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D3Publisher Acquires Vicious Cycle Software


D3Publisher of America's star is rising. As far as I'm concerned it began with a little phenomenon called Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords and hasn't slowed down since. Before GDC in March I'd never heard of the company - which doesn't say much since I live pretty much in my own world and very rarely know anything relevant.

But just a few months later (and a lovely day in a hotel suite uptown, which never fails to grease my axle) and D3 has partnered with Cartoon Network for Ben 10: Protector of Earth, which Fruit Brute and I saw last month and which looked very, very cool.

And of course D3 is bringing Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords to the XBLA, a perfect marriage if ever there were one - and will be following that with Mad Tracks and RocketBowl, which was developed by the fabulously whimsical development studio Large Animal. (Check them out: who else has games about both Nancy Drew and bird-watching?)

Now D3 has bought North Carolina-based Vicious Cycle Software, marking the company's first internal studio purchase by D3's US division. Vicious Cycle, of course, was responsible for the PSP version of Puzzle Quest and is behind the upcoming PSP exclusive Dead Head Fred.

Congratulations to an innovative publisher and an innovative developer on their nuptials! We're looking forward to Fred, as well as the sequel to Puzzle Quest, so have a wonderful but brief honeymoon.

D3 Publisher Acquires Vicious Cycle Software

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