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Loco Roco Developer Speaks


Gamespot sat down with Tsutomu Kouno, the lead developer of Loco Roco, for a tell-all interview about his professional life in game development. He was snatched up by Sony straight out of college in '97 and started his career with Legends of the Dragoon, and later working on Ico. Loco Roco was the first game that he developed from the ground up, from start to finish as the lead. That's quite an accomplishment considering that it took him 11 years to get to a position in Sony where they gave him a small development team to complete his title.

In the interview, he calls for a "Global culture of gamers". A culture that supports games from across the ocean, instead of the nations divided where gamers are not willing to try a game from foreign lands.

His advice to anyone looking to get into the game industry.

"First and foremost, you gotta be different. You gotta do something different. You have to be different from everyone else who's out there. You gotta have something original."

For the complete interview, head on over to Gamespot for a nice lengthy chat with Tsutomu Kouno.

Loco Roco's Tsutomu Kouno wants a world united (in games) [PSP Fanboy]

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