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THQ Ready To Experiment... With New Prices!


Over the weekend, a friend of mine pointed me to this write on Game that brings us details on an investor conference with THQ's president and chief executive, Brian Farrell. While the article offers plenty of interesting facts and opinions to pour over, such as what it's like to develop for Kinect and Move, the most interesting tidbit for me is how the publisher is looking to explore new pricing structures with some of their console offerings. Speaking specifically about their ATV racing series MX, Farrell stated that the next title will be a "hybrid" title that bridges traditional package software, DLC, and other micro-transaction pricing models. So what exactly does that mean? Maybe it's best if I let Farrell explain...

"So what we're doing this time is coming out initially with a smaller game at a lower price point, at the $29-$39 range, and then doing a download model for different modes, different tracks, different vehicles. We call it hybrid because it's a take on the microtransaction and DLC models.

"I'm a big believer in monetizing everything under the curve so we capture that $29-$39 user no matter what," he added. "But if a person wants to spend a $100 on a game then they can do that as well. I think that's the future of gaming. Whether it's a take on this model or the free-to-play model, this is where our industry is going."

I'll be completely honest, I really hope that this works out for THQ. The idea of pricing games in a wallet friendly, a la carte style would definitely get me to try out more games that I might not otherwise try out priced at $60. While MX isn't exactly my cup of tea, I would definitely welcome this approach coming over to titles like Red Faction, Saint's Row or WWE SmackDown. Of course, this is assuming that any additional DLC content is still well within the "additional" terrain. I think paying for alternate costumes, extra levels, or side quests would be fair. What says you, dear reader? Does this sound like something you'd be up for or do you want everything on the disc at regular price?

[THQ: "Costs are much lower" for Kinect, Move development]

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