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Gay Gamer Of The Week: Bryce


Name: Bryce

Forum Name: oktomat

Age: 21

Location: Portland effin' Oregon!

Gay, Straight or Bi: Gay

Relationship Status: Single. Bring on the gamer bears!

Consoles you own: Dreamcast, Wii, PS2, Xbox360, DS... There's more but those are the ones I use currently.

Favourite Console: My pink DS lite! I'm always on the go, so if I'm on the MAX or sittin' in a park I can just whip it out and play.

Favorite Game Genre: JRPG, or fighting. I'm also recently into first person RPGs

Games Currently Being Played: SRW OG saga: endless frontier, SMT: Devil Survivor, Fallout 3 (broken steel right now), and by the time this is posted, Scribblenauts!

Top 5 Favorite Games: Persona 3 and 4, SMT: Nocturne, S.L.A.I/Phantom Crash, Shadow of the Colossus, No More Heroes

Other Stuff About You: Just a regular kind of pudgy wannabe comic artist, and I also rap in my free time.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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