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Himalaya Studios Announces New Project


Himalaya Studios
is the creator of Al Emmo and the Lost Dutchman's Mine and directly connected to AGDInteractive (the group that has provided us with updated versions of King's Quest I: Quest for the Crown, King's Quest II:Romancing the Stones, and Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire), proving that while adventure games may not live up to the juggernaut of Sierra and LucasArts's earlier days, there still exists a fan base.

Yesterday they sent out a newsletter announcing a new project, with the follow tidbit:

The game's plot details are currently under wraps, as we still need to sort through some final details. But we can confirm that, based on fan feedback, our forthcoming title will center around a fantasy, pseudo-medieval theme, similar to what Sierra fans have come to expect from the classic King's Quest and Quest for Glory games. Players will also have access to a specific class-based set of actions, with a total of 4 character classes to choose from.

They have also announced a price reduction of Al Emmo's digital download version, pricing it at $9.99.

Personally, I was always a little let down that all the talks of expansions for Quest for Glory V: Dragonfire, including multiplayer, were never actually developed (and we can only dream that Andre, the cute, gay fisherman in the game, would have been more present). Beyond the story of that particular series, which I love, I still must profess my fandom for the fusion of RPG and adventure games, which was more forgiving than the one solution way most adventure games presented themselves.

While this likely won't resurrect the (rather small) fused genre and create a slew of clones refining the formula, I can guarantee that they will have a customer here. What of yourselves? Anyone else still keeping an eye on the adventure gaming scene?


Chris Lepine said:

The new project has me purty excited. Not only because I'm still an adventure fan, but because the Himalaya team puts out some great work! Eriq Chang does some occasional work for Himalaya, and his work is simply outstanding. I'm really looking forward to seeing what they come up with -- they have a hardworking and inspired spirit that brings nothing but quality into new adventure games.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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Chris Lepine on Himalaya Studios Announces New Project: The new project has me purty excited. Not only because I'm still an adventure fan, but because the Himalaya team...

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