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Video: Take A Look Back At Castlevania's History

Castlevania is many things to many people. An adventure title, a side-scrolling action game, a genre unto itself. With over 35 unique titles to its credit, some of the most amazing music ever heard in video games, and an untold number of ports across every major platform since the original title's debut in 1986 it can be a little difficult to keep your Belmonts straight. Thankfully the folks over at GameTrailers put together a multi-part retrospective covering the series' lengthly history in honor of the release for Castlevania: The Lords of Shadow.

Looking back, it's really incredible to see how this one series has changed over the years. Just looking at the first three NES titles, you have a variety of linear and nonlinear experiences with varying levels of difficulty and unique interactions. Viewing the series as a whole and trying to pick a favorite out of so many incredible titles is nearly impossible! In preparation for this article I tried to think about what my favorite is and couldn't decide between Dracula X: Rondo of Blood, Order of Ecclesia, and Aria of Sorrow (sorry people, but Symphony of the Night is not even close to the top of my list). No matter what your favorite title is, the best thing about the series seems to be that creative forces at Konami aren't going just stick with one style of gameplay as evidenced by the most recent re-visioningg with Hideo Kojima's Lords of Shadow.


Mad Mage said:

I don't think you should call it Hideo Kojima's Lords of Shadow. He really had little involvement. Not only is it discrediting the actual main guy behind the game, but it gives the impression that Kojima was very involved in the development, and Kojima might get their hopes up for a game that is far more western style.

Frankly I'm sad to see the series reboot. There may have been several similar Castlevania games before this one, but I loved the type of game, and worry we may not see any more now that Castlevania is a God of War clone.

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Mad Mage on Video: Take A Look Back At Castlevania's History: I don't think you should call it Hideo Kojima's Lords of Shadow. He really had little involvement. Not only is...

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