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Fan Art: That Doesn't Seem Very Spaceworthy, Samus

Fan art all-star Glen Brogan, the artist behind Mario's Closet, posted a new piece that pays homage to one of classic gaming's most iconic easter eggs: Samus in her space-bikini.

For all you baby gamers, in the original Metroid, meeting different conditions while beating the game resulted in a couple of different endings, and the most famous was an image of Samus out of her suit. Brogan's version of the scene adds in a few new details and references to the game, as well as accentuating the bounty hunter's assets (and shrinking those pink pixels just a tad, it appears). No word on whether he plans on turning this one into t-shirts or posters, but it's a great image even on its own.

8-Bit Bikini [Albino Raven]

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