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Cave Story Set To Explore DSiWare


It's been years since people were first introduced to the sublime metroidvania staple Cave Story on PCs, but the game still aims to meet new players today. Earlier this year Studio Pixel and Nicalis brought the quirky title on to WiiWare with a new soundtrack, gameplay modes, and improved graphics. Now, the atmospheric exploration platformer has been spotted on a list of upcoming DSiWare titles in a recent Nintendo Power. I wonder what considerations the game will receive on Nintendo's portable platform... New graphics? New soundtrack? Dare I dream, multiplayer? We'll just have to wait a little bit longer. Hopefully we won't have to wait too long as Nicalis has confirmed to 1up that the game is "complete and now in final testing."

Seeing this freeware title come to more platforms and find commercial success in addition to the heaps of critic acclaim the game has earned warms my little gamer heart. For a project that started as one person's hobby to create a game they wanted to play, Cave Story has done some incredible things for the indie gaming scene and inspired others to start their own projects.

[Cave Story Confirmed for DSiWare]

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