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Cheap Date: Puzzle Agent

Ah, autumn.

That time of year when the when kids go back to school, leafs turn into a collage of hue, you have to start thinking about a halloween costume, and things finally cool down. As a kid born and raised in New England, this time of year holds a special place in my heart, but living in the south for countless years has meant missing "real" seasons more and more with each passing year. With this in mind, I went looking for a game to remind me of the seasons I've been missing so much. It's easy to point to the snow or ice levels from any SNES/Genesis-era platformer or the chilly emotions of Indigo Prophecy, but I was in the mood for something new, something fresh, something with spine-tingling humor!

So I made my way onto the iTunes app store and was delighted to find something that not only reminded me of cooler times but also could be purchased for 99 measly cents for this week only! Taking place in the winter wonderland of Scoggins, Minnesota, Puzzle Agent combines the quirky animation stylings of Graham Annable with Telltale Game's signature silly slant on puzzles. Sure, it may be a little similar to the adventures of a certain top-hatted instructor, but his games cost about thirty times more than Nelson Tether's first iDevice adventure. Potential agents better move quick, because this special promotional price only lasts till October 7th.

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Mad Mage said:

I got it for PC when Gay Gamer pointed out the Adventure Game Bundle was on sale. Really fun game.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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Mad Mage on Cheap Date: Puzzle Agent: I got it for PC when Gay Gamer pointed out the Adventure Game Bundle was on sale. Really fun game....

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