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Angry Birds, Doodle Jump Go Hollywood


Well, they're going more Hollywood I guess, since we already know that Angry Birds is getting a cartoon. Before that happens, however, two of the most popular casual games right now are going to help sell movie tickets for a pair of movies coming out this spring.

First, Doodle Jump is partnering with Universal Pictures to promote Hop, a story about the Easter bunny's teenage kid who secretly wants to be a rock star drummer. Russell Brand as a talking rabbit? That's not going to get annoying. It sounds like the tie-in will simply be a part of the game's spring update, and thus probably free, although depending on the scope of the new stuff I guess they could charge for it as part of an in-app purchase.

Angry Birds is going a little deeper, as it's coming out with a brand new app containing 45 exclusive levels featuring characters and settings from the movie Rio. Rio is about a neurotic, domesticated bird played by Jesse Eisenberg, who travels down to South America with his owner to find the only other one of his species left in the world, then gets separated and ends up finding himself. It's basically Joseph Campbell hero's journey, except with Tracy Morgan as a bulldog. Angry Birds: Rio is due this March, about a month before the film comes out. Expect to pay a buck for it, unless 20th Century Fox decides to give it away for free.

Are there any other top apps that might work with some of this year's movies? Fruit Ninja seems like a given for Kung Fu Panda 2. If they wanted to go a little more mature, I could see Cut The Rope getting together with Scream 4, replacing candy with violent death. And of course, The Moron Test is perfect for Transformers 3.

'Angry Birds Rio' Coming this March
Lima Sky Partners With Universal Pictures For 'Doodle Jump' Crossover [TouchArcade]


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