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Fabulous Fan Art: Zelda 3 Boss Battles Drawn With Care & Hookshots


So Zelda 3's been around for a good while. People have been playing it, loving it, and making various fanworks of it for close to two decades now. In this media-heavy age, you'd think that every stylized, epic, or otherwise interesting version of Link had been created already, and that maybe we should move on to other timeless heroes. So what makes a new piece of art for Zelda: A Link to the Past stand out?

Canadian artist Matt Cummings has some ideas, and you'll see a plethora of them in this gallery. Design blog Cuded also created the mashup heading this post, which is pretty boss (ha!).

There's a lot to love in Cummings' art, but what's most easy to see is the care and detail with which he chose the weapons Link wields in each one. Since most bosses required tactical use of a new item in your inventory, the best memories come from seeing those items in conjunction with the baddies. This is the first set of pieces I've seen to use enemy and weapon effectively in this way.

To look at the set even further, it's remarkable how different each piece feels just from the poses and use of angles. The battle with Blind is actually as creepy as finding a possessed maiden could be, and the Armos surrounding Link show his bravery in a wholly separate way from the hammerspace-type clash depicted with the boss Helmasaur.

So from all the Nintendo fanboys and fangirls, thanks to Matt Cummings for this loving & lovely set of art - it takes us back to the days when hookshots weren't just a travel gimmick!

[via: Destructoid]

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