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Katamari Sculpture Rocks The House


Artist Jennie Maneri put together this terrific Katamari sculpture and sent some pics via carrier pigeon over to the castle. I could try to explain how it was all done, but I'll let Jennie do that in her own words.

I created my own real-fake Katamari from an assortment of dollhouse furnishings, hobby shop accoutrements, and toy stores oddities. Additionally, I hand made Pocky and Milky packages using inkjet prints on tiny boxes. The entire replica is made from miniatures down to the hand-felted Katamari at the core, with all the items glued, pinned, and sewn. Approximately 12" high at a 1:12 scale

Dang, that sounds like a lot of work, but the result is gorgeous and will make a fine addition to our Fan Art Gallery! Thanks, Jennie!

You can check out some other shots of the Katamari on Jennie's website.


LunarMouse said:

Oh man! SOOOO CUTE! very nice find!

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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LunarMouse on Katamari Sculpture Rocks The House: Oh man! SOOOO CUTE! very nice find!...

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