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"One Earth" Allegedly The Name Of Upcoming Syfy Channel MMOG


Back in June of last year, The Sci-Fi Syfy Channel announced that it would be teaming up with Trion World Network to create a hybrid MMOG/television show which would evolve alongside one another. While this project was originally intended to be an offshoot of their Battlestar Galactica series reboot, the developers decided instead to start fresh with their own IP and characters.

While more details have been pretty slim since then, and more information is supposed to come from Comic-Con in July, Big Download is reporting that a potential name for the title was snuck into General Electric's, the parent company of the Syfy Channel, GE Reports website.

Although the website is scarce on further information, there is a four-and-a-half-minute long video explaining more about the supposed "synergy" of video game and television show.

Even though David Howe, Syfy's President, has already claimed that events in the video game will have repercussions on the story and vice versa, it will be interesting to see how this arrangement works in actuality-- if at all. Such a promise is extremely ambitious and has the potential to be truly compelling or an uninteresting gimmick.

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