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Samsung Unveils Mobile Second Life: Anshe Causes 12 Car Pile-Up

Samsung Makes Second Life Mobile

Okay, I'm just joking there. No car accidents ensued there, but it could happen. Heck, it probably will happen. Samsung revealed that they have produced a mobile client for Second Life, a popular alternate reality game (yes, I said game, don't shoot me) available for Linux, Mac OS and Windows PCs.

Aside from feeding an already addictive behavior, I'm not sure how I feel about people being able to do what they do in Second Life on the go. Call me old fashioned, but somethings are best done in the privacy of your own home. Remember kids, do not yiff and drive. Pull over if you must look away from the road and use a hands-free set while talking.

Samsung Unveils Mobile Application for Second Life [The Korea Times]
[via Kotaku]

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