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Cheep Cheep Shrooms! Perler Style!


Nothing says crafty and geeky quite like this completely magical presentation of a Cheep Cheep and Super Mushroom from Super Mario Bros. Rendered in classic 8-bit style these two iconic symbols show one perler bead aficionado's love for a game that practically sparked a platforming genre all its own. What are some of the ways you secretly show your crafty old school love? How about some claymation Mega Man? Or perhaps you would prefer to render Samus painted in an impressionistic style? Share some of your artistic tales below. Links to your work would be great!

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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MiKeYxRAWR on Cheep Cheep Shrooms! Perler Style!: I rock some 8-bit perler bead chains. c: ILU SWOOZIE (These are some old ass pictures. haha)

JD on Cheep Cheep Shrooms! Perler Style!: How about a filet crochet invincibility star?

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