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Zork Needs You!


I've been sharpening my Grue-sword since I first wrote about Zork Legends, the non-MMO-yet-still-online-adventure-game from Jolt Online Gaming that resurrects the gaming world's most venerable text-only subterranean adventure series.

Now it turns out that the LoZ folks need more beta testers:

"We've designed it to be the kind of game that sneaks into your soul and steals about 20mins of your time each day. It's not an MMO (collective sigh of relief, I'd imagine). We genuinely think it's a worthy addition to the Zork universe but at the same time we know that some of you won't agree."

"We're in the very final stages of finishing the game. In fact that's why we're writing. We need to increase our beta group to make sure we get the game balancing right. If you'd like to help, please pop us an email:"

Don't walk, run to your computer (What?! You're already there?) and email the nice people at Jolt to get in on the Zorky action.

Legends of Zork Calls for More Beta Testers [GameLife]


Faith said:

Already signed up. Love the previous games and I can't wait for the beta on this new one

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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Faith on Zork Needs You!: Already signed up. Love the previous games and I can't wait for the beta on this new one...

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