... classic.

Bigbenr said:

If Cho Seung-Hui had not been unreasonably fearful, had used common sense and not had a gun, a beautiful young man would still be alive. There are too many Cho Seung-Hui out there too many little people of limited social skills, limited practical intelligence and limited conscience who not only fail to think before they act but refuse to take responsibility for their actions.
Our Constitution does not give us rights without responsibility, so where is the personal responsibility in this?

We have the NRA to thank not only for the deletion of personal responsibility from the equation, but for all the people who will die as the result.

Buddy Hinton Sturmgewehr said:

Comrade Cho, through his glorious sacrifice, has blazed the trail for the final downfall of decadent American capitalism! The running dog plutocrats of Wall Street and Washington rightly quake in fear at the imminent triumph of socialism! The inevitable outcome of the historical dialectic will be the slaughter of the parasitic capitalists followed by the establishment of a socialistic paradise where such basic needs as food and medecine will be freely and easily available to the proletariot. Arise, my American brothers! You have nothing to lose but your chains!

reality said:

The reason for the tragedy is sin. Lucifer (the angel of Light) fell from God's graces because of jealousy. He was cast out of Heaven and made his way to Earth. There he influenced man (woman) and that was the origin of sin.... It is still happening! Until the Lord comes and takes away sin, there will be many more tragedies! Sorry to say! Only God can wipe it out! Give your lives to the Lord and He will help you deal with anything! May He comfort and care for you all who were changed by this violent affair. God bless you all!!

Bigbenr said:

Adding to the pile of idiots, Newt Gingrich has blamed the VT killings on "liberalism," giving the NRA branch of the Reich Wing a brand new bumper sticker: "Guns don't kill people. Liberalism kills people." And before 24 hours had elapsed, Rush Limbaugh, expert on everthing from painkillers to Parkinson's Disease, implied that fewer kids would have been killed if they just weren't so slow getting out of the way.

Yes, folks, this is why it's called "compassionate conservatism."

Bigbenr said:

It never ceases to amaze that the "girliest" of men among us, those who send others to fight illegal wars but who did everything in their rich daddy's power to avoid fighting in one themselves and, those who make their living sitting on their fat asses endorsing the former chicken-shits and otherwise mouthing off, are the first ones to point a finger at someone else for not being as "manly" as they imagine themselves to be. If these idiots are so manly, why aren't they out loading trucks, raking concrete and installing iron on high-rises?

Sexual ignorance and repression has, over millenia created mindsets and monsters that tend towards various perverse expressions.Take the Catholic church and it's penchant for pedophilic priests.The exterminition of females primarily, as "witches" during the Middle Ages? Recently, Amish girls were murdered, the little boys spared. The Christian community lauded the Amish for showing the world, "dignity", by "forgiving" the murderer for killing little girls. Little was said about the gender-defined targets, or why he targeted them. What about Hitler, our favorite Christian? One shining example of "righteousness", and "manliness", and "power". One of most reliable monster- mindsets is the American-style, bland accessment of females as (secondary), sex-objectified, or politically or financially "profitable" to males, and thus also expendable, entities. We are told, that it is the "proper role" of females to support males. For carrying on the "bloodline" for "breeding". Males over the world are considered more "valuable", and, this is the sad lie. The "provocative, deceitful female " has been identified as causal; origin of everything that can be victimized without consequence. Bought and sold. Enslaved. Chattle. But mostly brainwashed. Pity that. Maybe Emily jilted or ignored Cho Seung-Ho? He wasn"t getting any, no doubt. Neither was Hitler. The language of beauty; of peace; of equality as "persons"and the culture that supports these concepts...will perhaps flourish again. We do not yet know when or where.


Samantha said:

I dont think this is anything to do with Video games. Cho was just a disturbed, sick, powerless and alone boy, he had no exuse for what he did. I think it was just his way of crying out for help.


smilee said:

I dont think this is anything to do with Video games. Cho was just a disturbed, sick, powerless and alone boy, he had no exuse for what he did. I think it was just his way of crying out for help.


Bigbenr said:

So, in summise, for those who have been wondering (you know who you are), I spent the weekends in glorious San Francisco! I’ve stayed in Anaheim for the Gay Days another weekend.And the whole chorus spent the weekend terrifying the Bible study groups.A handful of our group mired in Big Gay Dramas, rehearse some more ... and before the weekend is over, there will no doubt be a Scandalous Sexual Encounter that will keep the chorus gossip circles abuzz for months.

After a mighty struggle to extract myself from the almost unearthly comforts of my glorious hotel bed Sunday morning, I donned my gay apparel running gear, chugged a ton of prev julian gallo and headed out the door for a fabulous run through the Park. No wonder the Republicans are in office—us gays are too busy emulating alienating outsnobbing each other. (I must say we look good doing it, though.)

Buddy Hinton said:

I like weapons & am as kinky as hell.Go Dallas cowboys!

Bigbenr said:

I just want to say having gone to a gun show in Texas a few years ago, I found myself in a room full of the most disgusting people in my experience. It was the closest I had come face to face with the Klan, the Aryan Nations, and most ubiquitous of all, unreconstructed Neo-Confederates. There were so many nitwits in their camo outfits, bandoleers, shaved heads, creepy tattoos and lack of front teeth that it was obvious to me they should have gun shows with dental conventions in the same building at the same time.

The friend who dragged me there was after a Streetsweeper. So off we went through the crowd, many of whom carried assault weapons over their shoulders and handguns in hand with price tags dangling from them, selling to anyone with cash no questions asked. The crowd at the Streetsweeper booth was large, after all, what could be more gunfun than a semi automatic shotgun that fires a dozen 12 gauge shells through a big rolling drum as fast as you can pull the trigger? Big-Big-gun-gun fun-fun!

My pal, a wannabe bounty hunter who looked the part, had no trouble finding full automatic switch kits, and even someone selling silencers. There was also more hate Clinton, Schumer, Brady and Liberals bumper stickers than at a GOP convention. More than anything, these shows are meeting places for the most violent contingent of the extreme Right-wing and gang culture in this country.

To be fair, I must say that most of the big busy booths were run by sporting goods manufacturers and their local distributors. They make enough money day to day selling their guns and ammo that they could easily stop pandering to these Right-wing extremists and pull out of gun shows all together.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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