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Video: iPhone Gaming With Trism

Here we've got a video of Trism, an ingenious match-three game for the iPhone developed by our very own Gay Gamer of the Week, Steve Demeter AKA Demiforce. Steve showed me Trism at the GGP party in San Francisco during GDC, and the number of wheat beers in my belly had nothing to do with my reaction: Trism kicks ass, was developed in a matter of days, and uses the iPhone's six axises of tiltability to drop the game's triangle blocks, or trisms, according to gravity no matter which way you turn and tilt the iPhone.

Take a look, then sign up at to be notified when Demiforce releases the demo (you'll need a jailbroken iPhone/iPod touch, most likely), or for more information. Way to go Steve: this has been quite the season for the gay gamer revolution!

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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