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Video: The Tempura Of The Dead Intro

Some trailers dazzle people with incredible graphics, sound, and the number of polygons seen on screen. This is not one of them.

The Tempura of the Dead, is an Xbox 360 Live Indie Game coming our way "soon" from 8Bits Fanatics. Only a few seconds into this trailer and it's clear just how much the team lives up to its name with references to Bad Dudes, Ninja Gaiden, and countless other 8 Bit era action classics. Telling the simple story of an impending zombie infestation in the year 201X, The President of the United States and a nameless samurai are all that stand between hordes of the undead and great justice. The game itself promises to combine action and shooting elements with players swapping between the President and Samurai as they deep fry the spirits of the undead that roam the earth. All in all, a great teaser for an interesting little game. Those interested in this title should keep 240 MS game points saved up for their purchase in the new future.

Side Note: Am I the only person that thinks the President character looks like hybrid of the real Barack Obama and Monkey Punch's Lupin The Third?


weeence said:

This game looks like it will be a nice little time kille.

Also, I agree with your side note.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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weeence on Video: The Tempura Of The Dead Intro: This game looks like it will be a nice little time kille. Also, I agree with your side note....

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