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Digital Lit Has Joined Your Party

Howdy, gaymers. After having visited the castle a few times this past summer, Fruit Brute extended an offer for me to move in to a lovely little spire that was going dusty from disuse. Since I'm a sucker for a view, the invitation was accepted. After a tour of the grounds, including special stops to see Wootini's legendary Wii Fit board as well as Tiny Dancer and Drand's..."laboratory" *twitch*, I was shown the game room where much of the reviewing and writing takes place. Let me tell ya, there ain't nothin' like kicking back in a beanbag chair stuffed with chocobo down, so I'm just going to hunker down and get to work on writing entertaining and informative articles for y'all to enjoy.


AladinSane said:


Envy said:

Whoo! New writers! Welcome.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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