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Fruit Ninja Is Gay In Name Only


While the name "Fruit Ninja" may bring to mind images of stealthily stalking swishy guys, the new iPhone game takes a more literal approach - ninjas just hate fruit: watermelons, bananas, oranges, etc. I wonder if they have a problem with scurvy?

Fruit Ninja takes the iPhone touch screen and implements a most satisfying slash mechanic. The screen floods with whole fruits and you are charged with ripping then to shreds with you finger. As you shred your score will increase. As a game it is fairly standard fare but there is something delicious (no pun intended) about making the pixelated fruit explode. While playing for what felt like ten minutes I noticed an hour had gone by. Perhaps there is something said about this quick and fun time waster.

"Violent and visceral combat. It's you versus a watermelon," said designer Luke Muscat. "Who hasn't wanted to attack a melon with a sword just to see it explode? We've captured the awesome feeling of splatty squishiness, and thanks to the hands-on touch controls of the iPhone, you really feel satisfied with the sweet, juicy carnage on the screen!"

Addicting? Yes, but one of the best parts is it's Open Feint compatible, allowing you and your friends the option of gaining achievements and ranking on the world leader boards. The developers of Fruit Ninja plan on continued support of their game by offering new modes and new fruit in the coming months to keep players engaged, all free of charge. Fruit Ninja is now available in the app store for the delectable price of 99 cents.

New Fruit Ninja App is Now Available for the iPhone and Touch [Go Fanboy]

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