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Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig!!


Hello Everyone,

Well, we finally made it back!

First of all let me just give a huge thanks out to everyone who wrote articles about us and has been emailing, sending IM messages and well wishes through the comments on other sites and of course, our families. The show of support has been overwhelming and it's really wonderful to see how much people care about our little community. By far the worst part of the last few days is knowing that our readers were missing not just a news site, but their community as well; a space we've all worked so hard to create.

Just in case you've been clicking on the site for the last few days and couldn't find us and didn't read about it elsewhere, the site recently came under a series of small DOS attacks which caused the site to give server resets every once in a while. We succeeded in blocking those attacks and then on Friday night, someone spammed the chat room and forums with hate speech and then by midnight or so on Friday, our host provider shut our server down until the attacks could be stopped for good.

Well, now we're back and I think the better for having been through it all. Thanks again for all the support and welcome back to all the members of our community. Also, a special welcome to any new readers who might be joining us.

And now we return you to our regularly scheduled programming!


Flynn De Marco "Fruit Brute"
David Edison "Tiny Dancer"
Mike Wilson "Mikey"
and all of your dedicated GayGamer staff.


Steven said:

Boys (and Lazy Panda!),
Your mission has never been more clear. These attacks only serve to solidify any belief that a site like this is necessary. It's sometimes easy (and a welcome change) to forget that not everyone enjoys our company, in real life, or on the Internet. Gaming is just one area of life in which LGBTQ people are an after thought. Well, here's to, changing the face of at least one facet of popular culture.

Heart you big time!

SurlyBitch said:

Welcome back, girls! Let's get gayming!

Veggieboy said:

My boyfriend and I have been shaking our fists angrily all weekend. Good to have you back, GG. Much love.

g_whiz said:

You guys really have created a very special and distinctive web resource. One that incidentally tends to have better more informative updates and more personalized information than a dozen generic sites put together. Glad to have you back.


MuddBstrd said:

I'm overjoyed that the site is back up. Your postive attitude coming out of this experience is very inspiring, as well. I'm glad to see that this whole ordeal has only served to motivate you guys more. Congratulations on getting through this and for making such a great home for gay gamers on the web.

Welcome back!

Just goes to show you can't keep a great site down.

jonostarsmore said:

It's good to be home again :-)

Thanks guys for all of your hard work!

Jaesin said:

It really warms my heart to see the outpouring of support for this website. Kotaku did an article on it that made the front page of Digg I believe. Joystiq also had a nice writeup.

This community is one of a kind, and I'm glad that everything is back up and running. Cheers.

.tiff said:

So happy to have you back and in business! We missed you!!

Kthim said:

Glad to see that the site is back up. Continue with the good work.

Reit Zephyrox said:

It's so nice that gaygamer is back and ready to rock! A big hug and a big kiss from Spain! ^^

Hoygeit said:

Never commented before, but I missed the website terribly in the short period it was away. Glad to see you're back up and running! :D

Mythology said:

Yay! Welcome back guys! I missed you :)

Chris said:

i heart gaygamer

Coweh said:

I can't express how much you guys rock. This place is a great little safe haven from the constant idiocy of the internets, and it's good to be back.

Brackynews said:

Marvelous, glad you came through with nary a scrape! Don't let the asshats getcha down.

I hope the Major catches up with you again, that was a great interview.


a la Mode 7 said:

I've been keeping tabs on what was happening through Kotaku and I'm happy to see things are back the way they should be. Thank you GG for providing a quality site and giving us all a place where everyone can feel welcome.

Fyfe said:

Yeah, baby! Overjoyed to see you back!

game-boi said:

...good evening JF.

I'm super glad to see you guys back online and gayer than ever.

hypothetical said:

Horray! So glad the site is back in action! I've missed it terribly.

DJ Fluke said:

so glad to see you guys back up and running!
looking forward to seeing how you deal with the twerp(s) that did this to you. one option is to sic the A-Team on him/her/them; i hear they aren't busy these days...

YukoAsho said:

Oh this is amazing! I'm so incredibly happy to see this site's back up! I assume this means found the bastard and is having him arrested?

Anyway, welcome back!

andyg8180 said:

Hey GG...

Welcome back and glad to see youre back with Joysicks in hand!! (pun intended lol)!! You guys have a great site, and being a straight guy, I think this was defintily a Ding for the entire Gaming community to see a Gamer-dedicated site go down...

I wish you guys continuous success!!!

Make sure you stop by and watch your Xbox get all "emo" on you... Check it out...

Definilty would like to welcome you and your friends to our community!!


Tiresias said:

Good to see it back up, and can only encourage the crew to keep on going. Some method of stabbing people over the internet is needed :P

TR Rose said:

I'm so glad you're back online, and you're not letting the cyberbullies keep you down!

Kisses from Princess Peach. :)

blackdragon said:

Glad to have you guys back!
I hope you find out who the perp is and something can be done about it.

fan from LA,


Aletta said:

I mostly just lurk here, but I check the site every day, so it was a real shock to see it go down.
I'm really glad to see you back up and kicking ass!

krisu50 said:

Finally guys and girls!

aaahhhh until this downtime i hadn't realized how much i needed all of you bringing me news with a fairy twist to it that i love and appreciate so much!

let's keep our heads up and flying forward!

hurray for all of us gaygamers!!

much love!

Morrigan said:

yay, back online!!!

so glad to know you could handle it, this is by far one of my favorite sites and comunity...

so, from Chile all of my love and suport to you guys!

Wootini said:

Geeze Flynn, go out of town for a few weeks and the castle falls under siege! Glad to see you guys repelled the invaders, and hopefully reinforced the balustrades. And maybe widened the moat, too?

Sorry there wasn't much I could do to help, but if you need anyone to man the crossbows next time, let me know!

dorock said:

Hurrah, now back to annoying the shit out of the community.

Bluebreaker said:

I don't understand the situation since I wasn't here most of the weekend but here goes:


WannaCub said:


Just like crappy Mega Man games, you're back!

I missed you!

NR said:

It's a shame it happened, but I'm glad the return is here. I may not be on the gay side of the fence, but I still come here for all of the gaming information you guys cover and feel that the loss was a big hurt for the gaming community.

arkadin said:

i've been in class - otherwise i would've added my voice to the chorus of well-wishing and back-welcoming in the comments here. also, i had to put the smack down in the comments on queerty.

anywho, glad to see everything's safe as houses again. it's good to know that you're not going anywhere. and neither are your readers.

Katsuya Kaiba said:

Welcome back guys! The internet was boring without you!

Hanjo said:

Thank god you are back, missed you this weekend, even though the weather was beautiful and so i didn't die of boredom.

sad to see there's some homophobic idiots that are jealous of the peace and happiness we have over here.

why don't they rather decide to come out and play with us?

I am so glad you are back. I was surprised when I heard about GayGamer being attacked, albeit not shocked, I've been through the same thing, for the same reasons, myself.

But GayGamer is such a helpful, useful, really nice site! That is what surprised me, I guess. It is difficult to comprehend a mind that would attack such a gentle, goodnatured, and highly useful place for gamers, gay or not.

Anyway, I am really glad you are back.

I missed GayGamer.

Darren said:

So glad you guys are back!

I feel like giving back rubs with happy endings for everybody!!! ;)

bdjwill said:

It's awesome to see this site back up and live again.
Welcome back to the castle.

Adam said:

Hooray, you're back!

My friends and I were all very concerned to see the site down all weekend, and we were even more worried when we found out why. It's great to see you all back again! The gaping whole in my internet heart has healed.

thirdaxis said:

Welcome back! Indeed you were missed.

I was very disappointed with the response from some of the other gaming communities, who seemed affronted by the fact that a site like this existed. A real shame, yet a true testament to why sites like this are necessary and should be supported.

Welcome back again, hopefully for a long while!

J.Cruz said:

It is glorious that you are back. I'm not sure I could be like the X-men here...I certainly am feeling like Magneto and want to give 'em all a taste of their own medicine.

But I'll try to learn the lesson, and until then, back to Gaaaaaaaay Gaming!

ZiggyQ said:

Welcome back! I confess I didn't even know about this site until I read about the attacks. Great to see you getting back online though!

nectarine said:

I'm a new reader because of that attack :)

Cherrod said:

Just a little "Love" mail to let you know that small minds perform small deeds. You have ALWAYS been successful at anything that you have done! Jealousy is inevitable. Just keep being you!


And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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