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A Life Well Wasted: Robert Ashley Takes On The Weird And The Strange


Formerly a writer for Electronic Gaming Monthly, Robert Ashley hosts an internet radio show that can only be described as an art house podcast for the gaming intellectual. A Life Well Wasted is an walking tour of the gaming industry's more colorful inhabitants. From professional cosplayers to pinball aficionados, Robert Ashley's interview skills manage to siphon the more intimate details of gaming subcultures you may never have known existed.

Ashley's approach is smart and resigned as he quietly collects information from his endlessly fascinating subjects. His tone is affable and respectful and it feels as if he nurtures a kind of kinship with the people and cultures within. An excellent editor, the segments are sown together with ambient music and expertly placed sound bites.

The podcast is released only periodically as Ashley takes his time piecing together the show and carefully selecting his topics of interest. Some things that have made its way into his show are gaming museum curators, self taught chip designers, gaming paraphernalia pack rats, and a collection of experiences from the former editors of EGM.

A Life Well Wasted is an excellent source for gaming culture and its current catalog of shows provide a wonderful compendium to gaming's strange and unconventionally talented.

Download the podcast from iTunes, or from Ashley's website.

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