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Review: Pocket Oinko


One of our readers has created a cute iPhone game called Pocket Oinko. He writes:

Need a friend in your pocket? :P ... and when I say 'friend in your pocket', I'm talking about a cute little pig of course. I mean, what else could I possibly be referring to? ;)

Although I was never taken with the Tamagotchi craze in the mid 90's, I was certainly aware of it. How could you not be, right? However, as I am currently developing an iPhone app for GayGamer, this caught my eye when it landed in my inbox, and I decided to check it out. Let me just say it's very cute.

Oinko is a cute little pig with a mind of his own, living inside your iPhone® or iPod touch®. Watch him as he eats, sleeps, bathes, plays and uses the restroom.

Guide him through his daily routine by suggesting things to do. Keeping Oinko happy rewards you with bonus points. Use these to buy him more toys and snacks.

Pocket Oinko has dozens of unique animations and events, and plenty of items for him to interact with. Every major update will add more content for you and Oinko to enjoy together!

I have found myself checking in with my pocket friend from time to time. Thankfully he doesn't become emaciated when I don't check on him for a couple days. The game is well crafted and the animations are charming. The gameplay is very simple with menus of items to buy for your pig and clickable items in his room to give him instructions. I look forward to see what future updates will bring. Nothing like a little piggy sass to lighten your day.

Score: 7 out of 10

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