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Who could have known when Toots and I first conceived of in the wake of Hurricane Katrina four years ago that it would still be going strong today. Not me certainly! What started out as a way to communicate with friends who had been separated by a natural disaster has grown into a a solid video game blog respected and recognized by people in and out of the game industry.

I am often asked "Why does there need to be a gay gaming site?" I have answered this question more times than I can count, but I think the answer lies within the readers of GayGamer. Everyone comes here for a different reason: some to read game news, some for the forums and still others come for the camaraderie and safety of discussing games with people of a like mind. I have received letters from people all over the world expressing their happiness in finding the site and how glad they are to feel represented within the gaming world. I've even gotten emails from people in parts of the world where being gay is illegal and GayGamer is one of their only windows into gay society. And of course there are the tales from couples who have met via our forums or through comments on the website. These messages hold a special place in my heart and I think all of them express exactly WHY there needs to be a gay gaming site.

Last week we were hit by a hacker who managed to blow away over a years worth of images and podcasts and other media. On top of that, due to a snafu with backups, we lost all of the work we had been putting into our site redesign that was meant to launch today, on our anniversary. At a certain point I really thought it might mean the end of the website altogether. I seriously weighed out whether I thought it was a good thing to keep going or just shutter the whole project. But then I thought back to those emails I mentioned and read the comments on the article about the hacking and realized that I wasn't going to let someone with a lot of hate in their heart get away with shutting us down. If we shut down, the hacker wins and we've worked too long and hard on this project to let it go that easily.

So on this day of anniversary, I look back on what has proceeded, and I am happy. We have done a lot in the last four years, not the least of which has been to raise awareness and visibility of the LGBT community within the hetero male dominated game industry. It's an ongoing battle that is still being fought and I am proud that GayGamer has been on the forefront of the battlefield, raising our flag high.

As I do every year I would like to thank Mikey and Tiny Dancer, two of the people I could not live without on a daily basis. We've been through the ups and downs and still remain a strong team. I would also like to thank all of our writers past and present for all the work and love they have poured into the site over the years. And last but certainly not least, I would like to thank all of our readers, forum members and supporters. We would be nothing without you and it is you that we do this for.


Flynn "Fruit Brute" De Marco
Editor in Chief


Sleepy said:

Sorry to hear about the hacking, but keep up the good work. This is one of the few gaming sites that doesn't read like you're just regurgitating press releases or is written by 14 year old fanboys. Thanks.

Thedrunkirishguy said:

Ya you guys are amazing, we appreciate everything you do for us, the readers, and for the gay community in general!

raindog469 said:

Congratulations, guys. Not that I feel like I have a lot in common with other gamers who are gay men -- my lack of interest in killing even simulated people separates me from many other gay gamers as much as it separates me from straight ones -- but it's still enough to make a hugely appreciated resource for me and many others. Please don't let homophobes and crackers get you down.

SoundShips said:

I would have been so sad had this site shut down. Thank you for believing in it and keeping on going. 4 years is admirable for any project, especially one that has been so well received and so beautifully executed. Congratulations.

Will said:

Congrats! Seems like y'all just had a birthday.

Lisa said:


I am grateful you didn't shut down. You rock and this website is an awesome service to the community.

Thank you for all your hard work.

SV said:

happy birthday!

I wasn't aware of the hacking, but all I can say is THANK YOU for keeping it up! we really appreciate it, to an extent you couldn't even imagine.

It's been some awesome 4 years and I hope there's many more to come.


Limeade said:

Happy Birthday,! Very glad that you're still around and providing news, awareness, visibility, and activism. May it continue and increase over the next four years. :)

Kupo said:


Hallucinogen52 said:

Keep up the great work guys! Happy Birthday Gaygamer!

Javier said:

Happy Birthday GG!! I would also like to extend my thanks that you guys decided to stick with this website. It's such a refreshing respite from the often overbearing display of male heterosexuality found in other gaming blogs. It's so importent to me that I can relax with other gamers and not have to worry about letting something slip.

In other words, thanks again and know everything you do here is appreciated.

Krisu said:

Long Live Gaygamer!!!!!!!!!!!

Krisu said:

Long Live Gaygamer!!!!!!!!!!!

Chosenoneknuckles said:

Happy [belated] birthday Gaygamer!

I hope that you'll be able to get that redesign remade in time for the 5th anniversary too. ^-^

Rosa said:

So glad it didn't mean a shutdown. I could't live without this site! As a bisexual female, it's so wonderful that there's one gaming site out there that's positive to women and LGBT issues, and also reports on news that I care about.

SZK said:

Happy birthday GayGamer! Thanks for all of your efforts to keep us informed and entertained. :)

Jaden-San said:

*begins the chant*

But, seriously, thanks for making this awesome site which is now my favorite place to hang on the net! many of my friends thought I was the only gay guy who played video games. I just tell them about this place! :)

Osoart said:

Just throwing in my two cents:
Thank you for all the awesomeness and I am glad the hacker did not win.

Keep on trucking, gay gamers!

The Lorax said:

Gay Gamer is the awesome. We readers sure appreciate the work you do on the site, and for your advocacy in the industry: without this site, the homophobia in the gaming community will not have one of it's most effective and powerful counter-forces. Please don't hesitate to call on your subscribers (like me!) to help out when it all gets to be a bit too much!

hootie said:

Hi Fruit. are things still messed up? I noticed the site isnt quite working right still. I have all the podcasts downloaded if you need them. email me or talk to me on XBL.

Congrats, guys! You may not be the first sight go to every morning, but you are the one I go to consistently.

Toltendo said:

I remember visiting your site for the first time around 3 years ago when I found it on ''. I honestly found it a little funny for a site dedicated to gay gamers, which I never questioned myself, until now.

Now I frequent the site everyday and I enjoy it since I'm sure you won't bash anyone closeted, like I was a couple months before I came out to my mom. This site may not have all of the latest news or information about the video game industry, but I can always rely on you for being openly honest and comfortable with everyone and everything surrounding you, even if it's a hacker.

Pauwow said:

Happy Birthday guys!!!

Augusto said:

From Argentina with love... Congratulations on your b-day!! (Kinda late, i know...)

you're my number one web site!!!!!!!!

Thank you for all the awesomeness!!!!!!!!

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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