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E For Eulogy: E For All Not Coming Back In 2009

Poop of Doom

It is a dark day in the world of consumer level game conferences. Entertainment and Software Association had announced that they will be reformatting their large scale commercial expo E3 in the next years. Now IDG World Expo has stated that they have scrapped plans to bring back E for All in 2009. This decision comes after two years worth of bad reviews of the expo itself.

IDG released this statement on VE3D:

We want to thank all of our E for All partners for their support, and we encourage E for All exhibitors to participate in the E3 new event, which we believe will meet their needs as well as those of the industry at large,

IDG World Expo is very pleased to be partnering with the ESA on E3 and continuing to play a central role in that important industry event. We look forward to furthering our contribution to the success of the videogame community.

The most disappointing element of this situation is that ESA sank a lot of money in trying to make E for All a solid consumer expo. There simply was not enough publisher support to keep the good ship E4A afloat.

E for All consumer show scrapped []

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