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Be Buried In Silent Hill!


Facebook has become the marketing tool du jour of late, and Konami isn't about to buck the trend with a big release like Silent Hill: Downpour on the horizon for 360s and PS3s in 2011. So in the interest of promoting the latest title in the survival horror series, Konami has launched the "Be Buried In Silent Hill!" promotion on Facebook. You'll be able to design your own burial sculpture in the hopes of having it included in an in-game graveyard. Thing is, since this is an all-new chapter in the Silent Hill saga, they're looking for original creations, not Pyramid Head or Harry Mason. Konami will pick the six most "hellishly original designs" submitted by players, and the Facebook page will host the public voting for the winner starting on February 10. And on February 16, voting will close, and the three winners will be revealed. To enter, make sure your imagination is twisted enough to give us nightmares, and visit Silent Hill's Facebook page!

And you know what else Konami's got for you Silent Hill junkies? A selection of screenshots from Silent Hill: Downpour as well as a sample of in-game music by new composer Daniel Licht. The lead character, Murphy Pendleton, might have a silly name, but he's kind of hot in a beefy thug kind of way. And after what Silent Hill did for snow and ice in Shattered Memories, I'm curious to see what they have up their sleeve for water in Downpour. And as for the brief sample of Licht's score, it doesn't suck. It's reminiscent of earlier themes without directly ripping them off. I'll still miss Akira Yamaoka, but this should do just fine.

Click here for a sample of Daniel Licht's score


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