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Video: Halo: Reach Reinvents Forge With Forge World

Forge was a neat tool in Halo 3, but it certainly wasn't without its limitations. It was really more of a map modifying tool than a full map editor. Bungie is looking to remedy this with the new incarnation of Forge that will appear in Halo: Reach. Forge World is Bungie's new vision, an island of five interconnected areas ripe for modification and creation. One of those areas might even be familiar to series fans: the Blood Gulch canyon.

But it isn't just the scale of the new arenas that makes Forge World such a compelling addition to Halo: Reach. As the video above shows, new tools make it easy to place floating platforms or create objects with intersecting geometry, opening up a ton of new design possibilities. And then at the end of the video when they show a game of king of the hill where a warthog is the hill, I know that is a mode I will have to play.

If the robust tool set of Forge Worlds is as easy to use as the above video makes it look, then I am so there when Halo: Reach launches on September 14. Little Big Halo, here we come.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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