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Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Launch Party


After waffling back and forth for a while I decided to head down to the Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII launch party in San Francisco last night. Knowing that only two hundred people would be let in, I was curious to see what the line would be like. I hoped off the BART and made my way to the Metreon Center and before I reached it I could see the line. It ran all the way up one side of the building, wrapped around the corner and went down the block. I made an attempt to document it in photos so you can get an idea of how long it was

The one thing I was most interested in finding out was who made it in line first and more importantly, how long had they been waiting? I got to the head of the line and there was the proud first guy in line. Chris S. and his friend Justin who had driven all the way from San Diego and had been there since 9pm the previous evening. As it was now almost 6pm, the two had been there nearly nine hours after driving for quite a few more. Both had already played through the Japanese version of the game and were quite excited to be playing the US version.

More folks started arriving around 9am the following day with the bulk of the crowd showing up around 1 in the afternoon, some sending out runners for food and drinks. Of the gathered crowd that I got to talk to before they went in, at least eleven people were purchasing PSPs that day to play Crisis Core with another three or four having bought them the day before in anticipation of the launch. Sadly, besides the fellow pictured here, a couple of half-assed costumes and one that I didn't photograph for sanity reasons (yours not mine) FF cosplay was in short supply.

Make the jump to find out about the rest of the event and check out a gallery of all the fun!

Once we were let in the the Sony Store I roamed about and checked out the various demo stations and all the people lined up to make their purchases. There were t-shirts for the lucky first hundred people through the door (which you can see in some of the pics) and you could also wait in line for a Shin-Ra Electric Power Company staff ID card complete with photo. (Yes, I got one). A few raffle prizes were also given away like a Sephiroth figure and five exclusive CC:FFVII lithographs from a limited group of twenty. At the front end of the store there was a nice display of some art and collections of Final Fantasy figures and while we couldn't take a shot of it head on, we could take one from an angle, which I've included in the gallery below. The rest of the evening was spent watching the goings on of the excited crowd and hob-nobbing with some of my fellow journalists including Games Radar's Christian Nutt and Wired's Chris Kohler. All in all it was an interesting evening and I was glad I made the trip down to check it out.

Be sure and stay tuned in the next few days for all the fantasy you an get from SuperTimsy's impressions of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII.



White_oyster said:

Wow, over sized is right. When they were talking about the swords at Kotaku I figured they would be your average over sized plastic or cardboard sword...but man. And why is that guy holding it so it looks like an extension of his crotch? Aren't swords supposed to be held a little higher? I've never wielded one before so I don't know, if not it can go next to all the other "manly" things men do in the name of sports that in the end have gay written all over it.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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