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PSP 3.72 Reveals PS3 2.0 Firmware Details


The new PSP firmware version 3.72 indirectly confirms some expectations about what PS3 firmware version 2.0 will bring - specifically, in addition to improved support for PSN games, we now have the ability to turn on a PS3 to initiate Remote Play - provided that PS3 is running the as-yet unreleased 2.0 PS3 firmware. To my mind, Remote Play is useless without this feature: aren't I more likely to want to use my PSP rather than my PS3 if I am, in fact, in a remote location away from my PS3?

So 2.0 would fix Remote Play, finally giving me a chance to see whether or not it's a feature I'll be interested in using. Kinda late to the pitch with this one, and the bigger questions are still unanswered - surely we'll be seeing more in PS3 2.0 firmware than finally implementing Remote Play?

Keep your fingers crossed - I want to see the fully-downloadable brick-and-mortar game, Blu-ray Disc alternatives Sony's been talking about all year. I'm ready for the phrase "available on Blu-ray Disc and download via the PlayStation Store" to be a reality...c'mon Santa...

PSP 3.72 Reveals PS3 2.0 Feature


ykculnU said:

Didn't they do that with Warhawk?

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