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Video: The iPhone NES Emulator

Considering I have to go through the daily torture of watching my boyfriend flaunt his iPhone, I was none too happy to see this--an NES emulator designed for the iPhone! As if there aren't enough things he can do on his iPhone that I can't even dream of on my rinky-dink cellphone, now he can play Metroid, Super Mario 3 and Mega Man 2?!! Well, that's just mean, if you ask me, even if it does look a little clunky and hard to control.

It's a strange platform right now, the iPhone, because it is so obviously in it's infancy. Every day something new has been developed or hacked for the shiny little Apple lovechild, and it is clear that we're only at the beginning of the things it will be capable of (although what it can do already is pretty impressive enough). Nerds are relishing the chance to develop for such a new frontier. Especially in terms of gaming, the touch screen and accelerometer will be used in ways plenty more creative than what we've seen so far, because if you ask me, playing games on your phone is like 75% of the reason to own one in the first place.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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