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Fan Art Friday: Team Fortress 2 Invades Your Favorite Game

tf2-persona.jpgIf you're one of the many fine Mac users who just joined the legions playing games on the Steam platform, then games like Team Fortress 2 may have only recently entered the realm of things about which you care. If that's the case, then you haven't seen the wonder and bewilderment that can come from the game's wide fanbase, who like to infuse the game's nine classes with way more character and injokes than even Valve had originally planned for. There does exist fanart of the characters (not all of it clean), but most of the creative ventures involve using them as puppets in Garry's Mod to hilarious effect. Or, in this case, mockup screenshots of other games.

Yes - sadly, there is no game or mod or whatnot planned for "Fortress Megami Tensei: TF2 Persona" other than a few screenshots. However, these shots may have been what inspired machinima artist Nife to craft an entire two-minute video spoofing Persona 4's intro montage.

You can also find some pretty convincing images riffing off StarCraft, Mass Effect, and Street Fighter--complete with a Pyro-hadouken straight out of an MvC game. The time and imagination it must take to create these nods to classic games are quite impressive, though it does say something about gamers that we're most interested in using games to make art of other games. There's a reason we see so many "Super Mario Bros. World 1-1" levels in Little Big Planet...

If you like what you see here, be sure to revel in the rest of the mockups by TF2 fan Goldenhearted! And for those who saw these shops when they first made the rounds in August, count yourself lucky. I'm just trying to do something nice for the Mac folks this time - they need it after shelling out for the latest iPhone!


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