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Hello all and welcome to the last week of the 2008 game season! It's been a stellar year for games, especially in the last few months with amazing titles coming fast and furious all the way up till the holidays.

Last week we posted the voting page for our end of the year game awards. The first year we did this we had you, the readers, pick the winners. Last year, the editors did the choosing. This year as a special treat we have tabulated BOTH sets of votes and posted them here for comparison. Not that there is a lot of comparison to make. Your votes and ours were pretty much dead on all the way down the line. The only exceptions were a few categories where the editors were split down the middle and we declared a few ties.

Make the jump to check out who the big winners were and see if your picks made it into the final tally!



LittleBigPlanet & Fallout 3

lbpwin4.jpg fallout3win3.jpg

LittleBigPlanet swept the voting for game of the year amongst our readers, but the staff was split pretty much down the middle between it and Fallout 3. Cute, cuddly, platforming, level building awesomeness vs. irradiated, mutant filled, head exploding, adventure ridden amazingness. Such is the dichotomy that is GayGamer.



Sackboy ruled the school on the PS3, stomping some pretty stiff competition with Solid Snake and Nico Bellic. But, apparently creativity outweighs guns.

Fable II


This one was pretty much a landslide. Fable II was highly anticipated and aside from some multiplayer issues, more than met expectations. A beautifully expanded game that brings to fruition all the promises of the original.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl


The only thing more fun than beating the crap out of your friends is beating the crap of your friends posing as cute Nintendo characters. It seemed as if anyone who had ever laid hands on a Nintendo was waiting for this one to come out and when it did, it exploded with color and action and enough button mashing fun to keep gamers entertained for months to come.

Professor Layton and the Curious Village


From the amazing art style to the fun and frustrating brain puzzlers, Professor Layton something entirely new on the DS: a puzzle game with an intriguing storyline that left you anxious to unravel the mystery. We here in the US anxiously await the sequels.

Left 4 Dead


Valve hit a nerve with this amazingly fun zombie shooting game. With each level styled like a horror movie, Left 4 Dead is the most fun you can have with three friends while causing a massive zombie holocaust.

World of Goo


The two man team of 2D Boy came up with this terrific physics based game on a shoestring budget. While it may have suffered a huge piracy rate, at least you can say people truly loved this little game that could.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

SoulCalibur IV & Super Smash Bros. Brawl

ssbwin2.jpg sc4win2.jpg

The polar opposites in the GayGamer staff showed themselves again when it game to Best Fighting Game. Half of us agreed with the readers that loved Super Smash Bros.' button mashing fun while the other half of us enjoyed Soul Calibur's technical fighting prowess. The cool outfits and ability to create sexy, scantily clad fighters helped too...

Fallout 3


No contest here. Fallout 3 was by far the best RPG on the market this year. The epic storyline, endless quests and deep, fun leveling made this a tough customer to beat.

Left 4 Dead


This was a no brainer (pun intended). Left 4 Dead's frenetic pace and endless onslaught of zombie hordes left gamers feeling drained after each section of the game. Sometimes it was better than sex. Sometimes.

Rock Band 2


Harmonix had a banner year, releasing massive amounts of downloadable songs for Rock Band. Then Rock Band 2 arrived on the scene, barely a year after it's original launched with improved instruments and even more songs and DLC to enjoy. If this band's rockin', don't bother knockin'!

Dead Space


EA scared the pants of off us with their freshman survival horror offering, Dead Space. Combining science fiction with horror, they were able to add additional elements from many other games and sources to create something fresh, engaging and truly terrifying.

Metal Gear Solid 4

Metal Gear Solid 4 & Prince of Persia

512.jpg popwin.jpg

Kojima's Metal Gear Solid franchise ended it's Solid Snake storyline in epic style with a game that was weird, wild and oddly gorgeous. While the cinemas may have been a lot to sit through, it definitely left the player satisfied after a long, final finish. Once again though, the staff was split, with half of us picking the Prince of Persia's surfer boy perfect abs against Old Snake's perfect 18yo ass.

Fable II


Not only did Fable II contain characters who were labeled as Straight, Gay and Bi, you could even marry a member of the same sex. You could marry more than one! And the characters were anything but stereotypical. 'Nuff said

Honorable mention: SingStar ABBA

25 ABBA songs + Karaoke = A gay old time.


The Secret Apprentice (Star Wars: The Force Unleashed


Another landslide. It seems that being a secret Jedi apprentice to a Sith Lord has mass appeal. Everyone loves a bad boy.

Faith (Mirror's Edge)


Although she didn't show her face much during the game, her cover photo and saucy Asian good looks were enough to have Mirror's Edge's Faith smashing the competition. Even Ivy's giant breasts weren't enough to win her this one.



LittleBigPlanet's combination of original music and licensed tunes were one of the things that made this game a joy to play. You couldn't listen to the music without tapping your feet with a grin on your face. Even a delay of the game involving one of the music selections couldn't diminish the appeal of this stellar soundtrack.

Metal Gear Solid 4


Even with its limited color palette, the visual world of Metal Gear Solid 4 was absolutely breathtaking. It was imbued with an other-worldly quality that while familiar, still seemed as foreign as outer space.


Bill said:

Well, at least my biggest time stealer got 1 & 1/2, that being "Fallout 3" Just started over to be a bad guy in fact. Over 100 hours for the first go through, not close to Oblivions 240 hours though.

Richie said:

No Best PC Game category?! Sigh...

Augusto said:

I never got into the Fallout 3 experience, tried it, got bored, and switched to JRPG, I still believe that the best one is Persona 4.

MarsAttack said:

I'm sorry, but I have to just shake my head at this whole endeavor.

While i agree with some choices what I DON'T agree with was the method given to choosing the winners of each category. We were given, what, five choices of out the myriad of games in each genre that came out this year? Who got to pick them? Seriously.

While a write-in may not have worked the best way I could think of to make it work would have been to start with preliminaries, narrow down the choices, and then pick from those. Otherwise it feels like a crapshoot.

Christian said:

Fallout is NOT a RPG!!!!!!

ReignFury said:

I'm glad you managed to find at least one reason to pick Prince of Persia, because that game doesn't offer up many. Good list anyway, despite some disappointments 2008 really was a good year for gaming.

Neko said:

Augusto said:

I never got into the Fallout 3 experience, tried it, got bored, and switched to JRPG, I still believe that the best one is Persona 4.

^This I have to agree with this, Persona 4 is just addicting and since it did not have much hype like other games get's overlooked when it is a true RPG.

Oh also I have to note this

Christian said:

Fallout is NOT a RPG!!!!!!

My friend says (yells) this a lot and he plays a lot of RPG's and have played Fallout 3 and I never understood how it is labeled as one played P4 more then Fallout.

And this is coming from a girl who loves her horror games.

Kenshi said:

...great list, guys. You did well, as always!

Luis said:

I have to agree, Persona 4 is definitely one of the best rpg's if not the best. It's combination of mystery, final fantasy type battles, mazes, social world, and dating sim has to make it the most original rpgs out there. I never played fallout, but from what I've seen on youtube, it's not very rpg like. (I say this as I'm playing it right now :P )

Fable II: 360 Game of the Year? How? Are we basing this on it being fun? Its technical merits? Stellar voice acting and music? The number of broken promises Peter Molyneux made regarding what we'd be able to do in the game? Homosexual content? Oh, I get it. It's for homosexual content.

In that case, I'd like to make a late nomination for the PC game category: The Singles. Yeah, I know it's a few years old, and it was a bad rip off of The Sims, but you could make a completely stereotypical gay guy have sex with a completely unstereotypical gay guy, and since Fable is a bad rip off of video games, I think my nomination holds water.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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