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Make Daddy Happy By Stroking Your Phone!


Note:The following is a game synopsis and explanation of game mechanics for Don't Wake Dad from a fun perspective. A link to the app and actual synopsis has also been included.

Every day I wade through press releases, some very relevant and others not so pressing but every once in a while one crosses my path that is so out there, so far beyond my gaming imagination that I have a hard time believing it was dreamt up by actual people at a meeting of marketing execution. Don't Wake Dad was sent to me in one of these special releases and inspires a plethora of tongue-in-cheek non-sequiturs.

On a comfy bed, hunky "Daddy" snoozes in his smart business attire. Daddy is having "quiet time," an afternoon siesta, recharging his Daddy powers for the long night ahead. Daddy is older and fickle, a stay at home type but he knows you want the "night off" to go out with the boys and dance your ass off at "Le Gay Party" but for some reason will not let you go if his sleep is compromised. Can we say controlling?

As Daddy sleeps, an army of flies and mosquitoes are making every effort to rouse him and like a "good little boy", you are charged with doing everything in your power to keep this hulking man knocked out.

Only by swatting the insects can you insure your night of freedom but as the tension mounts and the bugs increase you may find yourself shaking your phone in natural reaction but don't! That is much worse! That will make Daddy very angry and result in severe punishment! But that might be even more fun than the party...hmmm

Don't Wake Dad is now available for a measly $.99 for the iPhone and is a fun and well-executed time waster.

Make the jump for the full press release

The Gaming World Has a New Dad: Don't Wake Dad!

Wonton Studios releases their first game for Apple Mobile Devices (iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone). "Don't Wake Dad" is a fun application for those who are willing to play different games, and avant-garde game plays. Keep him asleep... or you will be grounded for a long, long time!

Dad is a cool guy with a double personality; while he is awake, he can be easy going. But careful, and don't wake him up when he is sleeping... He might become your worst nightmare!

"Don't Wake Dad" is really fun and also, simple. What you have to do is keep the flies flying around away from dad, so you (and everyone around you) won't have to hear dad's angry yelling; also, be careful not to shake your device! This game is available for iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad, and you can find it at iTunes Store. "Don't Wake Dad" is the first creation of Wonton Studios, a company founded in 2010. Our main goal is to complement the offer in the entertainment market, and also, as gamers, we want to make innovative applications for mobile devices, based mainly on creativity and artistic expression, comic style graphics and hi-fi music compositions.


jayoshi said:

That title for this blog post is just full of wrong.

calvineight said:

you nasty.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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calvineight on Make Daddy Happy By Stroking Your Phone!: you nasty....

jayoshi on Make Daddy Happy By Stroking Your Phone!: That title for this blog post is just full of wrong....

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