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Behold: The 8-Bit Guitar Strap


Let's be honest about something: there is little hotter than taking someone who is already a hot rock star and then revealing that he's a giant nerd. Come on? Brad Paisley? The man's an amazing guitarist (even if he does perform country music), but he also conducts interviews in Battlestar Galactica shirts.

Now, should you desire to advertise your absolute geekiness whilst rocking out on stage... or while showing your friends up at either Rock Band or Guitar Hero... you can break out the 8-Bit Guitar Strap. These are printed on vinyl and also happen to be limited editions, so you might want to order one soon.

"I am 8-bit by Couch" Rock Band/Guitar Hero Strap [Couch Guitar Straps]
[via Joystiq]

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