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Bungie Trademarks Appear For 'Seven Seraphs,' Among Others

marathon_logo.jpgBungie hasn't had much spectacle and to-do around their next project - most of the gaming world is still soaking up their favorite bits of Halo: Reach, the developer's last entry into the series that launched them into studio superstardom. A long-standing deal with Microsoft catapulted the folks behind Marathon and Oni into the limelight as the creators of a killer app, but now another huge publisher is backing the efforts of these players.

Yes, Activision's hosting Bungie, and if the internet is to believed, so are a few key websites. If you have any information about the following names, then the millions of Bungie fans out there would like a word or two with you: "Seven Seraphs," "Osiris," "New Monarchy," "Dead Orbit." These four were spotted by Supererogatory as having been trademarked and having domains registered by a company tied to Bungie, under the category of 'artwork.' That certainly sounds like a game to me!

Whether this is four specific instances of games or game tie-ins - or even just part of an expanded, ARG-style universe, we'll have to wait and see. Any ideas, Bungie fans?


Anti-Christ Superstar said:

Even though Microsoft owns the Halo franchise I'm guessing it's Halo related, at the end of Reach there's a screen with terminal light things all lit up in the shape of a 7, also the number seven is related to the amount of Halo rings there are, and (correct me if I'm wrong) but a friend that has read the books said that there were 7 "creators" I think he called them that created the rings, Cortana, etc. Just a guess.

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Anti-Christ Superstar on Bungie Trademarks Appear For 'Seven Seraphs,' Among Others: Even though Microsoft owns the Halo franchise I'm guessing it's Halo related, at the end of Reach there's a screen...

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