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Art-tastic Game Posters On Display

Frogger.jpgSanta Monicans, my jealousy knows no bounds. The art gallery Gallery 1988 in Santa Monica, CA is currently running a show at its new Venice venue entitled "Multiplayer" that's all about video games, and the works they have on display are just astounding. I must caution you, though, as great paintings are known to cause intense emotional experiences, and just seeing samples of some of the works are instilling a profound sense of "MUCH WANT!" within me personally.

If you happen to live in or be visiting Santa Monica, the exhibit is running now through February 4th, is featuring works from artists Brandon Schaefer, David Soames, Jeff Proctor and Scott Campbell among many others and is being curated by OMG Posters. Prints are for sale on Gallery 1988's website, though many of them have already sold out so you'll just have to settle for viewing the work instead of purchasing it for your very own.

Hit the jump to see some samples, and then schedule a flight down to SoCal to check out these amazing pieces in person.

[via Gallery 1988]

Duck Hunt.jpgTetris.jpgTron.jpgZelda.jpg

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