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Making Old, 3D Again

3d-gbc.jpgI've been thinking about the 3DS a lot more than usual with all of the wonderful insights that Wootini highlighted when he got to get more of a hands on experience at Nintendo's press event for the console, of which I'm totally not jealous of at all. Seriously. I'm not. Why do you keep looking at me like that?

Seriously though, I've been giving consideration to the kinds of titles I want to see on the 3DS Virtual Console that will be re-releasing Gameboy and Gameboy Color titles (possibly Advanced down the road) with dashes of 3D effects on them. So hit the jump to see my first pick of a title I want to see on the 3DS Virtual Console!

Kirby had a lot of fun spin-off titles on the Gameboy alongside his standard platforming fare that I have always been a huge fan of. Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble was always one of those little games that I just was drawn to for its interesting new approach to gameplay. This cute little Marble Madness-esque game came out for the Gameboy Color in 2001 and was contained in a uniquely shaped cartridge from its built in accelerometer. The game is a fairly early example of motion-esque controls being implemented into Nintendo video games, and aside from some limitations, it was a pretty solid title. It was cute and simple, all things that make for addicting gameplay that is appropriate for gaming on the go.
The game has you tilting the Gameboy around to get Kirby through an end of a level that could consist of various enemies (most standard Kirby standbys) and cannons that fire Kirby around to different platforms, shaking the system allowed Kirby to jump. Although, it is missing that ability to inhale enemies to absorb their powers, the gameplay is fun and has that very recognizable Kirby style.

Obviously this game is a no-brainer for the 3DS Virtual Console lineup. The 3DS is confirmed to have motion sensitivity by tilting the system, it should be fairly easy for Nintendo to implement the technology into the GameBoy Color emulation. It also doesn't hurt that Kirby is one of Nintendo's better known characters. I think it would be Kirby_Tilt_box.pngvery neat seeing Kirby pop out at you after you shot him out of one of the cannons and seeing the stars you can collect shining and standing out with some nice 3D effects!

One of the biggest limitations of the original games, however, was the lack of appropriate lighting on the GameBoy Color. The GameBoy Color screen was not always the most bright thing to look at, even when just sitting on the couch at home next to a lamp, let alone when you are tilting the system around. This was really the only major gripe I and other reviewers had of the game and for the most part, with the 3DS' big, bright screens, this issue should be pretty much eliminated. Will Nintendo put it out there for us who've enjoyed this little gem to experience again and allow those who've never heard of this little title experience it for the first time? I certainly hope so!

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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