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Get A Free New Years Theme For Xbox 360


OK, a free theme isn't the most exciting present, but for the 3rd day of their Deal of the Day promotion, Microsoft is giving away a free New Years Theme for your Xbox 360. Now your Avatar can share the joy of regretting another year gone too soon. I wonder if this will finally be the one to get me to dump my awesome McDouble theme!

I get that you probably don't care about free themes or cheesy avatar glasses, but consider this a reminder that Microsoft wants you to check back every day until New Years for cheap or free XBLM merch. So far, it looks like the items wil be a mix of these free themes/avatar items and game discounts. What will the future hold? I've got my fingers crossed for a free pug sometime over the next two weeks. The generous folks on the Cheap Ass Gamer message board are archiving all of the deals and even providing links so you can purchase and queue up the downloads on your computer. Check the link below to see what's available so far.

Xbox Live DotW... [Cheap Ass Gamer Forum]

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