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We're Baaack: Podcast #55!


Hi everyone! I'm Drand and I'm going to be helping out around here. I'll be fixin' up corners of the GayGamer Castle, putting fresh straw in FruteBrute's Brutorium, and helping out my husbear, TinyDancer, with his evil experiments down in the laboratory.

But first and foremost, it's my pleasure to bring the triumphant return of the podcast!

Please enjoy it! There are many more to come thanks to the pretty pink shotgun I have pointed at Tiny's head. Be sure to check back often for lots of little improvements and one major overhaul.

We're always looking for reader questions to answer on the show so if you have a query for the crew that you'd like answered or would just like to suggest a topic for discussion, send it here with the subject line "Podcast Question."


or if you prefer you can



Kyle said:

Yayyy! Podcast! Love to hear you guys back.

Ash said:

Yaaaaaaaaaaaay! I am so glad its back. :D

Dane said:

So, the file seems like it doesn't want to play with I-tunes. I can only download it properly directly and it will only play on quicktime. Anyone else having this problem? I'd love to listen to it at work and will as soon as I can figure it out.

tiny dancer said:

The file should be itunes-friendly now, sorry for the hiccup! Still waiting to see it propagate to itunes proper... stupid patience!

Caracticus said:

Another aspect of the Kinect is the hacker/PC novelty... you have to check out some of the YouTube videos (search "kinect", duh...) that hackers have posted... in the long run, that may be the real value of the Kinect: not it's XBox capabilities, but the "others"...

Dane said:

Thanks for the fix! I started off my morning at work listening an what a good start it was. Nice to hear other guy gamers talking about their husbands/boyfriends and gay innuendo as opposed to hearing about how hot Bayonetta is. Glad you're back.

Chris said:


brandon said:

I am so excited.

John Markley said:

Awesome! I've missed it.

erik said:

yay, podcast! congrats on the alien abduction/marriage.

Hewligan said:

Glad to hear the girls are back on their feet and gabbing away around the water cooler once more.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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Hewligan on We're Baaack: Podcast #55!: Glad to hear the girls are back on their feet and gabbing away around the water cooler once more....

erik on We're Baaack: Podcast #55!: yay, podcast! congrats on the alien abduction/marriage....

John Markley on We're Baaack: Podcast #55!: Awesome! I've missed it....

brandon on We're Baaack: Podcast #55!: I am so excited....

Chris on We're Baaack: Podcast #55!: YAY!!!!...

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