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YouTube Guitar Hero Freddie Wong Interviewed


Here's a nice, friendly read for your Sunday afternoon: "Freddy Wong's Frisky Fingers" at GameSetWatch reprints highlights from Kiri Miller's Guitar Hero: A Research Blog's interview with Freddie Wong, a Guitar Hero virtuoso and one of a growing number of self-made YouTube stars. His video of Guitar Hero 2's YYZ by Rush on expert difficulty has had over 4.3 million hits in less than 14 months. I had seen the video previously(remember Freddie smashing the guitar and exiting in quite the rock star fashion?) but knew nothing more than what I saw before me.

Thanks to Ms. Miller's efforts, we get some insight into the video's genesis and Wong's reaction to both the video's popularity and the over 25,000 comments it has generated. All I can say is it looks like he has one hell of a good time when he's playing!

E-Interview With Freddie Wong [Guitar Hero Research]
[via: GameSetWatch]


Courtney said:

this SUCKS

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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