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Black Velvet Lite: DS Accessories For The Sophisticated Woman Fierce Gender Warrior


Thanks to Gemaga and Dengeki for finding this hot set of products from, which made me squeal like a girl and then cry like a man. Dress up your Nintendo DS Lite in couture fit for a king or a queen!

I'm getting all Siouxie/Lollygoth just over these pictures: a gorgeous black and pink DS card case for 1000 yen, a super-awesome but perhaps too-realistic screen buff/compact for 800 yen, a baroque stylus pen for 700 yen, a bitchin' hard case for 1200 yen and a carrying pouch for 1500 yen that I would pay hard cash money to see tucked daintily under Fruit Brute's elbow.

DS Accessories for the Sophisticated Woman [Gemaga]



ringoxcore said:

ferocious is an understatement.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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ringoxcore on Black Velvet Lite: DS Accessories For The Sophisticated Woman Fierce Gender Warrior: ferocious is an understatement....

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