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ModNation Racers Release Date And Pre-Order Bonuses Announced

modnation release.bmp

Gamers that are fans of racing and custom content alike should mark May 25 on their calendars, because Sony has just announced that as the release date for both the PS3 and PSP versions of ModNation Racers. Our own Game-Boy got his hands on the Beta for the game and came away quite impressed with Sony's second entry into its self-proclaimed "Play, Create, and Share" genre, so look forward to this LittleBigPlanet on wheels just before summer hits.

Though Sony wasn't just announcing the release date today, as a slew of pre-order bonuses were revealed introducing Kratos, Ratchet, or Nathan Drake to the ModNation roster depending on your store of choice. Kratos will be brooding at GameStop, Ratchet on Amazon, and Nathan Drake exploring Best Buy. Want all three? Well you may need to do some maneuvering between stores, or at least hope for a DLC add-on later. In addition to the store specific characters there will also be four bonus mystery racer/kart combos, with one of the four randomly included with your pre-order at any of the three stores. Based on the shadowy silhouettes shown on the Playstation blog, they look like a guy with a pot on his head, a safari guy, a mouse in a cheese-mobile, and a golfer with golf kart to match. Sometimes pre-ordering games can be a pain, but sometimes a company makes it worth your while. This seems to be the latter case.

ModNation Racers Release Date, Pre-Orders and Box Art! [Playstation Blog]

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