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Dissidia Duodecim Achieves MogNet, Make-Your-Own Quests

dissidiamognet.jpgAs the days counts down until Final Fantasy: Dissidia [012] Duodecim's release, we're likely going to get fewer updates about which characters are being thrown into the mix, since these characters will also need some time behind the curtain to get ready before their final debut. However, that doesn't mean that Square-Enix is done getting us excited for the second iteration of their FF-fighting frenzy!

The latest addition is a pair of features called Original Quests and MogNet. Or, as fans of a certain other game might refer to them: Create & Share. Because when you create an Original Quest, you're actually setting up a series of battles between your favorite characters in the Dissidiaverse, complete with text dialogue in between for exposition. Better still, these story boxes can optionally features newer art or classic sprites of the heroes and villains! The game will also allow you to set conditions for the battle, such as forcing the player to only win with certain attacks, or increasing the rate that EX Burst builds--if, for example, you wanted Cloud to be super angry that Squall got to Sephiroth first!

Finally, there's MogNet, which has existed in name in many of the recent Final Fantasys. In Dissidia, it refers to the actual internet, as in a way of sharing these Original Quests. Players can rank them as they appear, and the best of the best will float to the top on their own menu. You can also search for specific quests or enter a Friend Code to track down someone's creations in particular.

So while the player-created content bug is seeming to hit just about every game and genre these days, it's still a bit surprising to see it in a Square-Enix game--and a fighting game, at that. The ability to make an entire extra-canon story in the FF universe is an opportunity for endless fanservice! Anyone have ideas for plots involving Laguna and Jecht?

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy: Party Battles, MogWeb, Quest Creation and More [andriasang]

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